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Russia / New Administration Media Ad Hoc – 21 Feb 2017

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My anonymous expert, who has compiled, analyzed, and reported these reports on Russia, has produced 100 of these.  This is #100!

I missed quite a few, but I’m pleased to share them with you. 

</end editorial>

Russian propaganda machine turns on POTUS, and launches personal attacks. This is consistent with their escalation game. We will likely see the Russian propaganda machine try to amplify domestic US MSM attacks, and add fake news into the US MSM to maximize damage effects against POTUS.

Observation – it took the Russians only 100 days from the election to turn against their would-be savior.

Russian separatist from Crimea bragging about earlier attempts to invade and annex Crimea. More on Belarus, Russian meddling in European politics. More Russian cyberattacks in Europe.

Artemenko to lose MP seat over “treason”, former President Yanukovich to be charged with high treason – he bragged to investigators about writing a letter to Putin pleading for a Russian invasion.

Russians again deploy Cossack mercenaries in Donbass, while bombardment continues.

UAE to fund development of new Russian low observable fighter by MiG bureau.

Pence, Mattis, and Tillerson European visits produce good political effect and favouable MSM coverage – outside the US.

Multiple interesting essays on US domestic matters.


Russia Compiles Psychological Dossier on Trump for Putin – NBC News

The attempt to get inside the U.S. president’s mind is aimed at helping Vladimir Putin plan for their first meeting. Among the dossier’s preliminary conclusions is that Trump is a risk-taker who can be naïve, a senior Kremlin adviser told NBC News.

NBC: Russia setting up dossier on Trump | TheHill

A dossier on President Trump’s psychological makeup is being prepared for Russian President Vladimir Putin, according to a report Monday by NBC News.

Russian report on Trump’s psychological makeup called him ‘naive’ | New York Post

Russian strongman Vladimir Putin ordered up a dossier on President Trump’s psychological makeup to help him prepare for their first sitdown, a new report said Monday. Its conclusions so far peg the president as someone not afraid to take risks but who can also be naive about people and issues he doesn’t understand, <a href=“”>NBC News reported.</a> Trump “doesn’t understand fully who is Mr. Putin — he is a tough guy,” former Deputy Foreign Minister Andrei Fedorov told the network. The file was being put together by retired diplomats and some of Putin’s staffers, he said. “Very serious preparatory work is going on in the Kremlin, including a paper — seven pages — describing a psychological portrait of Trump, especially based on this last two to three months, and the last weeks,” added Fedorov, who said he had known Trump since the turn of the century. Putin, according to the report, wants to know what makes Trump tick before their first face-to-face meeting, the date of which has not been set.

Ex Putin Adviser: ‘No Serious Connections’ Between Trump and Russia

Former Putin adviser Sergey Karaganov said that “there were no serious connections” between Trump and Russia.

Contradicting Trump on Russia: Russian Officials – The New York Times

President Trump has insisted his campaign had no contact with Russian officials — denials that stand at odds with the utterances of Russian officials themselves.

Trump’s Russia Motives – The New York Times

He has business ties, political ties and ideological ties to Putin’s Russia, and it’s up to the Senate and the F.B.I. to clarify them.

Will Republicans Break With Trump Over Russia? – POLITICO Magazine

So says Adam Schiff, the top Democrat on the House intelligence committee, who predicts his GOP colleagues will come around to his way of thinking.

Russia plotted coup in Crimea in 2004 and 2008, lacked opportunity, – accomplice of occupants Chaly

20.02.17 23:20 – Russia plotted coup in Crimea in 2004 and 2008, lacked opportunity, – accomplice of occupants Chaly Kremlin puppet Alexey Chaly, who called himself Sevastopol mayor after the occupation, said the Crimea’s coup had been planned many years before 2014. View news.

The Daily Vertical: Lukashenka, Moscow, And The Streets Of Minsk

The Daily Vertical is a video primer for Russia-watchers that appears Monday through Friday. Viewers can suggest topics via&nbsp;Twitter @PowerVertical&nbsp;or on the&nbsp;Power Vertical Facebook&nbs…

Moscow Will Oust Lukashenka if He Crosses Russia’s ‘Red Line’ But Probably by Non-Military Means, Minsk Expert Says – To Inform is to Influence

Great analysis by Paul Goble of the situation between Russia and Belarus. </end editorial> Monday, February 20, 2017 Paul Goble Staunton, February 20 – Moscow isn’t happy with Alyaksandr Lukashenka’s acts of independence, but as long as he does not cross its “red line” by breaking with the union state and other Russian-dominated institutions, it…

The Morning Vertical, February 20, 2017

ON MY MIND They did it in Abkhazia and South Ossetia. Is Russia now getting ready to do it in the Donbas? One of the key developments to look for in the frozen conflicts on Russia’…

Russian honey trap threat to UK troops deployed to Estonia | Daily Mail Online

Mikk Marran, the head of the country’s equivalent of MI6, said Moscow will target the soldiers with a ‘huge tool box’, which will include fake news. They will attempt to penetrate the soldiers’ social media.

