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Russia Encouraging Calexit

In no small surprise, a senior Russian Foreign Ministry official highlighted a Russian official news source encouraging California exiting the United States.

This tactic falls in line with Russian goals of both undermining democracy in the West as well as promoting divisiveness and creating chaos.

Russia recently did the same by flooding the West with fake news and releasing purloined email smearing Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.  Now we are seeing evidence of Russiscreen-shot-2017-01-27-at-6-07-33-pma undermining the democratic national elections in France and Germany.

It is also strongly suspected that Russia helped advertise the UK breaking away from the EU in what is nicknamed Brexit.

So far there has been little reaction to Russia poisoning the wells of democracy, sabotaging elections, and encouraging California to split off from the United States.

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In California, will begin collecting signatures for a referendum to change the constitution

Source: https://ria.ru/world/20170127/1486643918.html