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Russia / New Administration Media Ad Hoc (88) – 9 February 2017

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A lot of very interesting late news. Ukrainian payback for the ATGW hit on the ambulance – an ATGW hit on a staff car carrying a Russian Army colonel.

Most interesting though is the assassination of Givi – allegedly one of the Russian mercenaries under his command organised the hit as payback – making this a fragging – in retaliation for Givi allegedly shooting himself in the foot to avoid having to lead a suicide assault on Avdiivka, and then calling in Russian artillery fires on his own positions so he could not be denounced by his hoped to be dead troops. The troops survived,  so the story goes, and put a Shmel thermobaric RPG into Givi’s office to even the score. The joys of serving in the Russian Army …. if this claim is not true, it is very plausible as it reflects many previous proxy force cases of fragging. Usually the result of suicidal assaults involving massive losses, followed by killing of the officer leading the assault by the surviving troops.

German media very busy with claims by an FSB defector that large numbers of sleepers were inserted into Germany as immigrants.

RFE/RL and VOA launch a major Russian counter-propaganda effort – a TV channel providing Russian language news. Currently using web links, but they should be looking at DBS satellite delivery as well to bypass Russian government Internet blocks. Ukrainians now broadcasting FM radio into Crimea, and being jammed by the Russians.

Entertaining tale for today – Yats has offered his experience with constructing the Wall project – the fence and anti-tank ditches to keep the Russians out – to the Trump Administration as a cheaper alternative to the existing Mexico wall proposal.


Russia Labels NATO Moves in Eastern Europe a Threat: State Media – NBC News RIA cited Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Alexei Meshkov as saying Moscow was watching closely and would ensure that its own security was guaranteed.

Russian aggression is ‘a threat to Western civilisation’, top Estonian commander claims – as Brit troops prepare to defend his country The leader of Estonia’s paramilitary forces said the country would ‘never again’ be occupied like it was for 50 years under the Soviet Union

NATO pledges to strengthen political pressure on Russia over escalation in Donbas 09.02.17 15:27 – NATO pledges to strengthen political pressure on Russia over escalation in Donbas The NATO-Ukraine Commission held extraordinary meeting in connection with the new spike of Russia’s aggression against Ukraine. View news.

NATO allies lock in U.S. support for stand-off with Russia | Reuters Immediately after Donald Trump was elected, U.S. diplomats urged Lithuania to rush through an agreement to keep American troops on its soil, reflecting alarm that the new, Russia-friendly U.S. president might try to stop more deployments in Europe.

Russia and America: Donald Trump seeks a grand bargain with Vladimir Putin | The Economist GEORGE W. BUSH looked into Vladimir Putin’s eyes and thought he saw his soul. He was wrong. Barack Obama attempted to “reset” relations with Russia, but by the end of his term in office Russia had annexed Crimea, stirred up conflict elsewhere in Ukraine and filled the power vacuum that Mr Obama had left in Syria.

Chrystia Freeland warns Washington that Canada will ‘strongly oppose’ potential tariffs | National Post A tax plan proposed by Republicans would lower the corporate tax rate for U.S. companies from 35 per cent to 20 per cent. It would also impose a tax on imports from other countries. And in a “substantive” discussion with Tillerson on Russia and Ukraine, she conveyed Canada’s “strong view” that Russia’s invasion and annexation of Crimea was illegal “and a threat to the international order,” she said. How Russia Became the Leader of the Global Christian Right – POLITICO MagazineWhile the U.S. passed gay rights laws, Moscow moved hard the other way.

Ukraine’s Poroshenko deems impossible holding elections in Donbas in Russian troops’ presence 09.02.17 14:43 – Ukraine’s Poroshenko deems impossible holding elections in Donbas in Russian troops’ presence President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko insists on impossibility of holding elections in the Donbas without prior withdrawal of the Russian troops. View news.

Elections in Donbas possible only after Russian troops withdraw, – Foreign Ministry of Ukraine 09.02.17 16:45 – Elections in Donbas possible only after Russian troops withdraw, – Foreign Ministry of Ukraine Ukraine’s clear and consistent position suggests that local elections in the Donbas may take place only after Russia’s military withdraw from its territory and security measures are taken for them to comply with OSCE standards and Ukrainian… View news.

No battle casualties within Ukrainian Army yesterday, – ATO spokesperson 09.02.17 13:53 – No battle casualties within Ukrainian Army yesterday, – ATO spokesperson Over the past 24-hour period no one was killed or wounded in the anti-terrorist operation (ATO) in the east of Ukraine. View news.

Media: Ukrainian troops destroyed a car with militants and a Russian Colonel In the area of Mariupol, in response to the attacks on the pro-Russian militants, the Ukrainian military have used ATGW system, according to TSN. At the headquarters they say destroy enemy cars. Two militants were killed, three of them – were wounded, including the Colonel of the Russian Federation armed forces. Also on the southern edge of ATO managed to shoot down an enemy UAV. Total fire was along the front line over the past day. Occupants beat of heavy artillery caliber 152 mm. Svetlodarsk arc and Avdiivka industrial area fired from tanks. South section covered with mortars.

