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Russian confused – Trump for two weeks, President, and sanctions not taken off

An anonymous expert’s comment on this article,

While Western MSM continue to loudly promote the Yalta 2.0 / #goldenshower narrative, analysts in the Russophone world observed the behaviour of Russia’s leadership and propagandists, and quickly converged on the ground truth – the Russians believed their own propaganda, and completely misunderstood Trump / MAGA.

Russia, and by that I mean Putin and his senior staff, honestly believed, it seemed, that Trump was an ally.  In that regard, so did the liberally biased US mainstream media.  The jury is out if the Russian people also believe this or the press is just telling them to believe this, we can’t quite tell yet.

After US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley’s remarks, loudly bashing Russia, there was a relative silence while Russia leadership collected its thoughts.  I doubt there was much crying and gnashing of teeth like we saw from so many in the West on 9 November 2016, but, quite clearly, this was not expected.

We saw a clear period of time while Russian propagandists spun up what the Russian reaction should be.  It appears to be clearly Putin driven.  There seems to be a two-day delay before new reactions hit the press.

Two weeks Russia and its political propaganda anxious consumers are confused – Trump already President, but where the words of love to Russia, and most importantly – why sanctions are not removed?

The article is quite clear, “Russia” expects the sanctions to be lifted and are clearly confused.

Then there is another problem – both from a “friend” to do “enemy”, and then explain to the Russians that they say have not guessed, that America was and is hated. And wait – the Russians it will survive. And prepare for the worst, if Putin will not go away.

Wait, what?  “…if Putin will not go away.”  I have a feeling this is a much more serious projection than what it actually means.  It’s a letdown, but I don’t believe it’s enough to cause a coup in the Russian government, a popular uprising, a coloured revolution or even a 10% drop in Levada love-fests.

But I’ve been wrong before.  Here’s hoping.

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(Translated from Russian by my Chrome browser)
Professor of the State University of Elijah

The official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova said that “the Russian Foreign Ministry reacted promptly to the appointment Tillerson head of the US State Department.” From the mouth of a diplomat sounded definition, more fit for a doctor or a police officer to protect public order. Why such haste, Zakharov also said – her boss, Sergei Lavrov, “the two countries expressed confidence in further constructive dialogue” and that “the United States and the Russian Federation will be able to build a relationship based on equality.” And it was not a phone call to Lavrov, but only a telegram.

I will not ernichat about how the postman brought the new head of the US State Department telegram, printed on the letterhead of the holiday, “the Soviet Union – a bulwark of peace.” But the protocol – the protocol is, and therefore the words Zakharova – a statement of recognition Tillerson his future colleague, but what it will be, and that in fact expect the Foreign Ministry – a mystery.

All the preceding months the campaign and at the time when the winner is called the United States “elected president”, the Russian authorities and propaganda staged miracles informational balancing act. All of a sudden fell in love with Donald Trump, began to make plans for the future, talk about the ancient traditions of the Russian-American friendship. To begin with Putin congratulated Trump Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, “he expressed the hope that after the entry of Donald Trump as US president two States, in a constructive and pragmatic manner, will be able to take real steps to restore the mechanisms of bilateral cooperation in various fields and bring to a qualitatively a new level of interaction in the international arena. ” January 29, Putin in a phone call congratulated Trump already as president.

Of all the words have become known, these were important – “the restoration of bilateral cooperation mechanisms”.

That is already the whole of Russia knew that Trump – almost close friend of Putin, and now talk about “restoring”. Excitement Add post to Twitter Fabrice Pothier, who “revealed” Trump plans to abolish US sanctions. In the West, analysts and experts took opposite positions on Trump and his Russian policy – some said that the 45th president of the United States will listen to the Kremlin, the other giggled and reminded of the ancient traditions of the Republicans, and that from them need to wait for more tightening relations than a new “reset”. All those months, Russians lived in the standby state, the well-known classics of Russian literature – “here comes Trump, he will judge.”

