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Journal of Information Warfare, Volume 14, Issue 4, Fall 16, Is Out!

screen-shot-2016-12-30-at-9-46-10-pmJournal of Information Warfare

Volume 15, Issue 4 Fall 2016


From the Editor L Armistead i

Rhizomatic Target Audiences of the Cyber Domain – M Sartonen, A-M Huhtinen and M Lehto 1

Exploring the Complexity of Cyberspace Governance: State Sovereignty, Multistakeholderism, and Power Politics – A Liaropoulos 14

Applying Principles of Reflexive Control in Information and Cyber Operations – ML Jaitner and MAJ H Kantola 27

Utilising Journey Mapping and Crime Scripting to Combat Cybercrime and Cyber Warfare Attacks – T Somer, B Hallaq and T Watson 39

Disinformation in Hybrid Warfare: The Rhizomatic Speed of Social Media in the Spamosphere – A-M Huhtinen and J Rantapelkonen 50

Security-Information Flow in the South African Public Sector – H Patrick, B van Niekerk and Z Fields 68

South Korea’s Options in Responding to North Korean Cyberattacks – J Park, N Rowe and M Cisneros 86

Understanding the Trolling Phenomenon: The Automated Detection of Bots and Cyborgs in the Social Media – J Paavola, T Helo, H Jalonen, M

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