“For the kids who died at Avdiyivka!” Russian mercenary confessed to the murder of “Givi” A citizen of Russia, who traveled to fight on the side of the terrorists, “DNR” Igor Myltsev who introduced himself as a militant of the gang of “Somalia” under the call sign “Frenchman”, said that the attack on the gang leader Mikhail Tolstoy named Givi organized by himself and three other terrorists. This writes Novaya Gazeta . “We aimed to avenge all”, – said Myltsev, calling the authorities “DNR” accusations against the Ukrainian security services “ridiculous.” Killing of the commander Myltsev calls revenge by colleagues, allegedly abandoned by “Givi” during a battle near Avdeevka late January 2017. According to Myltsev during heavy fighting near Avdeevka initiative from the very beginning had a Ukrainian army units. Participation in the battle for Avdiivka industrial area and the battalion took Givi “Somalia”. Representatives of the “DNR” then reported on the wounding of the “Givi” on the battlefield. However, “the Frenchman” Igor Myltsev describes another version of events. Fearing for his life, as Myltsev notes Tolstoy moved away from the position of a battalion and shot himself in the foot. “He thought that no one would notice, but we noticed. Then he was taken to hospital doctors on duty. After that, already in Donetsk, he gave the order to blanket [our] position with artillery, despite the fact that we were there, [and] he thought that we were no longer alive! Just so he could not escape, this desertion position to throw, he could not in any way, it’s an order Zakharchenko [was] to stand up to the end! And then he must have realized that it all – the end. He shot himself in the leg and started yelling. He dragged the doctors, and one and a half hours we covered its artillery same “, – said Myltsev. Myltse said that after the attack on Arseny Pavlov ( “Motorola”) commander “Somalia” seriously feared for his life, for safety reasons had brought his family to Transnistria and planned to go there himself, but did not.

“PUTIN’S COLD WARRIORS” IN ZDF: Igor’s controversial stories about spies disguised as migrants A former agent in the ZDF film “Putin’s cold war” is a explosive story: The Russian secret service spies disguised as refugees into the EU. There they are to wait for instructions. 45 comments display S a face is pixelated, changed the voice. Because the identity of the man, who appears as the crown witness in the ZDF film “Putin’s cold war”, can not be detected in any case. He was a high-ranking defector from the Russian secret service FSB , told the man. In Russia, the Colonel is said to have served as department head of the administration to combat terrorism and political extremism. Now “Igor” is hiding in Europe, but takes the risk to tell German television about explosive details about how Russia wants to destabilize the West. The most credible proof of the authenticity of his Vita is a group photo. The entire leadership of the FSB intelligence service is then scanned. The ZDF informant is also to be seen in the picture, says the journalist Egmont Koch. He is aware of the fact that he has to face a balancing act between credibility of the source and informant protection. He had seen the ex-FSB man’s service card and other evidence but could not show it, says Koch. Igor’s narratives are indeed explosive. “We managed to smuggle spies as migrants camouflaged to Europe . The results were presented to the President and approved by him, “says Igor. The Russian intelligence service was alleged to have been supplying Chechen with fake documents since 2002. These were then used as “evidence” that people were persecuted in the home of authorities – and they were given asylum in Europe.

Radio Free Europe, Voice of America launch new Russian-language TV channel | Reuters The U.S. government-backed Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (RFE)and Voice of America launched a new 24-hour Russian-language channel on Tuesday to offer Russian speakers living at home and abroad a new alternative to government-run media.

Radio Free Europe, Voice of America launch new Russian-language TV channel – media The U.S. government-backed Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (RFE) and Voice of America launched a new 24-hour Russian-language channel on Tuesday to offer Russian speakers living at home and abroad a new alternative to government-run media, according to Reuters. News 09 February from UNIAN.

“Ukrainian Radio” working in Crimea. Occupants already “jammed” signal “Ukrainian Radio” and the Crimean radio Meydan Radiosı began broadcasting on the territory of Crimea annexed to the newly built village teleradiovyshki Chongar Kherson region. This was reported by the parliamentary newspaper ” Holos Ukrainy “. “The broadcast round the clock broadcasting in the occupied Crimea and its neighboring towns in Kherson test start time 150-meter high tower built near the village Chongar Genichesky District area. It has already established a whole set of antenna-feeder equipment and powerful 5-kilowatt transmitters “, – said in a statement. It is stated that in the air is only the first channel of Ukrainian Radio (100,7 FM). “However, a license for broadcasting in Ukrainian and Crimean Tatar through the tower got a radio,” Meydan “(101.4 FM),” Crimea Realities »(105,9 FM) and” Kherson FM »(107,8 FM). The project cost of four million hryvnia “- the newspaper said. “The coverage area referred to Ukrainian plants now fall and Novotroitsky Genichesk district of Kherson region, the city of Dzhankoy, Dzhankoy and Krasnoperekopsk Crimea regions. But the “catch” the transmission of SD-1 is already possible in Simferopol. While patriotic residents of Crimea say that it is in Simferopol them are already trying to turn off “- the newspaper writes.

