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Yemeni rebels attacked Saudi frigate remotely

The source,, is an official Russian military website.

The article quotes Vice-Admiral Kevin Donegan US Navy as implying Iran assisted the Yemeni rebels.  What the Russian article fails to mention, however, is that the Iranians are assisted by the Russians.

Video available on the original source.

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February 20, 2017, 11:25

Frigate Al Madinah Navy Saudi Arabia on January 30 that attacked the Yemeni rebels Huthis at the port of Hodeidah, was attacked by a bomb with a remote control boat, according to Defense News,

“According to our estimates, it was unmanned, remote-controlled boat” leads edition of the words of Vice-Admiral Kevin Donegan US Navy.

He suspects that the rebels are receiving assistance from the outside, so how to develop such a weapon is not so simple. Vice Admiral does not rule out Iran’s involvement in the incident.

“I think that Iran is somehow assisted in it (the boat with remote control) process”, – Donegan said.

Saudi frigate in late January, was attacked by three boats packed with explosives, which presumably controlled by Yemeni rebels. Two boats managed to destroy, until they reached the ship, but the third hit him in the stern, and there was an explosion.

Photo: قوات الحرس الخاص اليمنية / Youtube