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Mediagigiena: how to pay for the promotion of the theme of reconciliation with Russia

The Russian propaganda machine is pushing the theme of reconciliation with Russia to Ukraine, attempting to reduce Ukraine resistance to Russia and increase an affinity to again return to the Russian sphere of influence.

In other words, Russia is using any and all means to subvert Ukraine to Russian overtures.

This is a “how to” manual on how to write and spread Russian propaganda.  Here Russian propagandists are trying to portray a mass appeal, seemingly by Ukrainians, to reconcile with Russia, renew trade, and push a pro-Russian agenda.

You would be safe to bet this is being attempted in at least 50 different ways, in assorted media, with a wide variety of writers, in many different countries, ranging from gently to overwhelmingly loudly beating down the door of Ukraine and the West’s resistance to Russia.

Russian information warfare against the West continues to press forward.  Russian information warfare against Ukraine is on steroids.  Overwhelming, insidious, from every rooftop, every nook and cranny, from rat infested holes to diplomatic envoys.  This is only one example of how Russia operates.  One of many.

Make no mistake.  This is warfare waged in the information space against Ukraine. Russia is waging war against Ukraine and the West.

It is constant and high-volume. It is evil, unethical, and immoral. It is Russian.

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(Translated from Russian by my Chrome browser)

27.12.2016 9:00

LIGA.net journalist received an offer to participate in the dispersal of the new story of the propaganda war “over the world”

Mediagigiena: how to pay for the promotion of the theme of reconciliation with Russia

December 23 edition detector media published an article which analyzed the new reception of the information war. It’s about the alleged mass appeals of workers a number of production enterprises to President Poroshenko of the need to restore economic ties with Russia – and active media support this thesis.


Colleagues from DM made no mistake in the assumptions – “calls for labor collectives” to make peace and to restore economic ties with Russia – it’s really no not the people’s will stock and ink technology hybrid war involving management of individual enterprises with the participation of fraud, and, more precisely, not discerning in the methods of the media income.

The fact that there is a problem, is the fact that the correspondent  LІGA.net  also recently received a mediation proposal to contribute to the theme media raskrutke tentatively entitled “Reconciliation”.

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The essence of the proposal was as follows: According to a mediator, the journalist suggested, using their contacts and communication in the media to lobby for the publication of the application-call “workers” to the President of Ukraine to restore trade and economic ties with Russia. The order stated that they are interested in the company of the number of 300 people. The official website of the company/factory/plant should be taken with the respective application. Quote: “It is possible to various associations (fishermen, bakers, soap-boiler, lumberjacks, etc.) and non-governmental organizations related to the production.”

The customer insisted that the draft text should be tied to production and the fall in connection with the war and break ties with the Russian Federation. Quote: “For example, let write that before successfully selling cheese for export, but 70% of the market – in Russia, Europe, our cheese is not needed In fact it results in a certain percentage of unsold goods, and a certain amount of loss cheese… spoiled, enterprise workers sit without a salary. Restore the trade relations of the Russian Federation, Mr.  Poroshenko . ”

CUSTOMER: Can not find a specific name or company name. Perhaps the end customer does not know himself mediator. We only know that it is “one political force is preparing a political platform by the method” at the request of the workers “. Payment in fact, a day after the announcement on the website”.

Sources in the headquarters of the pro-Russian or near-politproektov not confirmed by post-planned nature of the “letters to workers.” “This campaign began around the middle of October. The final customer is, of course, for our north-eastern border. Sole distributor of the project funds in Ukraine. We go through people  MedvedchukOppoblok  and even by some representatives of the  PPO , which are common-servers. Unified no hierarchy, working on the principle of “know this person, we will try to work with him” – said  LІGA.net  close to the pro-Russian political expert projects.

How effective is this campaign?

“It’s all emulation, it does not work. Otherwise there would be a scheme is not disclosed so fast. They worth to” work with the mediators’ and clumsy placement of labor collectives of appeals first vbeluyu go through sociological research. Believe me, there the situation would not be in favor of Ukraine, because the mood in the labor collectives are really there. and to insure the results of research, it was necessary to carefully build a wave of labor appeals to the President. since this was not done, and went over the rough monetary way, then we are dealing with yet another banal development funds ” – he added.

