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Putin Attempting To Play Trump In Ukraine

screen-shot-2017-02-02-at-12-59-07-pmPutin linked the worsening in the Donbas with the desire to Kiev to establish contact with Trump

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that one reason for the escalation in the Donbass is the alleged support to the November presidential elections in the US Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton Ukrainian oligarchs. He said this during a press conference in Budapest after meeting with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, reports Interfax .

“As we know, during the election campaign in the United States serving the Ukrainian government has taken a unilateral position in favor of one of the candidates and, moreover, some of the oligarchs with the approval of, certainly, the political leadership sponsored this candidate or the female candidate, if you say more accurately,” – says Putin.

Now, according to the head of the Kremlin, Ukrainian authorities need to establish relationships with the administration of Donald Trump and “also through conflict – it is always better, always more convenient, easier to tighten the new administration in addressing the problems and establish Ukrainian so some dialogue.”

Putin also expressed the view that with the escalation of the Ukrainian authorities to mobilize the population around them, thus trying to “plug” the intensified lately “opposition”, reports RIA Novosti .

“As for today’s aggravation, our position is well known: it provoked from the Ukrainian side. On Friday last week started basically fighting. On Sunday, Ukrainian so-called volunteer detachments captured one of the reference points of the opposition and penetrated into the territory controlled by the host, at 200 meters. On Sunday, they were knocked out “, – the head of the Kremlin said.

Responding to a question about the causes of the last exacerbation, the Russian leader came up with the following:

“The first reason lies in the fact that the Ukrainian leadership today needs money, money is best knock of the European Union, individual European countries, from the United States and international financial institutions, exposing himself as a victim of aggression,” – said Putin.

Source: https://inforesist.org/putin-nashel-svyaz-mezhdu-proigryishem-klinton-i-obostreniem-u-avdeevki/


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