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Russia / New Administration Media Ad Hoc – 10 Feb 2017

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Lots of interesting reports along all threads, but no dramatic developments, unless you regard the deployment of Tu-160 BLACKJACKS to UK airspace a reasonable part of a Russian air defence exercise.

Possibly the single most interesting report today is Dimitry Peskov on the record saying that the 700 tanks operated by the Donbass proxy force do not belong to Russia – does that mean when the Donbass proxy force all desert and run off, Ukraine can claim title to them?


The Daily Vertical: 10 Years Ago Today, Putin Declared War (Transcript)Ten years ago today, a cold wind blew in Munich. A decade ago today,&nbsp;Vladimir Putin telegraphed his intentions. On February 10, 2007, the Kremlin leader threw down the gauntlet to the West…

Reports: Flynn Discussed Sanctions With Russian Envoy Before Trump Took OfficeU.S. media reports say White House national security adviser Michael Flynn privately discussed U.S. sanctions against Russia with Moscow's ambassador to the United States during the month befor…

National security adviser Flynn discussed sanctions with Russian ambassador, despite denials, officials say – The Washington PostT he communications occurred before the Trump administration took office, say current and former officials.

Flynn Is Said to Have Talked to Russians About Sanctions Before Trump Took Office – The New York Times Accounts of pre-inauguration conversations raise the prospect that President Trump’s national security adviser violated a law against private citizens’ engaging in diplomacy.

Michael Flynn Caught Lying About Russia Talks, Reports Say | The Huffington Post Flynn reportedly broke the law by discussing sanctions with the Russian ambassador.

Senate Foreign Relations takes hard line on Russia | TheHill“Despite the unfortunate statements [made by the President], there are folks within the administration with a very, very, very different point of view. And I think us working with them to create policies with them that we would support is something we can play a role in doing,” said Chair Bob Corker (R-Tenn.)

Republican senators urge Trump to get tough on Russia – [Sen. Cory Gardner Interview]A group of Republican senators released a stern letter to President Donald Trump on Thursday calling for a “tough-minded and principled policy” toward Russia and urging that Trump “should maintain the current US sanctions regime” until Russian policy in Ukraine and Syria is changed.

GOP lawmakers urge Trump to get tough on Russia | TheHillEight Republican senators demanded a “tough-minded and principled policy toward the Russian Federation.”

Nine Republican senators urge Trump to pursue tough Russia policy | ReutersNine senators from his own Republican party urged President Donald Trump on Thursday to take a “tough-minded” approach to Russia, joining a growing chorus of lawmakers addressing concerns that he might be too conciliatory toward Moscow.

Top U.S. Senator Suggests Empowering Trump Officials Who Are Tough On Russia  WASHINGTON — A top U.S. senator has suggested lawmakers should empower officials in Donald Trump&rsquo;s administration whose views on Russia diverge sharply from those voiced by the president. …

Trump’s a Sucker if He Thinks He Can Split Up Putin and the Ayatollahs – The Daily Beast Moscow and the mullahs are deeply in bed with each other, especially in Syria. But that doesn’t mean Putin won’t play Trump along.

Kremlin’s Peskov says 700 tanks in Donbas are not from Russia 10.02.17 13:37 – Kremlin’s Peskov says 700 tanks in Donbas are not from Russia The Kremlin assures the tanks did not come from Russia. View news.

Russian Official Calls Romania ‘A Clear Threat’ And NATO OutpostA Russian Foreign Ministry official says Moscow views Romania as a NATO outpost and a &quot;clear threat&quot; because it hosts part of a U.S. missile shield in Europe. &quot;Romania's stanc…

Lithuanian President Says Baltics Seek Greater NATO Security Ahead Of Russian ExercisesLithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaite says the Baltic states will seek additional security measures from the United States and NATO ahead of a massive Russian military exercise in September. …

Baltic states seek more NATO help ahead of Russian exercise | ReutersThe Baltic states will press the United States and NATO to take additional security measures in the region ahead of a large Russian military exercise planned for September, Lithuania’s president said on Thursday.

Typhoon jets are scrambled to intercept Russian bombers | Daily Mail OnlineThe fighters were sent out of  RAF Lossiemouth in Moray and RAF Coningsby in Lincolnshire as the Russian bombers flew an arc around the top of Scotland.

Putin orders Russia’s air force to prepare for a ‘time of war’ — and NATO doesn’t stand a chance right now | Business InsiderRussian President Vladimir Putin has again…

Vladimir Putin calls snap Russia air-raid drill involving 45,000 troops and 150 aircraft | The IndependentVladimir Putin ordered a snap air drill involving 45,000 troops who launched missiles at unidentified objects in the sky. One hundred and fifty aircraft and 200 anti-aircraft units were also scrambled for the three-day exercise this week. London-based think tank the European Leadership Network has previously warned that these unannounced military exercises could confuse Nato and lead to an accidental conflict.

