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Russia / New Administration Media Ad Hoc – 7 February 2017

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The Russians may be aiming to move before their piggy bank runs dry. Or they may simply be playing psywar against Belarus and Ukraine.

Vladimir Putin orders Russian air force to prepare for ‘time of war’ | The Independent Russia’s air force has been ordered to prepare for a “time of war”. President Vladimir Putin has ordered a “snap check” of the country’s armed forces, accoording to defense minister Sergey Shoigu. As well as checking whether agencies and troops are ready for battle, the same order will ensure that systems are ready to fight, according to state news agency TASS. Those preparations have already begun, according to Russian ministers.

Vladimir Putin orders Russia prepare for ‘time of war’ as US Army arrives in Estonia | Daily Star VLADIMIR Putin has ordered Russian military to prepare for a “time of war” as US tanks, soldiers and vehicles move into the neighbour Estonia.

Putin gives a signal to Lukashenka? By the border of Belarus is going crazy amount of Russian equipment Residents of the city of Smolensk, which is in close proximity to the border with Belarus, recorded the movement of the column of Russian armored vehicles on the streets. Video is already published on the web. Russian armored vehicles accompanied the movement patrol police car with included special signals. In response to journalists’ request to the Federal Service of the Russian National Guard said that armored vehicles maneuvers linked to the “planned exercises of the Russian Guard.” The journalists believe that Russia’s military leadership can hide their true motives – in fact maneuvers of military equipment can be connected with the resonance of the Kremlin decision on the establishment of the border zone on the border with Belarus. Moscow’s decision was triggered by the unexpected actions of Minsk, which greatly eased the visa regime for citizens of the USA and the European Union. Later Lukashenko extremely harshly criticized Russian policy, and the media was filled with rumors of the impending coup, initiated by Moscow against Lukashenko. Earlier, the media wrote that the Kremlin is preparing a coup in Belarus, and in Russia, announced the possibility of seizure of the country, – reports Dialogue

Putin may exploit disarray in Washington to launch attack on Belarus, Minsk experts say | EUROMAIDAN PRESSEuromaidan Press | Two experts at the Minsk Center for Strategic and International Research say that Vladimir Putin may use the current policy disarray in Washington to launch an attack on Belarus, one that could range of a “hybrid” one to the open use of massive military force.

Oleksandr Turchynov: Recently, Russia has intensified redeploying military equipment, weapons, and troops in the territories of occupied Donbas – National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine” A large number of military vehicles, tanks, multiple launch rocket systems, etc. is delivered through the uncontrolled area of Ukrainian-Russian border from the territory of the Russian Federation”, – he said. Mr. Turchynov noticed that over the last three days only, a significant number of tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, light multi-purpose armored towing vehicles, “Grad” MLRSs, “Pion” 2S7 (203 mm) and “Giatsint” 2A36 (152 mm) self-propelled guns were relocated from the Russian Federation to Donbas. “Reinforcement is provided for Russian hybrid troops deployed all along the delimitation line”, – he reported adding that undisguised recruitment of contractors to participate in hostilities in the east of Ukraine is conducted in Russian military commissariats. “All this may indicate Russia’s readiness for further escalation of hostilities in Donbas”, – Secretary of the NSDC said adding that Russia will not be able to hide its bloody acts of aggression against Ukraine from the international community.

Russia boosts redeployment of hardware, weapons and manpower to occupied Donbas, – Turchynov 07.02.17 17:16 – Russia boosts redeployment of hardware, weapons and manpower to occupied Donbas, – Turchynov The Russian Federation has recently intensified delivery of its military hardware weapons and troops to the territory of the occupied Donbas. View news.

Iryna Herashchenko on Reichel’s allegations: “We demand an explanation and refutation!” 07.02.17 18:42 – Iryna Herashchenko on Reichel’s allegations: We demand an explanation and refutation! First Deputy Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Iryna Herashchenko says no elections are possible in the territory of independent Ukraine with occupation forces on the ground. View news.

German Envoy cancels presser amid row over remark on Donbas elections The press conference of German Ambassador to Ukraine earlier scheduled for Tuesdaywas&nbsp;canceled, according to Europeiska Pravda citing the German Embassy, while the rift arose over the ambassador&rsquo;s comments made in an interview with&nbsp;RBC Ukraine&nbsp;on the issue of elections in Donbas. News 07 February from UNIAN.