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Daily Russian Propaganda Dose – In Small Amounts

Russian President Vladimir Putin Photo: TASS Valeriy Sharifulin

I believe I have enough time to devote one blog per day, at least, to a daily piece of Russian propaganda. 

I am working with a definition of propaganda from an unnamed source, that is pretty darn good.  I will share if and when I am allowed.  Let’s just say I’ve been asked to comment on a pretty darn good document which, in addition to being responsible for some great counter-disinformation and propaganda actions, and contains at least three very good definitions – something we badly need.  Perhaps you’ve heard me commiserate, “I don’t have a definition of propaganda, but it’s like the legal definition of porn, I’ll know it when I see it.”  I actually ran the definition by the person who I believe has the best academic definition of propaganda, Dr. Emma Briant. Together we couldn’t find any fault in the definition so we’ll accept it. 

So, without any further ado, let me expose you to this small but putrid bit of Russian propaganda. 

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(Translation from Russian by my Chrome browser)

Putin said constant attempts to destabilize Russia from the outside

[Ed. comment:  “constant” means the “West is not only is trying to “destabilize” Russia but uses multiple unidentified methods.  This is a vague accusation, without support and accusatory.]

According to the president, the West is constantly trying to provoke Moscow, and drag it into confrontation

[Ed. comment: Same as before, with the additional ‘purpose’ of trying to “drag (Russia) into (a) confrontation“.  Not only is this accusation counter-intuitive, it’s not common sense and just plain stupid.  This creates an active, external threat for the Russian people against which Putin can create a false enemy to unify and rally the people against. This is a common Russian theme, “everybody is picking on us”.  Carrying that one step further, however, defeats Putin’s purpose: “they pick on us because we are weak”. That would be a tragic and fatal flaw in Russian logic – to be avoided.] 

Moscow. 16 February. INTERFAX.RU – Attempts to outside interference in the internal affairs of Russia to destabilize the socio-political situation, Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday at the board of the FSB.

[Ed. comment: Reinforcing the same theme, add in the presence of the Russian president meeting with the FSB, as if this is an ever-present internal threat to Russia.  There is no physical evidence of “the West” trying to ‘pick’ on Russia, so ‘please take our word on this’.]

He noted that the activity of foreign special services in Russia is not reduced, underlining special interest of foreign intelligence to the military-technical potential of the Russian Federation. According to him, it was suppressed the activity of 53 staff employees and 386 foreign intelligence agents last year.

[Ed. comment: Now introduce an unseen internal threat: “activity of foreign special services in Russia”.  ‘We’ve seen it but you are not capable of detecting them and we need the public’s help to stop it, otherwise this would have remained secret and have been worked only by the FSB.’ Notice the exact numbers: “suppressed the activity of 53 staff employees and 386 foreign intelligence agents last year.”  You haven’t seen this, we haven’t publicly acknowledged any arrests but we have an exact number.  The truth is, however, any and all arrests of any “foreign special services in Russia” would have been very publicly advertised the instant they were arrested.  One must ask “why haven’t the Russian people heard of any arrests or “foreign special services in Russia”.  Don’t ask and Putin won’t arrest you.”]

The President stressed that “it is important to neutralize the attempts by foreign intelligence services access to private information, especially in the field of military-technical potential of our country.” In this regard, Putin said that a counter-intelligence agencies today are increased requirements.

[Ed. comment: “military-technical” introduces the concept that “the West” is attempting to steal Russian secrets since Russia is so far advanced beyond “the West”.]

Putin also said that the number of cyber attacks on the resources of the official Russian agencies in 2016 compared with the year before last has tripled.

[Ed. comment: Please note the amorphous “cyber” attacks from “the West” to steal advanced Russian “military-technical” secrets.” Again, a threat which the public will never see, but please trust us, we see them and are protecting you from Western provocations, sabotage, and espionage.]

