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Notice How Russia Kills Civilians But Accuses US

In September 2016, before the intense bombing campaign of Aleppo started claims that Russia had killed 3,800 civilians were made by Syrians tracking these numbers.  Russia denied these reports.

Todays Sputnik News reports, with banner headlines, that “US-Led Coalition Admits ‘Unintentionally’ Killing 188 Civilians in Iraq, Syria“. The US and allied forces made these claims.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said, “In Syria, Russia is pursuing only one specific goal, it has been determined and announced — it is the fight against the international terrorism” and “In Latakia alone, dozens of villages were liberated in several months (after the Russian operation was launched). Thousands of people returned to their homes.”

There is not one word of Russia admitting to any civilian casualties. Not one word.

Reports of Assad and Russian forces are less than glowing, “Bashar al-Assad’s forces are taking back Aleppo — and slaughtering its civilians“.  This headline is purposefully made spectacular, but widespread reporting of indiscriminate slaughter of civilians by Russian and Assad forces are common.