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Trump And Russia Prognostication

Trump and Russia.

I just posted an expert’s compilation, analysis, and reporting about Russian media and the fallout resulting from the US 2016 election.

I had to excise about 40% of the report because of the perspective of the authors, in most cases. Many of the reports projected or predicted what Donald Trump was going do in regards to Russia, whereas nobody in the media actually knows. These reports are pure conjecture. Most of these reports use the words could, may, or might – but the headline does not reflect that and the story is worded so that the outcome is a foregone conclusion.

This is the same exact media that predicted, even crowed, about Hillary Clinton winning the US 2016 election, before the election. In other words, their predictions were demonstrably false before.  Somehow they are suddenly expert prognosticators?  Somehow their crystal ball is clean and they can see the future?

Now they are really spitting into the wind and are probably going to wear it.

We know, for a fact, that much of the press has a strong liberal bias. In other words, they dislike, even hate, President-elect Trump.  Just like, prior to the election, all their articles predicted Hillary to win.  Now they have no polling data, and yet they are making gross suppositions and predictions based on a total lack of actual data?

These prognosticators have no credibility. Now they are in the business of writing political hit-pieces, apparently.

Why don’t we all settle down and deal with some facts.  When we have facts, not fantasies based on dreams.

When President Trump makes some statements, when he gives a policy position.  Not a liberal press projecting their feelings…

President Trump.


One thought on “Trump And Russia Prognostication

  1. When someone is running for election, we really only have their words and policies with which to judge them and make an informed decision — especially when that person has never held elected office. Since elected office and business are qualitatively different, we cannot make 1:1 comparisons but we did the best we can do to inform about how he might behave as a leader based on his business ethics. Since what someone says and what someone does are two different things, I suppose if someone talks about women and minorities in the way he does, it does not necessarily mean that he will act accordingly; but again, it is the only information we had with which to inform our decision making in an election cycle when considering a candidate with no prior service.

    Perhaps none of what someone says matters at all on the campaign trail from this angle. This is not irony; though it would be fun to suggest we bypass a similar election in the future altogether if it really doesn’t matter what the candidate says or does, no matter how provably outrageously uncouth or un-American.

    Now that Trump is coming into office, I am not opposing him – I am honestly waiting to see how he behaves before I judge him further. I cannot exercise a further democratic right and I feel protest is not in the nation’s interest, or at least in my personal interest.

    Who knows what the heck he will do and how much his actions may not match his words. At this point, he could legitimately have been trolling Russia all along and riding the wave of media generated by Russia like a pro. Despite Tillerson on his slate and disdain for the CIA, he’s appointed and considered an unprecedented amount of Russia hawk generals. Who knows what the heck Trump will do.

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