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Russian Media, Trump, And Hillary

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I hate getting into US domestic politics, but Russia appears to be undermining the US through the political system, is supporting Trump, and attacking Hillary.  Russia appears to be waging almost a multi-faceted Information Warfare campaign against the US political election system, fanning the already fanatical flames, and using every opportunity to sow chaos, confusion, misinformation, and disinformation.

I’ve been forced to stop commenting on Facebook about politics, I can’t seem to differentiate between Russian disinformation and normal, domestic “dirty tricks”.  I do circulate some of what I consider the more powerful political messages, but I’ve detected quite a few originate in Moscow.

LinkedIn is exploding with pro-Russian and actual Russian trolls and buffoons, we’ve even discovered one who works inside the Pentagon. I’m not sure who I should speak with in counterintelligence (not Army) regarding a pro-Russian troll there.  Any hints?  I can go full-bore but I’d rather slip the information into someone’s back pocket.

We understand the Clinton camp has hired beaucoup and Zwanzig (a lot) of trolls, we also understand the Kremlin has done the same. We just do not know if Trump has followed suit. From a counterintelligence perspective, this is confusing as heck.

Personally, if anyone is still publishing an article analyzing and touting the results of the first debate, I think they’re slow – mentally and professionally.

If somebody knows, please tell me who is hiring trolls and for whom?  That’s an ongoing request, just so that you understand.  I need to understand the battlespace.

Some remarkably good reports today across the full spectrum.

The ABC panel discussion on cyberwar is stellar, especially Kasparov’s comments on the Russian elites’ gossip mill about the extent of Putin’s support for Trump. The Russia issue is apt to persist throughout this campaign, seeing how they continue to pour kerosene into the conflagration in the hope that America will tear itself apart. Why fight an unwinnable conventional or nuclear war against America, if Americans are happy to self-destruct for the cost of some hacker, troll and propagandist time?

Some stellar articles on the digital social media and its use/abuse in electioneering. The Politico essay is a must read, showing the Trump campaign soundly whipping the Clinton campaign 80:50 in Twitterbot use to inflate Twitter traffic. Some fascinating essays on Facebook, including one by Dr. Michael Brand.

Some very good essays on demographics, especially the Applebaum and Willies essays on Evangelicals, a theme I was waiting to see addressed – as noted previously, Trump is seen as the “champion” by the disenfranchised and disaffected groups, be it the blue-collar whites, or evangelicals, and his failings are thus irrelevant. In a sense, Trump is the price America is paying for the mainstream media and political “classes” neglecting these groups. Marketwatch essay on exporting of jobs is another bullseye I have been waiting for. It seems the Lasch model is being independently rediscovered bit by bit during this election – had the MSM and political elites read this they could have pre-empted this.

Update: Worth adding this link to the reference on Lasch as not everybody knows who is was or what he wrote:

Please note the customer reviews!

The tax issue is running hot in the media. The misogyny issue is not going away. The debate is still reverberating.

The issue of Trump’s role as “champion” of the disaffected / disenfranchised demographics is central to this election, and the reason why conventional political campaigning has not and will not put a dent into his support base – two or more decades of feeling disenfranchised has imbued this group with absolute determination to be recognised, and if possible have a national leader to champion their causes and fulfill their wants. Until this reality is understood and the wants of these groups understood and acknowledged by all, they will continue to support Trump, or others like him. For the disaffected / disenfranchised demographics this election is an existential war for survival of their identities and as they see it, their communities. Whether their wants and perceptions of the state of American society and culture are real or imagined is immaterial, as they will act upon what they believe to be real, whether it is or is not.


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Facebook Feels Bad That Emotions Experiment Was ‘Poorly Communicated’ Sheryl Sandberg said Wednesday that Facebook “never meant to upset you” about the psychological experiment that affected nearly 700,000 users.

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New ABC News/Washington Post poll: White men prefer Trump over Clinton by huge margin of 40 points: 65% to 25%

Harrop: The decline, and likely fall, of Donald TrumpWhen reality hit the reality-show host.The Gathering Nuclear Storm – WSJMark Helprin writes about the rise of nuclear instability: Lulled to believe nuclear catastrophe died with the Cold War, America is blind to rising dragons.

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Egberto Willies: Evangelical contortions to support Donald Trump are a travesty against Christianity  Evangelicals contort themselves into knots to find justifications to vote for Donald Trump and consider him one of their own. Still, conservative radio personality Steve Deace described him as anathema to all their values in a piece he wrote warning Christian leaders about the hypocrisy of voting for Donald Trump.

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Donald Trump and His Allies Struggle to Move Past Tax Revelation – The New York TimesMr. Trump’s campaign lurched between refusing to acknowledge that released 1995 tax records were bona fide to insisting that his not having paid taxes was evidence of his unrivaled business prowess.

How Donald Trump Turned the Tax Code Into a Giant Tax Shelter – The New York TimesIf Mr. Trump’s pattern of generating losses and using them to offset other income has continued, as seems likely, it’s obvious why he has not released his tax returns: because he hasn’t paid any taxes.

Donald Trump allies: He is a ‘genius’ if he avoided paying taxes for 18 years – Chicago TribuneDonald Trump’s business losses in 1995 were so large that they could have allowed him to avoid paying federal income taxes for as many as 18 years.

If Donald Trump doesn’t pay income taxes, is he ‘smart’? – Chicago TribuneDonald Trump has appeared to admit that, as many suspected, he used various legal loopholes to pay no federal income tax in certain years.

Donald Trump Tax Records Show He Could Have Avoided Taxes for Nearly Two Decades, The Times Found – The New York TimesThe Republican nominee reported nearly $1 billion in losses in 1995, opening the door to tax avoidance in subsequent years.

What do three pages of Trump tax returns show us? | PBS NewsHourOn Saturday night, The New York Times published an analysis of several pages of Donald Trump’s 1995 tax return, where he declared business losses so large he may have avoided paying federal taxes for years. Trump is the first major party presidential candidate in 40 years to refuse to release his tax returns. David Barstow, who co-authored the story, joins Hari Sreenivasan.

51 percent of people say Hillary Clinton won the debate: WaPo-ABC poll – Chicago Tribune Almost three times as many Americans say Hillary Clinton won last Monday’s debate than Donald Trump, with the Democratic nominee regaining a clear favorability

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