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FSB Sanction Easing Explained

According to an unnamed insider:

The Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), at the Department of the Treasury, was getting a lot of calls from congressional offices on this so they did a conference call today to clarify. General License No. 1 issued today is in response to requests from US businesses that export “light encryption” devices, including exports to Russia. It appears that Russia’s import licensing procedures for information technology  tablets, smart phones,etc.) are conducted through a branch of the FSB that is administratively separated from the intelligence operations of that agency. Simply put, to import a tablet into Russia, one needs a license from the FSB, and there is a small fee attached to that license. The new sanctions, that explicitly included the FSB as a designee, were issued on December 28, 2016. That same day, US businesses that pay these small fees, contacted OFAC and asked for a clarification in the form of a General License. The gap between December 28 and today was a period in which those US businesses researched their own relevant licensing expenditures to come up with the figure of $5,000 that is established as a cap in the new General License.
No, Trump is not a spy. No, we aren’t caving in to the Russians. No, the world is not imploding.  All the conspiracy theories are BS, plain and simple.