Ignorant of diplomacy Russian citizen is difficult to understand the words of the press service of the White House after a phone conversation – “the positive nature of the telephone conversation was the beginning of a significant improvement in relations between the United States and Russia, which should be corrected.” Translated into modern Russian language, this means that no one is sent, which is the “positive character” and “needs to be corrected” relations generally easily specified. Corrections can be very different – from isolation to the extension of sanctions, when Russia will have to be corrected, otherwise it waits for the fate of the Soviet Union.

Of course, the press service of the Kremlin interpreted the content of the conversation differently – “the establishment of a real coordination of US and Russian actions in order to defeat the terrorist group” Islamic State “and other similar organizations in Syria.”

What is the establishment, so whether that American and Russian troops side by side will fight against LIH if Washington and the Kremlin different attitude to this organization, the US constantly accuse Russia that its troops are actually fighting against the opposition al -Asadu, not against LIH?

Several months of the campaign, when the Russians were prepared to the perception of a new “friend of Russia”, as it turns out, are full of bluff propaganda husks, for which there is absolutely no real reason for the “improvement of relations between the United States and Russia.” For what it had to the Kremlin? Most likely, they are cheats, we decided to put on a “zero” – perhaps the luck. Is there any dirt on Trump – too strange question. If there is, how it can affect the Trump attitude to Russia, except that cause anger.

Two weeks Russia and its political propaganda anxious consumers are confused – Trump already President, but where the words of love to Russia, and most importantly – why sanctions are not removed?

Desperate Russians are accustomed to not criticize Trump, but who can guarantee that will not appear again stickers with Russian word “schmuck.” And then the usual action at the US Embassy, graffiti and posters, attempt to be clever and hysterical Zhirinovsky Dugin. While all froze in anticipation, and even Russian bloggers are silent – waiting.

However, the first bewilderment began to show Kremlin officials. Alexei Pushkov, chairman of the Federation Council Information Policy Commission, criticized the speech of the new US Permanent Representative to the UN, Nikki Haley. He suggested that it could write to Haley Samantha Power, who worked in the World organization under Obama. While Moscow kept secret of his regret appointments Trump clearly Russophobian administration officials who previously did not hide their anti-Kremlin views, and what will happen now? According to Deutsche Welle, Germany’s Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel on the results of meetings in Washington with Secretary of State, US Department of Rex Tillerson and Vice President Mike Pons explained that “the cancellation or easing of sanctions against Russia are possible only on condition of progress in the implementation of the Minsk agreements.”

The Kremlin once again got into a “hybrid” trap: it is not clear why it is not clear why the Russians a few months convinced that the new president will be much better than Obama’s, which kicked before leaving Moscow by anyone who is not handy.

Even Maria Zakharova allowed herself a few non-diplomatic attacks, more than to face the marketplace tradeswoman. Well, Obama has left, but why in the Kremlin thought that Trump will be better for them? In contrast, none of the Republican presidents did not forget how to create the Soviet Union, and that Russia – not just a successor to the USSR, but also the successor of “glorious” Affairs of the Soviet KGB. Republican Ronald Reagan was able to give the centrifugal disintegration of the Soviet Union more inertia.

17-19 February will take place the traditional Munich Conference, which, as suggested in the Kremlin, could be the first meeting between Putin and Trump. But while it is known that in Munich is exactly vice president Mike Pence, and whether Trump – is unknown. So will a few weeks of uncertainty, and the Russian propaganda will have to string up, to continue to convince the Russians that the new US president they still loves.

Kremlin so loved to bully opponents that now stood in front of a huge and practically unsolvable problem – none of the American presidents will not help Putin while he is in power. And not because it is like Obama or Trump wants, just the American state system and the ideology of freedom and democracy does not imply good relations with dictators. How is it that Trump love Russia, if it continues to pose a threat to the free world, if its domestic policy is already close to what is happening in North Korea, that the level of corruption, no one is interested, because Russia is not violating the law, is the norm of the state policy.

There’s still a little time before, according to the Kremlin, when Donald Trump finally pay attention to Russia, but none of them are sure that it will be a pleasant note.

Then there is another problem – both from a “friend” to do “enemy”, and then explain to the Russians that they say have not guessed, that America was and is hated. And wait – the Russians it will survive. And prepare for the worst, if Putin will not go away.

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