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How to Identify Russian Propaganda Terms

screen-shot-2017-02-10-at-11-15-43-amA senior Russian Foreign Ministry official posted a link to an article on the “TV and Radio Company of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation “STAR”” at http://tvzvezda.ru/.  

Farewell ceremony with Givi: video quadrocopters  The use of quadrocopters is hip, they “get it”.  Sorry, /end sarcasm.

(Translation from Russian by my humble Chrome browser)

February 10, 2017, 17:33

Tribute to the victims of the terrorist attack of the battalion commander of the militia DNR “Somalia” Mikhail Tolstoy, known by the call sign Givi reached 55 thousand people. Such figure named authorities of the breakaway republic.

The ceremony took place in the center of Donetsk Opera. At the end of her coffin on the military tradition of Tolstoy installed on a gun carriage, followed by a procession through the city center proceeded to the cemetery. People clapped and shouted “Thank you!”.

Givi was buried near the grave of his comrade Arsen Pavlov, better known as Motorola. He also was not killed on the battlefield. As stated in the militia, the two have become symbols of the battalion commander Donbass.

The battalion commander was killed on February 8 in a suicide attack. The basic version – his office came under fire from a flame thrower “Bumblebee”. But she is not the only one .

Here, the Russian propaganda line is obvious: the DNR is referred to as a “breakaway republic”.   We know this is not the case.  Russia infiltrated Spetsnaz into East Ukraine, hoping for a repeat of the Crimea invasion. The Spetsnaz worked with pro-Russian militants, Russian mercenaries, and Russian soldiers “on leave”, started an uprising, called for an election, failed, and promptly stalled. Russian soldiers and equipment were sent to bolster the failing efforts, the efforts bogged down, and there remains a stalemate today.  The Russian war effort remains at an elevated level of “Harassment & Interdiction”.

The DNR is not a “breakaway republic”, it is a stalled Russian invasion.

Now we are seeing significant numbers of former Russian “irregular” commanders assassinated.  The FSB appears to be cleaning house.  Notice the reference to “Givi” being killed in a terrorist attack.  We cannot prove the assassination was Russian FSB, Ukraine SBU, or even Russian GRU at this time, using only open source material.

Bottom line at the bottom.

http://tvzvezda.ru is an official Russian military publication. Their use of official Russian propaganda helps perpetuate the terms, masks Russia’s actual intent, and helps throw the mainstream press off balance and keeps them there.


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