Cybersecurity · cyberwar · Information Warfare

Cyber, Intelligence, and Security, Vol 1, No 1

Jan 2017

This inaugural issue of Cyber, Intelligence and Security focuses on the pursuit of cyberspace policies and strategies, the attempts to regulate the cyber domain, national cyber infrastructure defense, and cyber warfare. The journal’s articles specifically look at 1) the theoretical and practical development of the concept of ‘jointness’ in intelligence organizations; 2) the history of the US’ approach to cyber warfare; 3) the so-called Islamic State’s online psychological operations and viral marketing; 4) the need to eliminate the rivalry between human intelligence and technical intelligence gathering; 5) the stances Israel should take on regulating cyberspace; 6) the role of artificial intelligence in cybersecurity; and 7) the security implications of autonomous vehicles.

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Author Kobi Michael, David Siman-Tov, Oren Yoeli, Omry Haizler, Miron Lakomy, Matthew Crosston, Frank Valli, Gabi Siboni, Ido Sivan-Sevilla, Nadine Wirkuttis, Hadas Klein, Andrew Tabas, (Editors: Amos Yadlin, Gabi Siboni)
Series INSS Military and Strategic Affairs
Issue 1
Publisher Institute for National Security Studies (INSS)
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