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The Kremlin’s Alternate Reality

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Russia’s leadership never fails to surprise. Sergei Lavrov’s outburst at the Munich Security Conference truly qualifies as “alternate reality” stuff, even if there will be many in the Western MSM and MSM talking heads community who will sagely nod and earnestly agree.

Russia, with a GDP the size of Spain, with 1/3 the GDP per capita of most Western nations, with collapsing demographic, industrial base and social systems, embroiled in self-inflicted wars in Georgia, Ukraine and Syria, the same Russia which has poisoned its relationships with most of its neighbours, former allies and trading partners possibly for many decades to come, wants the world’s biggest economic, trading and military alliance bloc to simply dissolve, to make way for a new  ‘post-West world order’ in which Russia is free to invade, pillage and plunder all it can reach.

One suspects the Russian leadership truly do believe their own propaganda.


Lavrov calls for ′post-West′ world order; dismisses NATO as Cold War relic | News | DW.COM | 18.02.2017 

The Russian world view, as advocated by its foreign minister, sees countries develop bilateral relations. His words were at odds with those of US Vice President Mike Pence – and others at the Munich Security Conference.

Russia calls for ‘post-West world order’ | Washington Examiner 

Russia seeks a post-West world order that shifts power away from the United States, according to the nation’s top diplomat. If you want, you can call it a ‘post-West’ world order, when each country — based on it’s sovereignty, within the rules of international law — will strive to find a balance between its own national interests and the national interests of partners, with respect for cultural, historical and civilization identity of each country, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said Saturday at the Munich Security Conference. The speech challenged many of the American and European leaders, who spent the beginning of the conference mulling the future of NATO and the future of the West. Those topic pre-occupied the leaders in light of Russian aggression in Ukraine and President Trump’s suggestion that the NATO alliance could be obsolete. Hours after Vice President Mike Pence affirmed the Trump administration’s commitment to NATO, Lavrov blamed the alliance for causing unprecedented levels of tension by allowing former Soviet satellite states to join the union.

Russia’s foreign minister calls for ‘post-West world order’ in speech to global leaders | The Independent 

Russia’s foreign minister has called for a “post-West world order” while addressing global leaders at an international security conference. Sergey Lavrov accused Nato of being a Cold War institution and accused its “expansion” of sparking unprecedented tensions in Europe as both sides expand military deployments and drills.

Sergey Lavrov: I hope world chooses post-West order | Germany News | Al Jazeera 

Speaking in Munich, Russian foreign minister calls NATO a Cold War relic while Pence pledges ‘unwavering’ US commitment.

Lavrov: Russia Seeks ‘Post-West’ World Order, Pragmatic U.S. Ties

Russia in Donald Trump Era Seeks ‘Post-West World Order’ | 

Russia wants pragmatic relations with the U.S. but also a “post-West world order,” the country’s foreign minister said