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Blame Russia, Not Intel

Yesterday, when I first saw the accusations against Trump, it did not feel right. My instincts are seldom wrong, so I began thinking about everything in the past six months.

I wrote: “CNN reporting that Russia “allegedly” has compromising information on Trump.”

Timing is everything.  Releasing the information about ten days before the Presidential inauguration seemed right if the information was supposed to have forced Donald Trump to resign.  Leaking the information to the Intelligence Community a wee bit more than two weeks prior makes sense.  How someone leaked that information into the Intel Community and having it accepted as actionable intelligence is something I want to explore.  It has to be from a credible source because we all know there is a ton of disinformation out there.  What Trump did not disclose was when the IC warned him about this report, how was the information obtained and when.

BuzzFeed released this article with the alleged dossier. These Reports Allege Trump Has Deep Ties To Russia.  The entire 35 page report is on that page.  Here is another source:

It didn’t start there, however, but late last year.  It was me: Sworn Trump enemy John McCain admits HE handed smear dossier to FBI – as details surface of document’s bizarre journey from British former spy and diplomat. US Senator John McCain received the information from a former British ambassador to Russia, the information seemed credible enough to pass on to the FBI.   Current analysis says the information is shoddy, incomplete, and does not hold up to even a cursory examination.

CNN reporting that Russia “allegedly” has compromising information on Trump.

– Russia has three goals when it comes to Information Warfare:

  1. Sow divisiveness, foster chaos, and foment hysteria and questioning in the US and the West.
  2. Promote Russian national interests
  3. Undermine US and Western democracy

– by using any and all means.

The only time Russia, actually the Soviet Union, could have compromised Trump was when he visited there in 1986 with his then wife Ivana.

Notice CNN, who is virulently and openly anti-Trump, is pushing this story the most.

Buzzfeed, another viciously anti-Trump outlet, pushed the story.

If mass hysteria builds and Trump is forced to resign, Russia wins. Not the Democrats, but Russia. In this case, CNN and BuzzFeed are aiding and promoting the Russian agenda in favor of Putin.

In response, Trump treated CNN like a petulant child.

The net result is that CNN and Buzzfeed have destroyed whatever residual confidence the public might have had in the media. And they have done so with just days to go before the start of a presidency that looks set to continue in the “strong executive” tradition of its two predecessors.

President-elect Trump blamed the Intelligence Community, but all they did was warn him and President Obama that a shitstorm was about to hit, smearing Trump.  They were just doing their job.

Russia has historically tried to undermine the US, US presidents, and US credibility.  The activity allegedly occured in Russia.  Buzzfeed, CNN, and the former British Ambassador to Russia are all unwitting tools of Russia.

Of course, Russia denies everything.  Russia denies having compromising material on Donald Trump

The problem is that nobody in the press is thinking of Russia’s involvement.  Russia stands the most to gain.  Russia has a deep history of this type operation.

Russia is behind this latest smear attempt.


6 thoughts on “Blame Russia, Not Intel

  1. Blaming the intelligence community for the Russian hacking is the same as blaming the DNC for them of a rape victim for the rape because her skirt was too short.

  2. If Russian hackers really have hacked the US systems, you would never see any sign that they did. Any indication that points to a certain direction will have been planted by the hackers deliberately to misdirect forensic investigations. Come on, they are not stupid!!!!

  3. Joel, great post. I agree. 4Chan claimed it was them, but Daily Beast discredited them. The concept of a Golden Shower however is so comical that I was immediately skeptical of the whole report. In my opinion it was leaked to the PI because they probably knew he didn’t have an agency infrastructure backing him up — it was just another way to embarrass Hillary in all likelihood — had her camp released the report. Now Russia is getting a second wind from the same investment by again undermining Mr. Trump as he is about to take office. Had the report referenced pedophilia, etc, I might have given it a closer and more serious look; but as I thought about the golden showers thing and how it actually plays psychologically more like a joke than a kompromat story. So that is where I choose to put my head and gut together on this. Some sort of conscious counterintelligence disinformation that fits the whole disruptive strategy — while had it been aired during the campaign — may not have been fatal to Mr. Trump from a publicity perspective due to that laughability.

    That also being said, the evidence of some disinformation in there does not discredit all of the conclusions or findings of the report but it does undermine I think how much faith we can put in it.

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