Russia has weaponized ideas of Samuel Huntington | TheHill

OPINION | Moscow is installing itself as the chief ally of the far-right against both Islam, and, crucially, political establishment of the Western nations.

Russia has weaponized ideas of Samuel Huntington – To Inform is to Influence

A perspective worth considering. After building a fairly good argument, the author then strangely dismisses it.  Discuss? </end editorial> BY DAVID BATASHVILI, OPINION CONTRIBUTOR – 02/20/17 03:00 PM EST Source: I was a teenager when I first read Samuel Huntington’s 1993 article The Clash of Civilizations? It impressed me very much. Huntington pictured cultural or “civilizational” identity…

Head of the AfD Frauke Petry meets with Russian officials in Moscow | Germany | DW.COM | 20.02.2017

The head of Germany’s populist party AfD has met with high-level Russian politicians in a secretive meeting in Moscow. Petry’s office refused to clarify who else attended the talks.

Ukraine would never compromise on Crimea, – Speaker Parubii on ‘MP Artemenko’s plan’

21.02.17 11:16 – Ukraine would never compromise on Crimea, – Speaker Parubii on ‘MP Artemenko’s plan’ Attempts to convince Western partners that Ukraine may compromise on Crimea are a part of a purposeful campaign inside and beyond Ukraine attempted to provide legal grounds or give a legitimate reason for presence of the Russian invaders in the… View news.

Kremlin Denies Knowledge of Ukraine Plan Pushed by Trump Associates – The New York Times

Russia responded to a New York Times article about a peace plan put forward by a Ukrainian lawmaker, Andrii V. Artemenko, and two people close to the president.

Trump Lawyer Confirms Meeting Ukrainian, Denies Carrying Peace Plan – NBC News

Michael Cohen said he did meet with a Russian-born ex-Trump associate and a Ukraine lawmaker, but didn’t carry a peace plan to Mike Flynn.

Wannabe “diplomat” with backdoor plan to lease Crimea to Russia, MP Artemenko, excluded from Radical Party ranks

Ukrainian MP Andriy Artemenko, who recently came into a&nbsp;spotlight&nbsp;over the alleged attempt to back-channel to Washington a so-called plan on the Ukrainian-Russian settlement involving the lease of Crimea to Russia, was excluded from Radical Party faction Monday, according to MP Andriy Lozoviy. News 20 February from UNIAN.

MP Artemenko banished from faction, – Radical Party member Mosiichuk

20.02.17 18:32 – MP Artemenko banished from faction, – Radical Party member Mosiichuk The Radical Party parliamentary faction has unanimously decided to expel Andrii Artemenko from its ranks. “Tolerance for traitors breeds yet another treason! The faction of the Radical Party of Oleh Liashko has unanimously decided to expel Andrii Artemenko. We are working on stripping him of the deputy mandate,” he wrote. “Andrii Artemenko said he will renounce his mandate, if the Radical Party faction wants him to do so, after he confers with his wife. That’s it. We’ll do everything to deprive Andrii Artemenko of parliamentary powers!” Mosiichuk summed up.

“Artemenko must resign. He acts just like Savchenko,” – MP Liashko slams his colleague’s idea to lease Crimea to invaders

20.02.17 13:01 – Artemenko must resign. He acts just like Savchenko, – MP Liashko slams his colleague’s idea to lease Crimea to invaders Head of the Radical Party faction in the Ukrainian parliament Oleh Liashko proposed his faction member Andrii Artemenko to leave the elected office. View news.

Savchenko asks Rada to strip her of parliamentary immunity

Ukrainian Member of Parliament Nadiia Savchenko has applied to the Verkhovna Rada procedural committee, asking to consider the issue of stripping her of parliamentary immunity and put a corresponding decision to the vote in parliament. News 21 February from UNIAN.

Treason indictment against Yanukovich to be referred to court on March 14, – Matios

20.02.17 23:58 – Treason indictment against Yanukovich to be referred to court on March 14, – Matios Ukraine’s Chief Military Prosecutor Anatolii Matios says an indictment for treason against ex-President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych will be referred to court on March 14. View news.

