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Salon Gaslighting

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I recently read through a Salon article entitled From Russia with love: How Donald Trump uses Kremlin propaganda techniques against the American people.

A wee bit of background is in order.  Salon is certified by Media Bias / Fact Check as Left leaning.  I’m here to tell you it is somewhat left of Atilla the Hun in its coverage. If an issue ever arises and I want to know how the left will spin it, I check out Salon to get a raging dose of what the left could possibly say.  I like to say it’s so far left that even a quadruple injection of Bicillin can’t cure it.

The title is bad, but the subtitle is worse: Whatever the truth is about Trump and Putin, Trump’s political rise was built on Russian-style propaganda.

Of course, I had to read the article since it covers two of my favorite topics, Russia and Russian propaganda.

Delightfully, the article included the nine points of Russian propaganda to somehow add credence to their accusation.

  1. Rely on dissenting political groups in Western countries for dissemination.
  2. Domestic propaganda is most important.
  3. Destroy and ridicule the idea of truth.
  4. “Putin is strong. Russia is strong.”
  5. Headlines are more important than reality, especially while first impressions are forming.
  6. Demoralize.
  7. Move the conversation.
  8. Pollute the information space.
  9. Gas lighting — accuse the enemy of doing what you are doing to confuse the conversation.

I thought the article was hilarious.  Salon and Chauncey Devega accused Trump of doing what Salon is actually, and quite literally, doing to Trump.

This is almost as bad as what Robert Reich is doing to Trump.  Trump’s Seven Techniques to Control the Media.  Incidentally, this is being boiled down to four “techniques” in recent days on social media.

I have been very careful about my blog and examining the media over their treatment of Trump.  The mainstream media, with the exception of Fox News, especially the Washington Post, CNN, and The New York Times, are heavily biased to the left.  For the most part, I have ignored this ongoing battle, and since the inauguration weekend is over, the coverage is almost…  aw, hell, it’s not even close to professionally unbiased, but it’s better.

My point, dear readers, is that quite often, accusations of using Russian propaganda techniques is almost indefensible, due to their ubiquitous nature and almost universal applicability, which makes such accusations meaningless and useless.

Gas lighting, the last point, is what Salon is doing to Trump.  To me, this indicates that somebody was researching propaganda techniques, perhaps Soviet disinformation, and most likely Kompromat.  While doing so the author’s lightbulb went off in his head and he must have thought: “Hey, I can use this against Trump!”

Salon tried. Salon failed. Busted.



3 thoughts on “Salon Gaslighting

  1. Every time I find a tempting morsel like this at Huffpo or Daily Kos as well I remind myself to stay away. Left wing poisoned info water. Same goes for temptations to take WND, PJ Media, or FrontpageMag seriously as consistently valid reference sources. (For example, I really want to believe Pacepa stuff, but I approach him now with a cross reference approach to see if I can prove his ideas with other non right wing sources.) Personally I think MSNBC and National Review are fine outlets for news reporting with left and right slants respectively, though I avoid their opinion. I prefer to just stick with a nice CNN, BBC, NY Times, Time, if I can… same simple algorithm that keeps me informed by avoiding reading from known Russian propaganda keeps me informed by avoiding domestic ideological propaganda. Since you know about half is garbage at these sites and half might be good, you are better off just avoiding the source (unless you are specifically studying it), especially if it tempts you. You might get sucked in.

  2. Speaking of gaslighting, did you read that a reporter for RT was among those arrested during Trump’s inauguration on felony rioting? See The obvious potential for Russia to use this incident for gaslighting propaganda aimed at internal and external audiences turns my stomach.

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