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Russian Official Says Provocation To Describe Russian Forces Attacking Ukraine

screen-shot-2017-01-31-at-1-23-15-pmDr. Igor Panarin, of the Russian Foreign Ministry, actually used the word “provocation” today, accusing Ukraine of provoking Russia in Donbas.

NATO exercises in the black sea will begin tomorrow, and two days ago, started the provocation by the Kiev regime in the donbass. Obama supported passed away in a protest against trump. This is an integrated operation of NATO and the us British lobby to destabilize the situation in the world http://www.interfax.ru/world/547799

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Additionally, the NATO exercises are being portrayed as a provocation of Russia.

Obviously, Russia is creating an excuse to use more force in Ukraine, to invade, all with a completely fabricated “provocation”.

The same wording, however, was used to describe NATO exercises by the Soviet Union and was also used extensively in the past three years since the Russian invasion of Crimea.

The Interfax Report on the NATO exercises is below.

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NATO exercises with the participation of eight countries will begin on February 1 in the Black Sea

Moscow. 31st January. INTERFAX.RU – Navy (Navy) eight countries will take part in NATO military exercises “Sea Shield” (Sea Shield), in which will be worked out standard methods of reflection aerial, underwater and ground attacks, the press service of the Navy Romanian forces.

The communication department notes that in the exercise “Sea Shield” 2.8 thousand. Soldiers from Bulgaria will be involved, Canada, Greece, Romania, Spain, the USA, Turkey and Ukraine, 16 surface ships, one submarine and ten aircraft. The exercises will be held from 1 to 10 February in the eastern waters of the Black Sea in an area of 80 thousand sq. M. km.

“Coordination will provide the commander the Romanian fleet, and the frigate” King Ferdinand “will provide guidance naval group consisting of destroyers, four frigates, a submarine, six foreign partners planes and 11 ships and four aircraft, belonging to Romania,” – explained the report of the Romanian Navy.

From 3 to 5 February scheduled arrival in the Romanian port of Constanta Spanish and Canadian frigate “Almirante Juan de Borbon” and “St. John”, belonging to the second group of constant readiness combined naval forces (SNMG2) NATO.

The port also will go USS “Porter”, equipped with anti-missile defense system (NMD), “Aegis”, the Turkish submarine and frigate “Fatih”, and one Bulgarian frigate.

Navy (Navy) Turkey will present two frigates, two corvettes, two missile corvettes, two minesweepers, two ships equipped with missiles from mobile launchers.

From the air, the marine group will support a US spy plane, a Turkish patrol aircraft, two fighters of the Air Force Romanian MiG-21, as well as the Romanian helicopter to evacuate the wounded. Ukraine and Greece will send its troops to the exercises of the Navy.


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