Yanukovych’s minions return stolen money, testify against fugitive ex-president

Two former officials from the team of Viktor Yanukovych, ousted Ukrainian ex-president &ndash; former Deputy Minister of Income and Fees Andriy Holovach and Deputy Economy Minister Oleksandr&nbsp;Suhomlin&nbsp;have testified to the investigation, providing sufficient evidence against Yanukovich and his entourage, according to Chief military prosecutor Anatoliy&nbsp;Matios,&nbsp;Espreso.TV reports. News 20 February from UNIAN.

EU To Renew Asset Freeze Against Ukraine’s Ex-President

BRUSSELS — EU ambassadors are expected to agree to extend asset freezes imposed against former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych and 15 of his associates for another year according to EU sources…

330 judges involved in illegal sentencing of activists in 2014 stonewall cases into Maidan crackdown, – Heavenly Hundred’s Family NGO Head Bondarchuk

21.02.17 11:53 – 330 judges involved in illegal sentencing of activists in 2014 stonewall cases into Maidan crackdown, – Heavenly Hundred’s Family NGO Head Bondarchuk More than 300 judges who convicted the Euromaidan activists during the Revolution of Dignity continue holding their jobs and stonewalling the investigation of cases into the murder of the heroes of Heavenly Hundred. View news.

MEP Harms visits Ukrainian troops in and around war-torn Avdiivka. PHOTOS

20.02.17 19:50 – MEP Harms visits Ukrainian troops in and around war-torn Avdiivka. PHOTOS Member of the European Parliament, German politician Rebecca Harms has visited Ukraine’s eastern town of Avdiivka. View photo news.

Over 9,800 Ukrainians killed, about 23,000 wounded since Russia launched its hybrid campaign against Ukraine, – foreign ministry

21.02.17 09:12 – Over 9,800 Ukrainians killed, about 23,000 wounded since Russia launched its hybrid campaign against Ukraine, – foreign ministry The Russian Federation started its disguised military campaign against the sovereign state of Ukraine on Feb. 20, 2014. Over 9,800 Ukrainians have been killed, about 23,000 have been wounded, and almost 1.8 million have been displaced since then. View news.

Putin’s aide Surkov spotted with Russian terrorists Milchakov, Dubinsky. PHOTOS

Fugitive ex-deputy of Russia’s State Duma Denis Voronenkov is either incompetent, speaking about the role of Putin’s aide Vladislav Surkov in the war against Ukraine or intentionally shifts the responsibility for the events of the last three years only onto one person (Putin). Censor.NET reports citing an article by InformNapalm OSINT group. The authors of the publication remind that on Feb. 15, 2017 Denis Voronenkov, who left Russia in the fall of 2016 and received Ukrainian citizenship in December of the same year, told Ukraine’s Hromadske TV channel that Russian presidential aide Vladislav Surkov had allegedly opposed the annexation of Crimea. As noted, the fugitive Russian MP who himself voted for Crimea’s accession to Russia sticks to the line of the Kremlin’s hybrid warfare against Ukraine even after being granted political asylum and citizenship. On Feb. 18, Ukrainian hacktivists demonstrated the real value of Voronenkov’s statements and provided exclusive photos (archive) and records made during congresses of the Russian terrorist organization Union of Donbass Volunteers (SDD). They took place in annexed Crimea in May 2016 and in Moscow in November 2016 and were personally attended by Vladislav Surkov. Source:

Donetsk, a “cossack”. Reported many fresh para-military/military in the city – Interactive live map of conflict news – Ukraine Latest News –

Ukraine Interactive map. Russia war on Ukraine in Donbas and Crimea. Russian military agression against Free World

Russian militants committed 74 attacks on Ukrainian troops’ positions yesterday, used mortars, AT-missiles, snipers, – Staff

21.02.17 09:48 – Russian militants committed 74 attacks on Ukrainian troops’ positions yesterday, used mortars, AT-missiles, snipers, – Staff The militants attacked positions of the Ukrainian servicemen in the Donbas 74 times over the past 24-hour period. View news.

Russia supplies tanks, missiles to “LPR-DPR” – SIPRI | UNIAN

Russia has been delivering various types of weapons to &quot;rebel forces&quot; in eastern Ukraine, according to the latest report by Stockholm International Peace Research Institute&nbsp;(SIPRI),&nbsp;the independent resource on global security, titled &quot;Trends in International Arms Transfers, 2016.&quot; News 20 February from UNIAN.

