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The Really Good News About The 2016 Election And Russia

My head hurts, my eyes are watery, my ears are ringing, and my brain is aching, all because of this election.  We still have a week left.

I only watch one television show per day and the commercial breaks were filled with political ads.  Over and over and over again.

I’ve unsubscribed from a ton of news services, almost every single story involved inane stories about the election.  Many were biased stories, many of which I really have to doubt the credentials of the author.

Social media is full, full, full of lies, innuendos, and fabrications.  A friend of mine unfriended at least 20 people because of their radical beliefs and their ‘piling on’ in publishing political posts.  I admit guilt in this regard, it came to a head on Sunday when I was reading through all the downright false statements put out by both candidates and magnified by their supporters.  So today I am declaring a moratorium on posting political messages.  I’m honestly going to try. Got any Politette gum?    That’s a takeoff on Nicorette gum, in case you don’t get the joke.

One of the really neat things about this election is seeing all my information operations and information warfare friends on social media, contributing and commenting, looking darned intelligent! Theirs is normally the voice of reason, maturity, and intelligence.

…and now for something completely different.  Good news.

Russian propaganda is being ignored in the United States.

I see a ton of stuff being generated by RT, Sputnik, and all the Russian proxy websites.  Almost all the mainstream media is ignoring them, recognizing it is as Russian propaganda, recognizing Russian stories are seldom based on the truth and are usually so extreme that they are nauseating.

Allegedly the Russians hacked the DNC, Hillary’s server, the White House, DHS, and the Pentagon…  supposedly the Russians supplied these emails to Wikileaks.  But we do not know.  Show me proof.

Russian proxy sites are popping up and all the naive Americans posting their stories are easy to shut down.  To counter, I just post a link to “Russian News And Russian Proxy News Sites” with a brief note and it usually stops. Education is a wonderful thing.  There have been a ton of new websites started, probably just for this election, and I’ve simply recognized them as election propaganda sites.  Not worthy for even this blog…  The good news is I’m trying to gather listings for many of these sites and put them in some sort of a dump file for later.  Let’s see who uses them after this election is done.

Russian trolls may be fooling around on US social media, but I’m not tracking them. Russian trolls that I recognize from their names and nicknames are fairly quiet, I really am wondering what they’re doing.

Wikileaks.  Some folks are stating as a fact that Wikileaks works for Russia.  I do not agree.  There is no proof, there are no statements, and it appears that Assange values his privacy too much and wants to do things as he wants, when he wants, and be his own boss. My gut says he’s taking advantage of being fed all these sensitive emails and Wikileaks is becoming an almost legitimate source of what still might be considered classified information. Wikileaks is definitely having a direct effect on this 2016 US presidential election.  Yes, sirree, they are.

Before I forget, did you catch Chris Cuomo, on CNN, saying it was illegal to have Wikileaks emails?   Sorry, Chris, “homie don’t play that game“.

Just so that Russia doesn’t feel ignored, and they are being ignored, I followed “Smokey the Carrier’s” journey.  I’m following the Putin cease-fire in Aleppo.  I see that Amnesty International Says Russian Officials Have Sealed Off Its Moscow Office. I see Russia trying to intimidate the Baltics and Eastern Europe.  …and I see Russia being ignored. Russia’s Ramping Up for War Where Nobody’s Looking. As NATO quietly reinforces NATO on their eastern flank, the West is turning their back on Russia.  

Russia, the playground bully, is about to hold their breath until they turn blue, Russia’s behavior is that of a ten year old.

That is very good news.