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Kaspersky Lab Top Manager Arrested Over Treason Charges – Reports

Ever read a story that just makes you scrunch up your face and go “huh”?

Kaspersky Labs has a cozy relationship with MANY governments, cybersecurity organizations, and with the Russian government.

So when I see a senior Russian government official posting this on his Facebook page, I go “huh?”

The write-up is almost plain vanilla, the implication is that a senior FSB department head is implicated.  Which means Russia is inferring someone in the West, meaning the US or the UK.

But news in Russia about Russians is never as it seems.

I expect Stoyanov to turn States evidence against the FSB head, on treason charges, and the US or the UK will be blamed for forcing him to give up evidence blaming Russia, of course falsely.

Which means Stoyanov and the FSB head were supplying information to the West, implicating someone very senior in the Russian government. Most likely revealing Russian offensive cyber activities.  Malware or hacking. Russian lies are never very good and never far from the truth.


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06:27 25.01.2017

Ruslan Stoyanov, head of computer incidents investigation at Kaspersky Lab, was arrested over treason charges, Russian media reported on Wednesday.

MOSCOW (Sputnik) – Stoyanov is said to have actively cooperated with the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) and his arrest may be linked to arrest of one of the FSB department heads, the Kommersant newspaper reported citing a source close to FSB.

Both Stoyanov and the FSB employee were arrested in December. Details of the case remain unknown.

Kaspersky Lab confirmed Stoyanov’s arrest but pointed out that the investigation was being carried out against him as a private person with the company not being involved in the criminal case.

The Kaspersky Lab cybersecurity and anti-virus provider, founded in 1997 in Moscow, operates in almost 200 countries and territories worldwide, and its products and technologies are used by over 300 million users. The company has a specially focus on large enterprises, and small and medium-sized businesses.

Source: https://sputniknews.com/russia/201701251049979058-kaspersky-lab-manager-arrested-treason/


2 thoughts on “Kaspersky Lab Top Manager Arrested Over Treason Charges – Reports

  1. I would caution against inferring anything from a one dimensional piece of Russian propaganda, but I like to so I will try :-). I agree with that your comment that the lies are never far from the truth, but you really need to understand the system around this phenomenon to make good inferences. I also agree that if there is any angle to blame the west for this or frame the west, they will do it.

    To read into this case though perhaps I would say that something which can be used strategically against Russia would not be allowed intentionally in their propaganda apparatus. However perhaps this also gives the impression that Kaspersky is EXPECTED to cooperate with the Russian government, which in my opinion undermines the salability of Kaspersky products and therefore I think the arrest may be legitimate in order to really shame someone or send a message since that may be weighed as the most advantageous use of this information.

    1. What makes it really interesting is that number of hits – from Russia – on this particular blog article, are out the roof. It has attracted a ton of interest.

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