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Russian and Ukrainian versions of the Crimea “sabotage plot”

This is a straightforward comparison by Stopfake between Russian and Ukrainian versions of the supposed “sabotage plot” which was “thwarted” by Russian security services.

Russia claims it was a Ukrainian special services operation planned by the United States. I cannot think of a more illogical and mythical story, so of course this is the plot pushed by Russian propagandists.

Ukraine claims Russian security services fired on Russian military, the whole plot contrived or spontaneously created.

Using the duck test of logic.  It smells like a duck, it looks like a duck, it’s a Russian fabrication.

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August 13, 2016

The fallout from Russia’s accusations of Ukraine planning a sabotage mission in occupied Crimea that the Kremlin’s security forces had allegedly foiled is far from over. Russia claims to have prevented terrorist acts in the peninsula and captured two alleged saboteurs who, according to Moscow, were trained in Kyiv by the Intelligence branch of Ukraine’s Defense Ministry.

Ukraine has denied these accusations and said the alleged terrorist acts Russia was accusing Kyiv of were nothing more than a “shootout between different divisions of Russian security services”.

FSB foils diversionary plot in Crimea, Terror plot attempt is payback for Crimea referendum, FSB member dies while detaining terrorists,Will there be war, or not?, declared the many Russian headlines devoted to this topic. Russia’s best known radio station Ekho Moskvy even asked its listeners to call in and vote on whether Russia should attack Ukraine in response to the alleged terror plot.

Continued at http://www.stopfake.org/en/russian-and-ukrainian-versions-of-the-crimea-sabotage-plot/

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