Russia sends out fierce warning with pilot-view of military fighter jets | World | News |’S defence ministry released a brazen video boasting of its air power as RAF jets were scrambled to intercept two Kremlin bombers and an airstrike killed three Turkish soldiers.

Russia suspected over hacking attack on Italian foreign ministry | World news | The GuardianItalian government official says no sensitive information was compromised in attack belieed to have lasted more than four months last year

Germany wary of Russian propaganda campaign, lacks proof – To Inform is to InfluenceBy FRANK JORDANS Feb. 8, 2017 5:28 PM EST BERLIN (AP) — German officials said Wednesday that they remain concerned about possible Russian propaganda before this year’s elections, despite reports that Germany’s spy agencies have failed to find proof of such efforts. Daily Sueddeutsche Zeitung and public broadcaster NDR reported Tuesday that the publication of…

French Intelligence Agency Braces for Russian Bots to Back Le Pen – To Inform is to InfluenceThe next stage in Russia’s influence campaign in France is about to begin, seeking to undermine the democratic process of electing national officials. This is now a threat to French national security.  This is now a Russian standardized practice, and the West is doing little to nothing to counter Russia’s propaganda, disinformation, and information warfare.…

Can France Stem the Populist Tide? | Foreign AffairsThe upcoming French presidential election offers a primer on the turbulent politics of our times. We are witnessing the collapse of the traditional divide between left and right, as well as the parties associated with it. In its place, a new opposition is emerging between nationalist populism on one hand and liberal technocracy on the other.

Signatures That Triggered EU-Ukraine Referendum Not Vetted-Dutch Government – The New York TimesThe authenticity of more than 400,000 signatures gathered by activists in the Netherlands to trigger last year’s referendum on the European Union treaty with Ukraine was never verified, it emerged on Thursday.

Signatures that triggered EU-Ukraine referendum not vetted – Dutch govt | ReutersThe authenticity of more than400,000 signatures gathered by activists in the Netherlands totrigger last year’s referendum on the European Union treaty withUkraine was never verified, it emerged on Thursday.

Fake news for liberals: misinformation starts to lean left under Trump – To Inform is to Influence Please excuse the seeming political headline, but the issue is how the focus is fluidly shifting. This may or may not be propaganda from a state-controlled propaganda machine. The only way to determine that is to trace it back to its origin. A reminder, one of Russia’s goals for propaganda is to “Create Confusion, Sow Doubt”.…

Redefining Euro-Atlantic Values: Russia’s Manipulative Techniques – To Inform is to InfluenceDownload publication file (6.63 MB) Project director: Elīna Lange-Ionatamišvili Text Editor: Anna Reynolds This report is a product of the NATO Strategic Communications Centre of Excellence (NATO StratCom COE). It is produced for NATO, NATO member countries, NATO partners, related private and public institutions and related individuals. It does not represent the opinions or policies…

Russian Information Campaign Against the Ukrainian State and Defence Forces – To Inform is to Influence9th February 2017 Download publication file (2.53 MB) Editors Dr. Vladimir Sazonov, M.A. Kristiina Müür and Dr. Holger Mölder Authors Dr. Vladimir Sazonov, Dr. Holger Mölder, M.A. Kristiina Müür, Prof. Dr. Pille Pruulmann-Vengerfeldt, M.A. Igor Kopõtin, COL (ret.) Aarne Ermus, MAJ Karl Salum, CPT Andrei Šlabovitš, Dr. Viljar Veebel and Dr. René Värk Leader of…

Russia’s Baltic Sea Pipeline Scares The Life Out Of UkraineRussia wants to build a Baltic Sea pipeline right besides another one that already exists. Despite opposition from Poland, Gazprom not backing down.

The Morning Vertical, February 10, 2017ON MY MIND There's more than one way to build an empire. There's more than one way to dominate your neighbors. There's more than one way to play the imperialist.&nbsp; And wit…

Vladimir Putin’s Deadly War Against Dissent – To Inform is to InfluenceBY JEFF STEIN ON 2/9/17 AT 10:00 AM The list of murders laid at the feet of Vladimir Putin has gotten so long now that you need a chart to keep track of them. That’s just what the Association of Former Intelligence Officers produced in a recent edition of its quarterly bulletin, The Intelligencer. To…

Top commander: Russia ‘legitimizing’ Taliban to undermine US, NATO | TheHillFormer U.S. Ambassador To Russia Talks Trump And Putin | On PointFormer U.S. Ambassador to Moscow, Michael McFaul, warns Americans not to let their leaders go down the path of Vladimir Putin. He joins us.

In call with Putin, Trump denounced Obama-era nuclear arms treaty – Reuters sourcesIn his first call as president with Russian leader Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump denounced a treaty that caps U.S. and Russian deployment of nuclear warheads as a bad deal for the United States, according to two U.S. officials and one former U.S. official with knowledge of the call, Reuters reports. News 09 February from UNIAN.

