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Russia Desperately Blames The UK

Here is a Russian language propaganda source clearly intended to sow division between the UK and the US.  Fail.

Here Dmitry Kiselyev, the Russian propaganda chief, shifts blame to the UK for compiling the dossier on Trump. A Russian senior Foreign Ministry official published this link on his Facebook page.

This is hilarious to me! This is Russian desperation!  Russia has been inextricably linked to putting together the dossier and now Russia is attempting to rewrite the facts.  After the facts have already been identified, the analysis done, and the reporting finished.  Shades of MH-17?

I can’t certify it is desperation but when the chief of Russian propaganda personally pens an introduction to a hit piece, both of which are dripping with faked “facts”, it feels, smells, and looks like absolute horse ca-ca.  In other words, Russian originated fake news.

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(Translated by my Chrome browser. Typos in the original Russia. Quite a few, actually.)

English mission: the British secret services want to steer America

Author: Dmitry Kiselev

If we talk about the destruction of American democracy, and subject to the US Obama supporters and followers of Hillary quite a victimization heated constantly, they say, Russian hackers destroy American democracy, the inauguration of President Donald Trump will be a farewell to American democracy, the program “Vesti Nedeli” and broadcaster RT and information Sputnik agency, where the editor in chief Margarita Simonyan, just busy destroying American democracy.

So if we talk about the destruction of American democracy, morality in the American press and the US standing in the world, it deserves special attention is a significant contribution to the UK and its intelligence services.

There can not do without the most recent example – the same dirty publication in the American resource Buzzfeed against Trump. Remember about his visit to Moscow and the FSB alleged dirt on Trump? It’s English stuffing. against the elected US president. And the author of fabrication seems to cover the British intelligence.

Author: Alexander Khabarov

According to the standard version, provocative dossier directed against the elected president of the United States, prepared in one of the buildings in the center of London. There is a private company Orbis Intellegence office, which specializes in collecting information on customers’ orders. From five minutes to Buckingham Palace and just over a mile to the British intelligence headquarters. The alleged author of the report, 52-year-old Christopher Steele served in MI6 two decades.

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