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Note from an anonymous senior cybersecurity expert:

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Missing from the Obama Administration’s focal areas are:

* Reinventing computing and networking for security, productivity, and resilience
* Reinventing organization theory under ICT fusion for security, resilience, productivity, intelligence, learning, and effectiveness
* Developing frameworks to manage algorithmic economics for security, resilience, innovation, and competitiveness.

This reflects a failure of imagination about the criticality of computing and networking in organizations across societal systems starting with national security components. Although there are 3 mentions of cyber en passant, there is no direct focus on the need to transform the digital terrain for defensive advantages, efficient defensibility, and continued US ICT leadership. These omissions reflect a 1990s focus on ICT innovation which is oblivious to risks that may be carried with new applications of technology, e.g. Expansions of attack surfaces due to smart cities and internet of things.The next administration should recognize these 3 strategic technical imperatives and launch a high-speed scaled effort to develop the relevant transformation technologies, theories, and policy frameworks for engineering digital safety from adversaries or endogenous factors.