Paris Opera singer, Ukrainian Wassyl Slipak awarded Hero of Ukraine title posthumously. PHOTOS

20.02.17 14:28 – Paris Opera singer, Ukrainian Wassyl Slipak awarded Hero of Ukraine title posthumously. PHOTOS President Petro Poroshenko has awarded the title of Hero of Ukraine to Ukrainian opera signer, volunteer fighter, participant of the Revolution of Dignity Wassyl Slipak, who was killed in the Donbas in summer 2016. View photo news.

UNHCR – Octogenarian couple struggle for survival on Ukraine’s front line

Battered Shchastya has witnessed several battles since Ukrainian conflict began in 2014. Most of its young families have left.

Ukraine: not quiet on the Eastern front – POLITICO

Fighting persists despite the two-year anniversary of the Minsk 2 cease-fire agreement.

U.S. embassy in Kiev critical of Moscow order on Ukrainian documentation | Reuters

The United States embassy in Kiev voiced concern on Sunday over Russia’s decision to recognize civil registration documents issued in separatist-held areas of eastern Ukraine, saying that it threatens the Minsk peace process.

Azerbaijan’s SOCAR starts to sell natural gas in Ukraine – 21.02.2017 11:10 — Ukrinform News

21.02.2017 11:10. The State Oil Company of the Azerbaijan Republic (SOCAR) has started to sell natural gas on Ukraine’s domestic market, as confirmed by the company’s documents released in the ProZorro system.

Here We Go Again: Russia Accused Of Cyberattacks In Another Election | The Huffington Post

Emmanuel Macron, a French presidential candidate and strong supporter of the European Union, has been targeted by hackers.

France condemns alleged Russian cyber attacks targeting presidential candidate Macron – France 24

Suspected Russian cyberattacks on the French presidential campaign are “unacceptable”, France’s foreign minister said Sunday, adding it was clear that pro-Europe candidate Emmanuel Macron was being targeted.France Blames Russia For Poor Performance of Left-Wing Presidential Candidate

France Blames Russia For Poor Performance of Left-Wing Presidential Candidate

PC microphones used to steal hundreds of gigabytes of data from Ukraine organizations | Digital Trends

A large-scale cyberattack, dubbed “Operation BugDrop,” was perpetrated against at least 70 targets in the Ukraine.

Ukraine’s Drone Army Was Born In a Crucible of Conflict

Ukraine is building an unmanned air force for 21st-century warfare.

Russia’s Rostec to co-develop 5th-gen fighter with UAE

U.A.E. to Build Russian Warplane as Mideast Tensions Rise – Bloomberg

The United Arab Emirates signed an outline agreement to buy Sukhoi Su-35 warplanes and will work with Russia to develop a next-generation fighter that could enter service in seven or eight years, according to Moscow-based industrial conglomerate Rostec Corp.
Sergey Chemezov, CEO of Russia defense heavyweight Rostec, spoke to Defense News about the deal, as well as hopes to expand cooperation with the United States under the Trump administration.

Russian ambassador to UN dies after passing out at embassy | New York Post

Russia’s ambassador to the United Nations died Monday morning after <a href=“”>suffering heart problems</a> at the embassy in Manhattan, sources told The Post. Vitaly Churkin was at the Russian embassy on East 67th Street when he became sick with a “cardiac condition” around 9:30 a.m., sources said. His death was announced at a UN meeting. Churkin was unconscious and needed CPR when he was rushed to New York Presbyterian Hospital. The 64-year-old diplomat served as Russia’s permanent representative to the UN since 2006. Additional reporting by Gina Daidone

Russian ambassador to UN Vitaly Churkin dies suddenly in New York

The Russian ambassador to the United Nations, Vitaly Churkin, has died suddenly in New York, it has been announced.

Russia UN ambassador Vitaly Churkin dead at 64 –

The Russian ambassador to the United Nations, Vitaly Ivanovich Churkin, died suddenly in New York on Monday the Russian Foreign Ministry said.

Pence vows EU and NATO support as protestors reject cooperation | Europe | DW.COM | 20.02.2017US

Vice President Mike Pence’s peace mission has assuaged concerns from Europe’s political leaders. But human rights protesters say there is no compromise to be had with Washington on Donald Trump policies.