How to pay artists for the “promotion of the theme” in the media?

Depending on the importance of the enterprise, length of time the statement on its website, and the content of the arguments set forth in the text “the requirements of the president,” the mediator (ie, in this case, the journalist  LІGA.net ) pledged $ 500 to $ 1,000. The same number – the management company, to agree to this, as some believe, innocent way of collateral earnings for New Year holidays.

Next, a direct quote from the mediators’ proposal:

“The procedure is as follows:

1. You define a structure that pre-registration according to the region and the work of the enterprise does not matter – are interested in the whole of Ukraine provides a link to its website…

2. We coordinate, if the customer is willing to pay for the application of this structure (usually for approval takes no more than one day).

3. After the coordination of the enterprise (if everything is ok) – represent a draft statement on behalf of their workforce on the harmonization of the text takes a couple of hours..

4. After agreeing they publish, you send a link money to the bank card there is a request for some of these applications was to obtain desirable end of the year to you -… about 5 – 10 pieces ( “talks” took place in mid-December (Thus, in the presence of links and lack of principles could. would earn from $ 2,500 to $ 10,000 – auth. ) ”

Finally, give a list of sites that have issued statements predpriyatiyay, according to the mediator,” it is something that has already been paid “(see. screenshots below).

I’ll note that it is a payment management companies. Some sites could inexperience or inattention to pick up these statements by taking them for real newsworthy. However, the concerns of some colleagues, which is hardly inexperienced newcomers, the opinion, for example, “team Zmiev machine works” and “Zaporozhye farmers” – is impressive. Among them – the Ukrainian News information agency’s website and Commander.

In response to a request for comment on the attention to the fate of the Zaporozhye farmers editor in chief of the agency Ukrainian Dmitry Kuzmin News said the following: “. In informagentsve Ukrainian News News on the site exposes a separate edition, consisting of news editors, journalists (over 25 people) write news for closed news feeds which is distributed by subscription only (main customers – the media and the corporate sector).. news production standards in the subscription belt tighter They provide work only with speakers, primary sources, and require additional verification of information prior to the release site Standards softer, it is designed for a wide audience. readers and is formed as the news covered tape, and the news of other news media about the letter of Zaporozhye agrarians news editor took our colleagues (site Details -. Ed. ), because it seemed resonance that against the background of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict there are the enterprise, are in favor of the development of relations with Russia. We discussed the publication of “Media-detector” as amended and decided to remove the material. Editor instructed to be more sensitive to this kind of information. The goal of our work – the generation of objective and truthful news. ”

Recall Details and site of the Ukrainian News media group controlled by oligarch  Dmitry Firtash  , and  Sergei Lyovochkin , the ex-head of the administration  of Yanukovych , one of the real leaders Oppobloka. “News”  “Zaporіzkі agrarії asking Poroshenko vіdnoviti zv’yazki s Rosієyu” from September 27, 2016 was removed from the UN website.

Chief editor of online publication Commander Victor Shlinchak in response to a request for comment explained that posted on their website on November 16 news-treatment “zmiivskih workers” appeared there purely by chance – news editor sincerely adopted the stuffing for real infopovod. It happens too. Yesterday the “news” was removed from the Site Commander.

Speaking of the Zmiev plant. According to the mobile phone number specified in the registration data to the correspondent  LІGA.net  refused to comment on the appeal to the President and was advised to call … to the accounting department. The office of director of the company also did not answer the questions, noting that the appeal to the President was sent a month ago, and was asked to leave a phone number, “I will report to the Director General of your request, if he sees fit to answer, you will be contacted.”

Recall, the Russian economic aggression against Ukraine began much earlier than the military, long before the Maidan, the annexation of the Crimea and the war in Donbass. Trade War – dairy, confectionery, cheese, gas pipe, transit etc – have long determined the essence of bilateral economic relations. The initiator of these wars has always been Moscow. (see.  counterblow. The Ukraine can respond to the Russian trade war ) .

Then – without comment.

Roman Chernyshev LIGABusinessInform
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