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Correction, It Could Be DNC Guerilla Warfare Vs. Trump

Yesterday I titled a blog “Is The DNC Hiring Russian Trolls?“, and a good friend remarked that the title sounds like clickbait.


Let’s discuss my admission of guilt and why I fold so easily.

  1. The US political left, the Democrats, the liberals, the progressives, are coordinated by the Democratic National Committee.  In my eyes, the DNC, and their titular leader, Hillary Clinton, are ultimately responsible for actions taken by many activists acting on their behalf.
  2. The Democratic Party is using whatever tools are available to them, a political party. The have established websites, email campaigns, have spokespeople such as Senator Elizabeth Warren, activists, and others. Many of their supporters have taken to the comment sections to voice their displeasure, subvert actions by the right, and promote ideas from the DNC platform.  When a large chunk of them are from Russia, have mostly Russian friends, live in Russia, and chat amongst themselves in Russian, my conclusion is they are Russians.  When they exhibit troll-like behavior reminiscent of professional Russian trolls from St. Petersburg, Russia, professional Russian trolls and their tactics come to mind. Having already proven that the DNC is paying trolls, it is entirely possible for these paid trolls to be Russian.
  3. That is the nature of any blog, news article, or online publication – to attract readers.

Yesterday I published a blog, Understanding Russian Information Warfare, which describes Russian information warfare, how it is organized, the tools it uses, and how it works.

Perhaps trolling is not an apt description for how these online activists work.  Perhaps that ancient military term, guerilla warfare, is more appropriate.

I spent my formative years in the Army, between E-4 and E-6, Specialist Fourth Class (now called Specialist) to Staff Sergeant, in Special Forces. We were taught guerilla warfare, sometimes known as unconventional warfare, as a tactic that may be used by a weaker force to overcome a stronger force.

Military tactics are not taught to politicians, especially not tactics of unconventional warfare. This is also probably why today’s analysts felt the need to invent a new name for how Russia attacked Ukraine, Hybrid Warfare.  Gentle people, it has been called guerilla warfare for 200+ years, and unconventional warfare for about 50.

It is entirely possible the DNC hired online trolls, regardless their geographic origin, to undermine the US President-elect since their party is currently reeling from a crushing loss.  Perhaps the DNC is hiring Russian trolls to wage guerilla warfare on Donald Trump’s nascent administration. I have no proof, so I put this in the form of a question.

The DNC is, bottom line, attempting to undermine the perceived effectiveness of the US president-elect. That borders on unethical, immoral, and illegal behavior. Perhaps it has even crossed the line.  As President Bill Clinton once said, “”It depends upon what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is.

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