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It Could Be Russia Vs. The US

I just published a blog, Correction, It Could Be DNC Guerilla Warfare Vs. Trump.

Again, a good friend pointed out, and rightfully so, that it might not be the DNC vs. Trump, it might be Russia vs. the US.  I agree.

We know, for a fact, that:

Russia has three basic goals, when attacking the West (source – Understanding Russian Information Warfare):

  1. Foster divisiveness, sow chaos, incite dissent.
  2. Promote Russian national interests.
  3. Undermine Western democracy.

Here is the crux of my argument against what the mainstream media is saying.

  • Russian goals exactly mirror what the DNC is doing to the President-elect.  It promotes divisiveness and undermines Western democracy.
  • Russia had the exact same goals when attacking the US before and during the US 2016 election.  By appearing to support Trump, they accomplished their own goals.  It promotes divisiveness and undermines Western democracy.

I am not saying the mainstream media is wrong, I am saying their perspective is domestic only and they are not considering the bigger picture.

Russia may be behind the vast majority of the current controversy.  If Russia is not nurturing, sponsoring, or agitating, they are reaping unearned benefits.