In trip to Brussels, Pence tries soothing anxious leaders with pro-E.U. message – The Washington Post

The vice president’s rhetoric on the European Union was strikingly different from Trump’s

Trump’s Jekyll and Hyde Administration Has Europe Spooked – The Daily Beast

While the reasonable-sounding Jekylls try to reassure the Europeans that Trump doesn’t mean what he says, the Hydes push an agenda that will destroy the EU.

Lindsey Graham: U.S. allies “feel better” after Mike Pence reassurances in Munich – CBS News

Lindsey Graham speaks out after Pence tells gathering of foreign leaders and security experts that the U.S. &quot;strongly supports&quot; NATO and will &quot;hold Russia accountable&quot;

Donald Trump’s Demands on NATO Spending Alienate Germany |

Under pressure from the Trump administration to fulfil NATO’s spending targets on defense or face the consequences, Europe turned inward

Mattis Warns of ‘Arc of Instability’ on Europe’s Edge During Munich Security Conference – NBC News

Defense Secretary James Mattis, in his debut trip to Europe, warned of an “arc of instability” on Europe’s periphery and told nervous allies that the United States would stand with NATO partners to confront shared threats.

Defense Secretary James Mattis: ‘We’re Not In Iraq To Seize Anybody’s Oil’ : The Two-Way : NPR

In an unannounced visit, Defense Secretary James Mattis traveled to Baghdad to meet with Iraqi leaders. He arrived during a fight to retake western Mosul, with allies’ faith in the U.S. at a low.

Kim Jong Nam Death: North Korea Could Lose a Rare Friend – NBC News

It can be hard to parse the level of vitriol in North Korea’s official statements, which often include tsunamis of angry accusations.

Defence expansion would break the budget if Australia ditches US alliance: Angus Houston

Downgrading the US alliance would force Australia to fund far more of its own defence spending.

Aust to call out US if things go off rails

Former defence force chief Angus Houston insists Australia won’t have a problem calling the US out if things go off the rails in the unpredictable Trump era.

Chris Cillizza: Media, under attack from Trump, needs to return to the fundamentals | The Salt Lake Tribune

President Donald Trump, drowning amid the chaos roiling his White House after just a month on the job, made a grab for his most-familiar life raft this past week: the media. Or, to put it …

Mike Pence tells European press corps not to worry about American journalism | Washington Examiner

Barack Obama and Mike Pence had very different EuroTrips. The first time he visited, the Democratic president enjoyed a celebrity’s welcome. The Republican vice president, however, was greeted with suspicion and misgivings by the European press. A few days after President Trump called the media the enemy of the American people, Pence was asked to affirm the administration’s support for a free and independent press. And he did without hesitation. But Pence reserved the right to go straight to the people when the media gets it wrong. Of course, that brief back-and-forth includes some hypocrisy on the administration’s part. More importantly, though, it shows that Pence understands that the American institution is more resilient than the continental press corps believes. Maybe America didn’t invent the free press, but we certainly made it great. Recognizing it was critical to the health of the republic, the founders enshrined media freedom in the Constitution. Since then, new and traditional journalism has humbled and deposed American presidents. But not once in those 230 years was the free press free from criticism.

Reading List: Deputy National Security Advisor for Strategic Communications – To Inform is to Influence

I give some rather harsh opinions in this blog about the performance of the job of Deputy National Security Advisor for Strategic Communications (DNSA/SC) for the past eight years in this blog.  These are my personal observations as an expert in the field, the chief person at a non-profit coordinating the leaders in their respective fields…

Why I’m Concerned About the Independence of U.S. Statistical Agencies – To Inform is to Influence

As least they won’t be as bad as Levada, in Russia.   Levada published a few reports which could be interpreted as critical of Russia and got shut down by the government.  A few short months later and they were working again. They are owned. </end editorial> Brent Moulton January 24, 2017 Are the White…

Donald Trump supporters see a successful president, and are frustrated with critics who don’t

Many of President Donald Trump’s most dedicated supporters – the sort who waited for hours in the Florida sun this weekend for his first post-inauguration …

Mattis is ‘alone’ in plans to boost defense budget, says House Armed Services Committee chairman

House Armed Services Chairman Mac Thornberry worries the young Trump administration’s slow pace filling Pentagon jobs — and Obama administration holdovers at DoD— may hurt plans to boost defense spending.

Obama Holdovers in Pentagon Are Fighting Efforts to Fix Military Problems

Rep. Mac Thornberry revealed on Thursday that former Obama officials were “undermining” Trump administration efforts to “rebuild” military strength.

The tragedy of James Mattis | Foreign Policy

The tragedy of James Mattis « | Foreign Policy | the Global Magazine of News and Ideas



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