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Repeal the First Amendment

The title above, I believe, is meant only to deliver a shock.  It succeeded, and the accompanying comment opened my eyes to how much our country’s values have been deteriorated by this President and his administration.

The below comment in USA Today is facetious, I believe. It is an indictment on the present sad state of ‘cultural revolution’ being powered through by extreme liberals in the United States.

I absolutely agree with the sentiment of the author, the politically correct movement in the US has eclipsed our freedom to enjoy the religion of our choice, suppressed our right to express ourselves freely, and has clearly broken the press’s ability to hold our government accountable and force them to do what is both right and legal.

This, however, is no cause to repeal the First Amendment but is an indictment of the system which has been pushed by the left, by the liberals within our political system.  Lately, our world has become a little bit crazy. It is no longer legal to display any religious symbols upon which our country was founded on government property, for instance. We are no longer allowed to embrace our Christian ideals, in favor of Islamic acceptance.  The press can no longer be relied upon to accurately and fully report on the illegal practices of our most powerful leaders in our government.

Most of all, I blame President Obama.  The person liberals hold up as our greatest president ever has effectively stifled the very bedrock of our Bill of Rights, and will continue to do so until he is finally forced out of office on 20 February 2017.

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Letter to the editor:

As an attorney, I never thought that I would consider repealing the First Amendment, which was instituted to safeguard our most precious freedoms: religion, speech and press. We apparently do not need it anymore. Under the present administration, no honor or respect is given to deeply held faith. Freedom of speech has been dispatched in favor of political correctness on college campuses and is spreading elsewhere in society, soon to be universally ignored. Freedom of the press was instituted to hold government and those in power accountable. The press is now so incredibly dishonest that it has forfeited its right to constitutional protection. Sorry to say, this valued amendment has outlived its usefulness, is no longer applicable to our society, and is abused and scoffed at by a mostly dishonest press. Let’s get rid of it. Sad (sigh).

Daniel D. Connor; Columbus, Ohio