Russia was preparing to annex Crimea in 2013: Justice Ministry says has enough evidence Ukrainian authorities have sufficient evidence at their disposal proving that Russia&rsquo;s seizure of Crimea was a premeditated move, and the active phase of the plan&rsquo;s implementation began in 2013, Justice Minister Pavlo Petrenko told a Kyiv press conference Thursday, according to&nbsp;an UNIAN&nbsp;correspondent. News 09 February from UNIAN.

No casualties reported over past day, – ATO speaker10.02.17 15:05 – No casualties reported over past day, – ATO speaker No Ukrainian soldiers were killed or wounded in the anti-terrorist operation (ATO) area yesterday, Feb. 9. View news.

Russian command urges Ukrainian military to halt offensive in Donbas and call truce09.02.17 23:58 – Russian command urges Ukrainian military to halt offensive in Donbas and call truce DPR militants offered the Ukrainian military to cease fire at midnight, Feb 9. According to DPR’s operations command representative Eduard Basurin, not a single shot has been fired since 3 a.m. View news.

Lithuanian Foreign Minister Linkevičius pays visit to embattled Avdiivka. PHOTOS10.02.17 14:47 – Lithuanian Foreign Minister Linkevičius pays visit to embattled Avdiivka. PHOTOS Minister of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania Linas Linkevičius arrived in Ukrainian town of Avdiivka. View photo news.

Savchenko warns mob may take to ruling if Donbas not settledUkrainian Member of Parliament Nadiia Savchenko says that if the Ukrainian, Russian and Western politicians continue to delay settling the Donbas crisis, they will get an &quot;element of the street&quot; in the war when a mob may capture powers to rule, according to News 10 February from UNIAN.

Givi’s comrades claim responsibility for his death: “That’s for guys killed around Avdiivka!”09.02.17 18:38 – Givi’s comrades claim responsibility for his death: That’s for guys killed around Avdiivka! The elimination of militant warlord Mikhail Givi Tolstykh was organized by fighters of his own Somalia battalion. View news.

HRW: Activists ‘disappeared’ in separatist territory in UkraineА&nbsp;Russian&nbsp;lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) activist and another person have been missing since January 31, 2017, in the separatist-controlled area of the Donetsk region in eastern&nbsp;Ukraine, and are feared to be victims of enforced disappearances, Human Rights Watch said on February 9. News 10 February from UNIAN.

How computer hacking is becoming Russia’s weapon of choiceInformation warfare is a clear and present danger.

Top State Department Economist: US Sanctions In Russia Are Working Pretty Great – BuzzFeed NewsA new review published on the State Department website, but not technically endorsed by the department, concludes that targeted sanctions…

JAMES O’NEILL. Ukraine, Crimea and the push for war. | John Menadue – Pearls and IrritationsPROPAGANDA WARNING!

Donald Trump wants to change U.S. nuclear policy. Most Americans aren’t persuaded. – The Washington PostLarge majorities support nonproliferation and oppose the first use of nuclear weapons — even after they read Trump’s arguments.

.Trump set to confirm US-Japan defense treaty applies to Senkakus- Nikkei Asian ReviewWASHINGTON — U.S. President Donald Trump is expected to confirm that the Senkaku Islands are protected under the Japan-U.S. Security Treaty during a

Trump Tells Xi Jinping U.S. Will Honor ‘One China’ Policy – The New York TimesPresident Trump and Mr. Xi, the Chinese leader, spoke by phone on Thursday evening after an extended chill in the two countries’ relationship.

Trump agrees to acknowledge One China policy
China wants to have cake and want to eat it tooIn the confusing environment generated by US President Donald Trump, in which he has criticized his allies more than America’s opponents, the trip by Defence Secretary James M. Mattis to Seoul and Tokyo was reassuring, with the United States reiterating its defence commitments to South Korea and Japan. It was the first such reaffirmation of American policy by a senior administration official since the inauguration of the Trump administration. China responded to the American statements as expected, denouncing the US-Korea decision to deploy the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense, or Thaad, anti-missile system and opposing America’s long-standing policy of including the Senkaku islands under the umbrella of the US-Japan security treaty. China claims those islands, which it calls the Diaoyus.

Corrupt Practice | Foreign AffairsBecause large-scale corruption is a driver of insecurity, conflict, and terrorism, repeal of the SEC rule makes Americans less safe.

Piety, Power, and Politics in Turkey | Foreign AffairsCommentators frequently describe modern Turkey as torn by a rivalry between secularism and Islamism, but the two ideologies always co-existed.

Poroshenko meets with Turkish Foreign Minister | UNIANUkrainian President Petro Poroshenko held a meeting with Minister of Foreign Affairs of Turkey Mevlut Cavusoglu, according to the president's press service. News 10 February from UNIAN.