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Russian “Freedom Of Speech”

I was reading a Russian article, today, about Putin’s four-hour self-love fest press conference he put on yesterday.

This article was highlighted by a Russian Foreign Ministry official, so obviously he eats this stuff up. It looks more like it comes out the other end, however.

The author defined “Freedom of the Press” like this:

Because the microphone kept off all: the fifth column, freaks, conspiracy theorists, who can not tie two words eccentric, narcissistic talkers … all in a row. This is called freedom of speech.

Obviously, Russia’s definition differs from everybody else’s definition.

Perhaps that is why Russia seems to have so many problems with granting Russian citizens ‘freedom of anything’.

Notice the obsession with Trump.  Russia is not in love with Trump, despite what you read in a left-leaning Western press.

Notice the obsession with the world lifting sanctions on Russia.  Russia, we’re not sure you’re listening, not only must you completely change your behavior, but you must pay the piper.

Please note, there is a plethora of propaganda pointed at the Russian people. “Please don’t revolt”, is what he’s actually saying.

Corruption. Deny, deny, deny.

Nukes.  Don’t forget, we have nukes. In the same sentence that he acknowledges the United States is the most powerful country in the world. Hmmm.

The author blames Hillary Clinton for the assassination of the Russian ambassador to Turkey.  *cough* Again, not Putin, but the author. This is actually called freedom of speech. He’s free to write any stupidity he wants.

Don’t blame us for the doping, it was the WADA’s fault.  They want to sell you waterfront property in Florida, too.

Translation: LIH is ISIS.

Please note, cont.ws is the standard place for Russian semi-official diatribes to be printed.  It is not an official, nor is it a state-sponsored site.  It is basically blogs, by Russians, for Russians, about Russia.

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33 thesis to the President’s press conference

Almost all the opposition bloggers have found in Vladimir Putin’s press conference, something interesting. Do you know why?

Because the microphone kept off all: the fifth column, freaks, conspiracy theorists, who can not tie two words eccentric, narcissistic talkers … all in a row. This is called freedom of speech.

By the way, a fresh tweet quote Donald Trump:

the https: //lenta.ru/news/2016/12 / …

Vladimir Putin said today about Hillary and the Democrats: “I think it’s a shame. We must learn to lose with dignity. ” Very true!

Not sure Donald Trump watched all the press conference 4:00, but those who are interested in politics, I would recommend exactly what to do. For time-saving, there are two tricks – can be read, which is faster than watch, and you can skip questions and read the answers at once:

http: //kremlin.ru/events/presi …

Here’s my free paraphrase the main theses:

1. No slump, no sharp economic growth is expected. Severe years go, they followed suit coming years, too hard. On the one hand, our economic situation is very stable – the main test we have passed, this year the situation has stabilized. On the other hand freebies previous years, when money is made out of thin air, it is not necessary to wait for more in the near future. Now, in order to get a piece of bread and butter, you need to work.

2. Agriculture is on the rise. We beat record of Soviet times. Farmers, of course, will continue to support … but without fanaticism – and so they do a good job.

If the European Union to lift the sanctions, we will cancel kontrsanktsii, and farmers will have to compete with imports more severely.

We also achieved good success in the case of import of manufactured goods, it proves that we are moving in the right direction.

3. Inattention our economy to science – it is a problem. It is necessary in earnest to invest in high-tech, and we are going to do. Export of IT, which is now already very significant, is expected to grow even stronger.

4. The Central Bank is doing everything absolutely right, its policy is supported by almost all the experts. To quote Vladimir Putin’s direct speech:

There is no one who would have thought that the Central Bank of Russia, Russian body healthy financial system, acting wrongly. There is simply no. This work aimed at ensuring the interests of investors first. If the institution will remain, which are still quite recently said financial institutions are not in our financial market, and are the “laundry” to “washing of” some money, then nothing good will come of it, investors will suffer.

5. PR on the fight against corruption – bad PR. Fighters with corruption must ensure that the press is not flowed excess or unverified information.

6. The budget for the coming years will be tightfisted and cautious. Money is not enough, it is better not to risk it. When calculating the income is expected that oil will cost $ 40 per barrel.

It is also assumed that in the second half of 2017 the surplus of oil will leave the market and the oil price “stabilized”.

More, we have agreed with OPEC to reduce oil production. The agreement is definitely beneficial to us: it is better to sell a little less oil, but at a much higher price.

7. The purpose of the privatization of some shareholdings – to connect influential structures to protect the interests of our companies in global markets. Getting money from the sale – a nice bonus, no more.

8. United States – the most powerful country in the world, but if some aggressor, whom we do not point the finger, will attack Russia, Russia has enough nuclear missiles to cope with it.

Simply put, the US is still strong enough to inhibit most of the planet, there is competition States. However, the war alone with Russian Americans have nothing to catch.

9. In the outgoing US administration’s most serious problems, voters more than they do not believe. And we’re not talking in Russian insidious.

It is hoped that with the arrival of Donald Trump between Russia and the United States line up “business, constructive relations” – that is, that the United States will cease to finally see us as their enemy.

10. Doping Agency WADA did have to put all your kitchen for all to see. Obtyapyvat dirty work no longer get behind closed doors.

