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Army Information Operations must help to overcome the backlog of Russia from the West in this area – expert

Apparently, there is an overlap in propaganda and cyber in the Russian approach, the terms appear to be used interchangeably.

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02.22.2017 21:16:02
       Moscow. February 22. Interfax – Creation of information operations forces associated with Russia a serious lag in the information confrontation with Western countries, says a doctor of political sciences, the author of several books on information confrontation Igor Panarin.
“We are much weaker in this area … if we were in the military sphere” gauges “and other shiny missile, in the field of information we are much (more) lost”, – said I.Panarin “Interfax”.
In particular, according to him, it was showed during the conflict in South Ossetia. “The whole experience of the action of Russian troops in this area is characterized by two negative components: the first – a defensive position, the second – justifying a tactic,” – said the expert.
According to the expert, in contrast to the Information and Communications Department, Ministry of Defence, Information Operations troops would focus on “offensive” actions, in close conjunction, not only with other agencies Ministry of Defense, but also the associated Ministries, the FSB and SVR.
Another focus of activity of the troops could be in opposition to the cybersphere, the expert notes, however, in his opinion, international experience shows that it would be more effective separation of the functions between the different departments.
The head of the Duma Committee on Defense, Vladimir Shamanov previously told “Interfax” that forces information operations designed primarily “to protect the interests of national defense and confrontation in the information sphere.”
According V.Shamanova such forces can solve the problem of cyber attacks.
Speaking on Wednesday in the State Duma Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said that the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation established information operations troops. “Information Operations forces created that is much more efficient, stronger,” – said Sergei Shoigu, responding to a question about the need to recreate the control, which was engaged in counter-propaganda. “Propaganda must be smart, competent and effective”, – said Shoigu.
For the first time the need for the Russian Army Cyber Command in March 2012, said Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin.