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Wake Up and Smell the Cold War

Published on February 4, 2017


As we awaken to a larger Cold War that is like black ice, hard to see, but real, Stan M. made me aware of the coffee battle brewing as Black Rifle Coffee digs in and holds its grounds against Starbucks after Starbucks announced its intention to hire 10,000 refugees over five years in 75 nations. The e-pub Task and Purpose interviewed Black Rifle Coffee’s Evan Hafer on his pledge to hire 10,000 veterans as Starbucks fired back, touting its own Starbucks Armed Forces Network.

This whole flap was interesting, and I’ll get to the merits of veteran-employing coffee companies in a moment, but first you should know where I first heard of the Starbucks refugee promise and controversy. I saw a notification when a LinkedIn connection (not the poster and commenter depicted) commented on this politically divisive ALLCAPPER:

Let’s have a quick look at a symmetrical information war template aimed at Starbucks with Kremlin prints on it, and compare it with the ALLCAPPER…

Putin’s state media giant RT:



Also, I am neither a fan or a detractor of George Soros, and mostly disagree with his social policy angles or means. Still, I know how the Kremlin news outlets portray him, and honesty matters:

Now that I’ve shared a larger context of this soon-to-be over controversy with you, let’s get back to the employment of veterans and refugees by coffee companies and dispense with the false choices created by propagandists trying to stir up animosity in the domestic USA.

Competition is the American way, so I can appreciate this kind of outfit with its fresh branding:

I’ll buy Black Rifle Coffee, and I’d love to see financiers jump in and make highly-efficient store formulas, drive-through permitting, and solid brand replication a dream come true for Black Rifle so they can hire beaucoup veterans while introducing healthy competition to the coffee battle space. That said, I think Starbucks’ move to hire 10,000 refugees over 5 years in 75 countries amounts to 133 on average per country, or 26-27 refugees average per year per country. That number shouldn’t be too hard to vet nor should it displace any Vets.

I say that because Starbucks’ veteran employees’ group message was this:

But we all have our special focuses and I’m more concerned about countering the political equivalent of this one playing out right now and driving Americans against each other:

…well, not the DazBog guys who are former Soviet immigrants who came to the USA to be able to live the dream using their own creative branding ideas…unless it really was a subversive plot to get us to let our guard down…(0: No, I think the real reason the brothers came to live the American dream was that the ever-expanding military and police state imperial model wasn’t working out too well in the USSR as illustrated at The Perfect Daily Grind blog, see below:

Now that is enough to make anyone wake up and smell the agitprop of a Cold War Rerun state like Russia or China purporting to “lead” free nations in the world economy.

Even so, in the interest of competition, how can you refuse an offer like this?

Thanks to all US veterans for your sacrificial service. Too often the special interests are not worthy of you and your dedication to the rule of law, defense of country (our innocents), and good faith. And too often, bad foreign policy has not been based on coffee, but in part on other black commodities we are addicted to.

I say support veteran employees wherever they go to work, and also help support refugee families, who for no fault of their own have no homes after fleeing war zones just to survive.