It will be cheaper and more efficient: Yatsenyuk ready to share experience from “The Wall” project with the USThe former prime minister, leader of the “Popular Front” Arseniy Yatsenyuk ready to give the project “The Wall” in the US, because it is cheaper and more effective than that which the United States intends to build on the border with Mexico. He stated this at the V Kyiv Security Forum for Youth. “What is interesting, in fact on our project (” Wall “), the Baltic countries as well have started to build the border … If necessary, you can transfer the project to the United States – will be cheaper and more efficient. Incidentally, I thought: according to their calculations, they have a 1 km long border is about $ 10 million. This is 30-40 times more expensive than the project, which has in Ukraine “, – said Yatsenyuk, answering the questions of participants. He focused on the fact that for two decades, “no government, no government” does not take up the construction of the Ukrainian-Russian state border, and only in 2014, the project began to translate his government. “Unfortunately, funding due to the fact that I am not the Prime Minister, is substantially reduced. But more than 10 percent of the work we have done. To funding went as it was proposed by my Government, at the end of 2018 we have the border “would be built – says Yatsenyuk. He noted that this year the construction of the “wall” in the budget provided for only 200 million UAH, and he, along with a fraction of the “Popular Front” intends to address on the matter to Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman. “I know that the Prime Minister and the Government, and the Ministry of Interior and the State Border Service – all stand for the completion of this project. My position is very clear: the border between Ukraine and Russia will be built “, – the leader of the” Popular Front, said. ” The “Wall” or “European Val” – fortification project to improve security at the border of Ukraine and the Russian Federation on dry land. He was presented to Arseniy Yatsenyuk at a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers of 3 September 2014.

Russian Hackers Get Burned in Deal With Russia’s Spy Agency – ABC NewsRussian Hackers Get Burned in Deal With Russia’s Spy Agency

Artificially inflating the threat from Russia does nobody any goodGreat powers have always meddled in each other’s business and struggled to reconcile their interests. Why are we convinced Russia is different?

CIA director Mike Pompeo arrives in Turkey: reportThe reported visit follows a phone call between President Trump and Erdogan on Tuesday.

Russia airstrikes accidentally kill three Turkish soldiers in Syria, Turkish army says | ReutersRussian airstrikes accidentally killed three Turkish soldiers and wounded 11 others during an operation against Islamic State in northern Syria on Thursday morning, Turkey’s military said in a statement.

ISIS suspects busted with suicide belts and rifles in Turkey | New York PostANKARA, Turkey — Police detained four Islamic State suspects who were allegedly planning to carry out a “sensational” attack in Turkey and seized 24 suicide attack belts, officials said Thursday. The latest detentions came as CIA chief Mike Pompeo arrived in Turkey to discuss the fight against the extremist group in Syria and Iraq, making his first overseas trip since taking office. The suspects were put under custody in an anti-terror operation in Gaziantep, near the border with Syria, according to Gaziantep provincial governor’s office. Police found the suicide belts — made with 150 kilograms of explosives and fortified with metal pieces — as well as two automatic rifles, 14 kilograms (31 pounds) of TNT and other materials during the operation, it said. There were no details on the suspects’ nationalities, who were allegedly taking orders from high-level IS members in Syria. One suspect was wanted for membership in a terror organization, according to the governor’s office. Last year, Turkey suffered a series of deadly attacks carried out by IS or Kurdish militants and has stepped up anti-terrorism operations across the country. Some 750 people with alleged IS links were detained in a major police sweep in 29 Turkish provinces last week. A Turkish official said Pompeo was to meet with his Turkish counterpart, Hakan Fidan, as well as President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Prime Minister Binali Yildirim in Ankara. The talks will include plans for a possible operation to retake the Islamic State group stronghold of Raqqa, said the security official, who spoke on condition of anonymity in line with government regulations. Pompeo’s visit follows a phone call between U.S. President Donald Trump and Erdogan. Turkey is hoping for a reset in relations with the United States that were strained under the Obama administration over Turkish demands for the extradition of a U.S-based cleric, Fethullah Gulen, who Turkey has accused of orchestrating a failed coup. Turkey was also angered by U.S. backing for Syrian Kurdish fighters, since it considers them terrorists because of their links to outlawed Kurdish rebels in Turkey. Turkey, whose troops are currently trying to liberate the town of IS-held town of al Bab in Syria, is pressing for a joint operation with the U.S. to re-capture Raqqa without the Syrian Kurdish group’s involvement. The security official said during talks with Pompeo, Turkey would also seek greater U.S. cooperation in Turkey’s struggle against the Gulen’s movement and the Kurdish rebels.

Turkey reveals ‘Bora’ ballistic missile | IHS Jane’s 360Turkey has made public it has been developing a long-range surface-to-surface missile system called ‘Bora’ (Storm). The Undersecretariat for Defence Industries (SSM) stated that the Project ‘B’ missile system had been developed by Roketsan in order to “meet the long range surface-to-surface