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Moscow court recognizes 2014 events in Ukraine as state coup – Official Statement

Moscow’s Dorogomilovsky Court on Tuesday satisfied a claim filed by former Ukrainian MP Vladimir Oleinik on recognizing the February 2014 events in Ukraine as a state coup, a TASS correspondent reported from the courtroom.

“This circumstance has been convincingly proved by numerous facts of evidence collected by the court. These facts reflect the blatant violations of the law in Ukraine leading to a coup d’etat,” the judgment reads.

The court stressed that it’s the duty of the Russian judicial system to assess the events in Ukraine.

“Under the preamble of the Constitution, the multiethnic people of Russia are meant to establish peace and unity… There are unique relations between the Russian and Ukrainian people and that’s why the Russian court has to give a legal assessment to the events in Ukraine,” the judge said.

The Russian court also said one of the important factors was the participation of armed nationalist organizations in the regime change in Ukraine.

“There are extremist groups in Ukraine that are part of the power and persecute people based on the principle of social and ideological hatred,” the court ruling said.

According to: TASS
DONi News Agency
Video: Ruptly TV