Attempts to involve in confrontation

Speaking about relations with the West, the President noted that these countries are constantly provoking Russia and seek to draw her into confrontation. He recalled that at the NATO summit last July in Warsaw for the first time since 1989, Russia has been recognized as a major security threat for the alliance, and its containment officially proclaimed the new NATO mission.

[Ed. comment: there is nothing the West wants to do more than fight Russia.  There is something that Russia has that the West wants to steal. Therefore, the West is inventing provocations by Russia in order to invade and conquer Russia.]

According to the President, to this end, a further extension of the block. “Actually, in the past carried out, but now found another, as they seem to be more serious justification”, – Putin said.

[Ed. comment: “The West” is increasing their efforts to steal Russian secrets, the West is lagging behind.]

He also drew attention to the acceleration of the deployment of strategic and conventional weapons beyond national borders, within the leading NATO countries.

[Ed. comment: “The West” is not responding to Russian major deployments on Russia’s Western borders. The West is increasing pressure on Russia…  just because.]

The fight against terrorism

At the same time, he praised the work of Russian security services in 2016, saying that they have achieved good performance and have a positive trend. “Our intelligence services managed to strike the bandits and their accomplices number of tangible strike last year is confirmed:. The number of terrorism-related crimes has decreased,” – said Putin.

[Ed. comment: “the bandits” is a historical enemy, once applied to Stephen Bandera, in reference to ‘the boogeyman’.  You can’t see him, but be scared.]

The president reportedly FSB, along with other law enforcement agencies under the coordination of the National Anti-Terrorism Committee has prevented 45 terrorist crimes, including 16 terrorist attacks.

[Ed. comment: I have no clue how close this is to reality, but it is, no doubt, inflated and no credible data source exists.]

The Head of State noted that in the future from the special and security forces, especially the FSB, will require special attention and concentration of forces in the fight against terrorism. He set himself the task the FSB to block the activities of terrorist groups, to stop their financial support and subversive activities on the Internet, as well as to suppress the activity of emissaries from abroad. “It is necessary to prevent the penetration of channels in the Russian members of the international terrorist and extremist groups, to strictly prevent any type of smuggling of weapons to the drug, the various biological resources”, – added the President.

[Ed. comment: we need to increase our FSB presence in Russia to fight an enemy that doesn’t exist, that you can’t see, and that exists only in electrons. In other words, we are paranoid because we just believe the West is trying to…]

The worldwide problem

According to him, last year the situation in the world has not become safer, but many of the threats only aggravated. Thus, the “actual terrorist army” formed in some regions of the world. “In a number of countries in the Middle East, Asia and Africa are continuing bloody conflicts They are actively involved international terrorist groups -. But in fact it is the terrorist army, receiving hidden and even explicit support from some countries,” – said Putin.

[Ed. comment: We are “fighting Isis” in Syra but we’ve always denied ISIS was operating in Russia. Now, suddenly, we need your help.]

The President stressed that Russia needs to restore dialogue with the US intelligence agencies and other NATO countries for activation of the anti-terrorist cooperation.

[Ed. comment: Not a clue why Russia can’t handle it alone.]

Kiev authorities

Touching upon the situation in the Donbass, Putin accused Kiev in an attempt to disrupt the Minsk Agreement by aggravation of the situation, stressing that Kiev authorities are betting on a military solution to the conflict.

[Ed. comment: Russia was breaking the Minsk agreement before the ink was dry, so, of course, Ukraine is breaking it now.]

In addition, according to him, the Ukrainian authorities to “speak openly about the organization of subversive activities, including in Russia” and Moscow “is a cause for concern.”

[Ed. comment: But of course Ukraine is actively conducting operations inside Russia, even though there has been no press releases, no reports in the media, and no damage.] 

Source: http://www.interfax.ru/russia/550195

[Ed. comment: The propaganda is strong in this one.  If anybody in Russia, or anywhere else for that matter, believes this, they are challenged. Severely.]


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