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Is The DNC Hiring Russian Trolls?

I noticed a uniquely new pattern tonight on Facebook, a friend confirmed it just now.

We are seeing a slew of Russian trolls attacking Trump, all with pro-Hillary statements and graphics all over their profiles.

This is quite a change from just one month ago when we saw all kinds of support for Trump. The difference is these profiles are all from Russia with identifiable connections, origins, education, and friends.  Some emigrated from Russia and now live in the US.  These profiles are also all mature, not made in the past two weeks.

The other difference is these “Russian trolls” are not at all like professional Russian trolls from 55 Savushkina Street, St Petersburg, said to be the headquarters of Russia’s ‘troll army’.  They do not argue well, they do not use argumentative techniques.  They do not use Temniki or Synchronization/Guidance/Narrative sheets from a Russian Information Warfare Control Center, they do not copy and paste in their arguments.   They spell poorly. They have poor grammar. They do not swear like, pardon the expression, like a Russian sailor.  They clearly deferred to the person whose profile had posted a statement for discussion.

But they swarm like Russian trolls. They are very argumentative. They are passionate. They are very emotional – and that, alone, makes me convinced they are not professional trolls. They are quick to publicly ask for a ban, a very old, 1990s/2000s expression, which removes one from a group. The problem is, it wasn’t in a group but a public discussion on a person’s profile. That almost instantly confirmed that these Russians in this particular group were accustomed to working in private, in a forum controlled by a moderator.  Probably on Facebook, in a private group.

I have never seen these numbers of trolls arguing in favor of the DNC, however, against Trump. Trump was being labeled completely unprovable titles, also anointed with affiliations, all with negative connotations.  Other accusations were equally spectacular as well wonderfully unprovable.  Apparently, they are not used to anyone merely questioning them, so they quickly accused me of being a troll.

I’m not accusing the DNC of hiring Russian trolls to attack Trump, undermine his success, or throw the legal electorate process into disarray and confusion.  I’m not even accusing the DNC of hiring trolls, although that has already been proven.

But what’s that expression again? “If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck.”

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