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EW – Murmansk-BN – Russian EW Targeting NATO

‘Murmansk’ Electronic Warfare Complex Takes Root in Crimea

 Whenever I read an absolute statement, I usually think: “Damn, you’re in for a surprise”.

“…will allow Russia if necessary to disorganize any short-range communication system.”

Also, well worth reading: ‘Murmansk’ Electronic Warfare Complex Takes Root in Crimea

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Also, from April:

Russian army received new «Murmansk-BN» Electronic Warfare complex

The new «Murmansk-BN»  modern electronic warfare complex (EW) received by the Russian armed forces in April 2016, according to the press service of the Russian Defense Ministry.

The new «Murmansk-BN» system, created by KRET specialists, is a formidable weapon for defending any of the enemy’s air targets.  The complex is radio reconnaissance, interception of enemy signals and their suppression. It works around the shortwave bands.

The «Murmansk-BN»  is capable of disorganizing command & control of potential enemy. He works at a distance of more than 5 000 km.

(Translated from Russian by Google Translate)

Russian radio-electronic prepared for NATO response


Russian concern KRET announced the creation of a new network system of strategic electronic warfare, which is able to inhibit the connection of NATO troops at a distance of up to 3 thousand. Km.

Russian concern KRET on Monday announced the establishment of a new network system of strategic electronic warfare, capable of suppressing the enemy radio communication at a distance of more than 3 thousand. Km, the press service of the company.

“KRET developed a new engine that will bring together the network and take under the control of the most” long-range “ground-based electronic warfare, capable at a distance of more than 3 thousand kilometers to suppress radio strategic adversary management level.”, – Said in a statement received by the RNS.

New development of the Russian concern will completely block information field of the enemy command posts in the reflection of massive attacks, the adviser of the Deputy General Director KRET Vladimir Mikheev. “On the effectiveness of a potential aggressor deterrent effect of the emergence of such systems is comparable to the deployment of the most advanced strike weapons”, – said Mikheyev.

Complexes “Murmansk-BN”, which will manage the new control system, used to disrupt radio communications between the relevant departments and entities of the enemy.

First of all, the complex is aimed against the systems operating in the short-range, such as the Global US shortwave communication system (High Frequency Global Communications System). It is this network provides connectivity between all Department of Defense controls, aircraft and ships of the United States and its NATO allies. This type of connection may fully replace only the connection by cable, which is resistant to interference from the ground. Satellite communication does not have sufficient bandwidth and stability. This means that the systems work, came to the actions of the Russian electronic warfare systems such as ground control stations, ships or aircraft, will be significantly impeded, the report said.

“Developed with the active participation of the national strategic KRET EW system it is an asymmetric response to the realized in the US Armed Forces and NATO concept of network-centric control the conduct of hostilities on the basis of integrated information and communication space. The establishment of the EW system is the realization of the concept of network-centric defense. “Its task is to destroy the information field of the enemy and prevent the prompt preparation and transmission of the command and the target information”, – said Mikheyev.

It is noted that “coordination of these complexes (” Murmansk-BN “-. RNS), located on the most important areas, will allow Russia if necessary to disorganize any short-range communication system.”

The answer to the strengthening of NATO

Earlier in November, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said that Russia had to respond to the strengthening of NATO, Russia and Belarus borders.

“On the western border of the Union State (Russia and Belarus -. RNS) The US and other NATO members are actively building up their offensive potential by opening new bases and developing military infrastructure. Do not stop trying to impose its will on other countries through economic and political dictatorship and military force. Being open information war “, – said Shoigu in Minsk at a meeting of the joint board of defense ministries of Russia and Belarus.

The minister said that “these actions undermine strategic stability and force Russia to take retaliatory defensive measures, including in the western strategic direction.”

Shoigu noted that now a lot of attention is paid to units and formations of the Western Military District, with modern weapons and military equipment, as well as carrying out activities of operational and combat training.

In addition, in the summer of 2016 at a summit in Warsaw, Poland, NATO countries agreed to place four international battalion of NATO in Poland. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that the deployment of troops on the eastern flank is called “aggressive actions of Russia against Ukraine.”

According to the expert, correspondent member of the department “Russia and Eurasia” at the Royal Institute of International Affairs Chatham House Keir Giles, the total number of troops in the four countries will be between three and four thousand.

“Russia and its supporters argue that these plans may lead to an escalation of the conflict and destabilize the situation. Given the lack of clarity in the explanations of NATO, it is difficult to dispute these claims, “- said Giles edition of Newsweek.


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