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Crimea Claims – Operation Himmler Redux? – 4

Anonymous expert analysis.

Bottom line: Russia fail.

Two curveballs being thrown simultaneously. Putin shakeup. Donbass/Crimea buildup.  I don’t believe the experience is in this new batch of Putin appointees to oversee a “war”, buildup portends later attacks. Probable, possible, likely, delayed – anyone’s guess, that’s how Russia likes it.  Which contributes to Russia’s precipitous fall in reputation.

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The Crimea play did not sell in the West, other than with the dumbest of regurgitators in the mass media camp. Spending 2.5 years spinning unbelievable yarns and telling simple lies has produced great scepticism in the West. If Surkov et al expected otherwise, they were kidding themselves. Notable that this false flag operation is happening while Putin is quietly sacking his most loyal and oldest associates in the bureaucracy, suggesting this may be little more than a media stunt for domestic consumption. But the latter could also be a deception / distraction to cover for another offensive.

Disturbing reports of blinding injuries to Ukrainian border guards, caused by anti-personnel laser weapons.

Steinmeier may well be living in an alternate reality.


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