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Russian Foreign Ministry Hyper-Inflates Ukraine Casualties

screen-shot-2017-02-10-at-6-20-19-pmHere is a wonderful example of Russia twisting and fabricating the facts. Apologies, this refers to dead Ukrainians, brave soldiers and noncombatants.

Senior Russian Foreign Ministry official, Dr. Igor Panarin, occasionally publishes the Russian version of a Battle Damage Assessment AKA body count.

Please allow me to illustrate the absurdity of the Russian version of Ukraine losses as a result of the illegal Russian invasion of East Ukraine.

Dr. Panarin is saying Ukraine has lost 75,000 during the Russian invasion. Igor’s historical inflation rate has been 10:1, this is only about 7.3 to one, since most estimates have total losses in Ukraine to be about 10-12,000.

These numbers are insane, the numbers of funerals would be overwhelming.

The numbers do not make sense, they defy common sense. I choose to divide each figure by ten to determine actual or probable losses.

Please notice the Russian obsession with Graystone or Academi, formerly Blackwater.

(Translation by Facebook)

Battle of the successes of the battalion of Somalia, headed by the givi on protection of donbass from the black and tans
Summary of loss of punishers junta in donbass from 2 May 2014 G. At the present time: the experts are estimated at about 75 thousand people (about 37 thousand people killed), 813 tanks, 458 BMP, 615 Apcs, 75 mlrs, 329 artillery systems, 40 Aircraft (one of them-22 SU-25), 23 attack helicopters (MI-24 “, ” MI-17 and mi-8 “), 10 uav, 6 Rockets Dot-do, 5 boats. The greatest losers karatelyam junta brought two main gvardeyskikh units of donbass – Somalia and Sparta.
The loss of units of the junta of the fighters of the battalion of Somalia experts, valued at approximately $ 10 thousand people (about 3,5 thousand people killed). The greatest losses from fighters givi suffered the following units of punishers
– 2313 participants battalions of punishers-Mercenaries ” (Dnipro “, ” Donbass “, ” Aydar ” and ” Azov “” etc.), largely integrated into the national guard
– 775 troops 30 mechanized brigade (G. NOVOHRAD VOLYNSKYI UTS)
– 660 troops 25 dnepropetrovsk airmobile brigade
– 459 troops 95 zhytomyr airmobile brigade
– 413 troops 80 Aeromobilʹnogo Regiment (G. Lions)
– 310 troops 128 Gorno Infantry Brigade (G. Mukachevo, zakarpattia oblast)
– 255 troops, 51 separate gvardeyskoy mechanized brigade (Vladimir Volynskyi, Volyn Oblast)
– 210 troops, 79 Infantry Brigade (G. Nikolaev)
– 200 troops 24 mechanized brigade (G. Peyo Lviv region)
– 162 troops 93 mechanized brigade (C. Cherkasskoye, novomoskovsky district dnepropetrovsk oblast)
– 158 troops 72 mechanized brigade (White Church, Kyiv Region)
– 114 troops, 28 separate gvardeyskoy mechanized brigade (pic. Gvardeyskoye, Odessa oblast)
– 110 Foreign Mercenaries: POLISH PMCS ” Asbs Othago ” lost 44 man, AMERICAN PMCS ” Graystone “-33., per person / AMERICAN PMCS ” Asademi ” (up to 2009 years is known as blackwater)-24 Dude.

I am quite certain this is “chest beating”, to show how good the Russian military is.  I find it amusing.