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New Project – To Actually Inform In Order To Stop Russian Propaganda

I was chatting with a much respected professional colleague outside the US today when I made a comment that we need to educate the press in order to stop them from perpetuating Russian propaganda being used in the news article circulated for the world to read.

Here are the actual words:

“I am now convinced we need to educate the press.  No more use of “rebels” when referring to Russians, Russian mercenaries, and Chechens operating in Donbas.”

How about a webpage listing every journalist or publication who has blindly propagated Russian propaganda like this? UK tabloids have been, I suspect, the primary entry conduit into English language MSM, usually by blindly pasting off Sputnik and RT.

Folks like <censored> might be able to help.

The Russians invaded Ukraine and the two countries are at war.  The Russian propaganda machine receives more than $3 billion per year, while the US is spending a mere $160 million on counter-ISIS propaganda.  The US authorized a buildup of the Global Engagement Center, primarily to perpetuate an already failed strategy. So those of us who actually do things are banding together in a grassroots campaign to counter Russian propaganda.

What can we do?

We can list the headline of the article, the URL, the author (if named), and an example of what they wrote in the article.

Nothing libelous, it’s all public and completely factual.

After initial inquiries, I received some fairly serious positive responses.

If any organizations join in and we make this into a community effort, I will list your logo.  If you want individual recognition, help me out!

The purpose is to educate the media, that words like “rebel” and “separatists” are entirely Russian propaganda in regards to Donbas.  We merely highlight these words for the world to see those journalists who perpetuate Russian propaganda.

Who makes the final decision to list or not?  I do.  This is a public service, I am merely your humble servant.




2 thoughts on “New Project – To Actually Inform In Order To Stop Russian Propaganda

  1. Joel,

    While I agree that we need to do more faster. I have to disagree that we are perpetuating a failed strategy. I am highly encouraged by your endeavor and would like to discuss further. Please contact me so that we can discuss this and some other topics.



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