11. It is not important what country were hackers who opened mail US Democratic Party. It is important that they revealed the truth – and the leaders of the Democratic Party rather than to ask voters forgiveness, hurriedly trying to find the source of the leak.

12. So, what they say to each other presidents, do not stand for all to see. Talkative Barack Obama may talk to journalists about his talks with Vladimir Putin, anything – our president will neither confirm his words, nor to deny them.

13. The task of the immediate future – to destroy the illegal dumps.

14. Beat TV on the hands of the dominance of low-grade shows and esoteric superstition until they are.

15. Responsibility for Euromaidan lies with the European Union. Now, however, the EU pomaydanil Ukraine … and threw it away. It’s not beautiful.

The European Union should quickly open the visa-free regime for Ukraine, not only in the travel mode, but with the right to work.

16. For the murder of our ambassador in Turkey clearly is not the country’s leadership. To quote the president: “Now I do not feel entitled to transfer to someone arrows, someone in some way to blame, but we see that it is a fact, it happens.”

I will add on my own – suspect number one is what looks Mrs. Clinton . she had both motive and opportunity.

17. the introduction of the flat rate on personal income – 13% for all – to increase tax revenues sevenfold foolish to change the system so effective, in trying to brow raise taxes on those who earn more..

It is better to tax the rich tax indirectly, for example, raising taxes on expensive real estate and luxury cars.

The tax burden on business to rise in the near future there will be, on the contrary, will be introduced all sorts of preferential treatment for small and medium-sized businesses, as well as for high-tech companies, for example.

18. Alternative energy – expensive and inefficient fun at the current stage of its development, in any case, Russia will pay more attention not conditional windmill with solar panels, and a modern, clean coal power stations..

19. “import-substituting” foreign consulting agencies certainly necessary … but without fanaticism.

We must first create their own credit rating agencies, their large and reputable consulting firms, only then to say goodbye to the West.

20. The European Union has now reached already by some measures the degree of centralization of the USSR. However, until we have to talk separately to different countries to solve all the issues in Brussels has not yet been obtained. In any case, we are determined to be friends with the European Union – if, of course, he will remove the hostile sanctions and, in general, begins to behave appropriately.

With regard to the refugees and so on – these are the problems of Europeans, and not of us.

The same applies to the US. Although in the electoral system they have a mess, but that’s their problem, and we intervene in these cases are not going to.

21. The normative framework for the pet should be tightened.

22. Kaliningrad and the Crimea should be completely independent from the neighbors in the energy and other aspects. By this, we soon arrive.

In Crimea, for example, the total generation of electricity after some time reaches 1950 MW – 800 MW is more than it currently consumes.

23. It would be nice to stop calling LIH “LIH”, but unless absolutely need better journalists not prohibit anything.

24. Russia – united country. Money from all regions are formed in a common pot, and then distributed to the point where they are most appropriate to spend. The idea to leave, for example, all oil revenues in the “oil” regions of the absurd.

25. Russia supports the Kurds … but with the condition of full compliance with international law. Simply put, we recognize an independent Kurdistan, not before it recognizes that the country from which he otpochkuetsya.

26. The government will certainly support patriotism. The state will not support those who, under the guise of patriotism involved in hooliganism and riots. The monopoly on any kind of violence remains in the state. I quote:

There must be a measure in all things. The same can be said about the so-called patriots. I said that we will support the patriotic movement, but can not distort anything. That this measure should be drawn up within the society.

However, Russia is not going to treat all sorts of provocateurs softer than they include, for example, the same America.

27. Juvenile Justice in the crazy form in which we are seeing it in the West, will not be in Russia. Direct speech:

And so I, like you, in fact, against a completely skewed juvenile justice standards and, frankly, thought that my assignment done. Recently I reported on this Chairman of the State Duma, that approved the relevant amendments … unceremonious interference in the family is not allowed.

28. The European Union turned cooperation with our intelligence services. It is in vain: perhaps derived from the Russian information would help the EU to prevent certain attacks.

29. Yeltsin center is not as important as trying to present it now. History should be remembered, however, it’s not necessary to confuse it with the present.

30. Foreign governments are actively using ecological militants for sabotage of important infrastructure projects, it is not a secret for us. Direct speech:

I clearly remember a conversation with one of his foreign friends, to whom he was a long-term friend, working in the international environmental organization, and said: “That will be $ 30 million euros. It is better to give it voluntarily – and all will be well. It is better to agree. ” They held the Board of Directors and agreed to pay, pay. That is, we know it, we have in mind. The answer can only be that? Not otmahivanie: unfortunately, you can not dismiss them. The answer can only be depth professional study of the question from the point of view of economic viability and environmental safety.

31. Representatives of the business, both private and public, should be more modest in size prescription themselves bonuses and salaries.

32. China – a very important partner for us, the relationship with China, we plan to develop even deeper.

33. The anti-alcohol Work should support including the media.

To summarize

What a bright news, sharp turns I saw the wheel. Everything goes according to plan, calmly and steadily. It’s probably good.

I will add on my own over the last thesis about alcohol. Now, our media, unfortunately, the most actively advertise drunken lifestyle. It is not right. But when you consider the state policy on the minimum interference in the activities of journalists, unfortunately, expect a change for the better is not worth it.

Fritz Moiseevich Morgen

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