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Kremlin-Aligned French Think Tank Nominates Putin For Nobel Peace Prize

screen-shot-2016-12-23-at-10-18-19-pmThe Center of Political and Foreign Affairs in Paris, France has nominated Putin for the Nobel Peace Prize.

I never heard of this think tank before, so I looked it up.

Talk about a tiny web presence.  Their website is barely out of the template, the “About Us” section is still gibberish.

The CPFA does not have a Wikipedia entry.

They have two public entries, about all that I can find.

French Think Tank Hosts Trump’s Son to Talk Syria” and “French think tank proposes Putin for Nobel Peace Prize” with all the appropriate Russian proxy spin-offs echoing the headline.  The Wall Street Journal also covered them, here, Donald Trump Jr. Held Talks on Syria With Russia Supporters.  How they pulled these off with no web presence is, quite frankly, a mystery.

A quick assessment on the Center of Political and Foreign Affairs screams “Russian proxy site”.   The webmaster is lazy. Somehow they attracted Trump’s son, Donald, to appear at the center.  Other than that, they have no publicity, no web presence, no history, and now, by multiple accounts, are pro-Kremlin.  Like most other Russian proxy sites, they appear to have been set up for Russian information warfare purposes, probably to promote Russian national interests and act as a quasi-legitimate arm for Russian intelligence.