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My Obsessive, Paranoid Russian Propagandist/Stalker

Good friend and colleague is one of the stalwart lads helping me expose Russian trolls and propagandists.

His latest claim to fame is being “permanently banned” from LinkedIn, with no recourse, no due process, no justice.

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By Eric Tallant

Former Army NCO/Fellow at The Intelligence Community

Oh, this guy doesn’t stop. He’s obsessive. I actually feel really sorry for Jessikka Aro. Really, really sorry. A friend of mine in Eastern Europe forwarded me a copy of this guy’s blog. My Euro friend wanted to point out that the pro-Russian, neo-Nazi website, MV Lehti, has been blocked in Finland. Juha, the Finnish, Russian propagandist was lamenting this blockage, as he’s a contributor to MV Lehti. After translating his article into English, and having a good chuckle, I found he’s authored another article about my friend Joel, Ms. Aro, others I know, and myself.

He’s so wrong, and so obsessive.

Here’s the translation:

Can you find Finland JTRIG technology dirty tricks?
Freedom-called discussion forums [1] outlined the 7th November 2014, the “dirty tricks” false victim found a blog post as a means of (fake victim blog posts). At that time, the author appears as a victim, whose reputation as hostile parties want to destroy.

The author has come across over there would be “a victim of blogs”, whose aim is to discredit those cases certain public bodies. However, it is manipulated and significantly counterfeit reports that fully comply with recommendations JTRIG Handbook, which Snowden has leaked to the public.

The author asks the audience aware of these methods and Snowden revelation, how GCHQ and the NSA using the internet to “manipulate, deceive and discredit the reputation”.

JTRIG seeks to penetrate the networks of internet discussion and to destroy the reputations of people out there – even as anger as a group, as a terrorist group and as a threat to national security measures.

JTRIG forward two tactics: (1) to spread all kinds of false material on the internet, in order to destroy the target person or group reputation; (2) The use of social sciences and other technologies to manipulate online discussion and activism as it deemed necessary to produce results.

“False flag operations” means that the material is sent to the Internet and erroneously linking it to the other party’s name.

“Face the victim blog posts” is the presence of the victim, whose reputation would be strongly desired to destroy. This evil messages supposedly sent the bodies to be stamped.

“Negative information” posts can engage in a variety of forums.

Freedom-called discussion forum aptly points out that for many years people have assumed the NSA and GCHQ’s engaged just plain “signal intelligence”, decoding the signals, but an anti offensive aspects. Snowden material is repeatedly revealed that mandate organizations have long been one of the basic attacks and questionable tactics, destroying the property of people’s lives.

Greenwald asked, finding fault with Snowden in connection with disclosure of the material, that are these real forces, which we have relied on state authorities, under the supervision of the way, how they use the power of right.

Mike Masnick published techdirt site 02.25.2014 [2] at the time of the new Snowden Doc -paljastuksesta: “New Snowden Doc Reveals How GCHQ / NSA Use The Internet To ‘Manipulate, deceive And Destroy Reputations”. A few weeks earlier, Glenn Greenwald had revealed the details of GCHQ presentation on how the monitoring authorities are even “dirty tricks” as a group (dirty tricks), which are known as JTRIG – The Joint Threat Research Intelligence Group. The Intercept revealed the entire presentation JTRIG’s activities.

Mike Masnick resembles the Hoover era, when the FBI infiltrated and tried to defy the anti-war groups.

Techdirt-site public to select application that “it is a sad state of affairs when we have a government who turned against us to protect us …”

JTRIG-toimintaohjeesen belonged “to stop business or ruin your business relationship” (stop deals / ruin business relationships “. This is so that the customer companies and interest groups to influence the company.

The revealed JTRIG Manual guided to a variety of dirty tricks carried out by the agents.
the unveiling of a large article by Glenn Greenwald 02/25/2014 Intercept page [3] deals with how to cover the agents infiltrate the internet to destroy a reputation. Precisely Greenwald worked with NBC News, publishing a series of articles on “the dirty trick tactics”, which JTRIG-secret unit used.

Greenwald presents pursued by the authorities YouTube and Blogger Tracking, DDoS attacks, which they then blame the hackers made by, ‘honey traps’ use (attracting ihmisä dangerous sex to situations), and destroying the target sites with viruses. Greenwald discusses Intercept-article, in particular in the desecration of one uses the technology used by government agencies against also those who do not have anything to do with the threats of terrorism or national security.
These are the information that is influencing (Influence) operations.

The Board of Directors cover the following agents and impact on internet communications and secretly penetrate the network entities in order to sow discord and spread false information.

Harvard Law professor Cass Sunstein, of course, a close Obama adviser and former director of the White House Office of Information, wrote in 2008 a proposal according to which the US government would employ agents to mask the group and infiltrate the online-enabled Web sites as well as groups and other activist groups. Sunstein proposed to cover the agents acting in chat rooms, social networks, the Internet and also in real groups. In 2014, Barack Obama appointed this Susteinin NSA as a member of the evaluation team, which was to propose a cosmetic reforms mandate of the Agency.

Greenwald writes that GCHQ these papers are the first evidence of how the major Western governments are using controversial techniques to spread-deception on the internet, and to harm the reputation of the target groups.

using tactics the state deliberately spreading lies on the Internet of anyone target person, including the use of “false flag operation”, such as GCHW itself calls, e-mails, as well as the reputation of polluting the homes and lovers.

Online Covert Action under the auspices of asakirjan called a variety of ways to engage in “Influence and information operations” (the impact of information and operations) as well as “to harass and carried out computer cyber attacks”, so that a human could be manipulated.

the documents obtained [4] the understanding of the theories of how people interact with each other, especially on the internet, and thus documents yitetään to find ways to influence the results and the “game” on the Internet.
Pierluigi Paganini, Pääinformaatioturvallisuusviranomainen Bit41d together, ENISA European Information Agency member, discussed the Snowden revealed 16/07/2014 essay, “GCHQ JTRIG Tools and Techniques for Propaganda and Internet Deception” [9] In the past, he dealt with DoS attacks. [10].

Paganini handles, how it Kingdom GCHQ, the intelligence unit JTRIG had designed a collection of applications, Joa used to manipulate and control of the Internet fraud, even to change the poll-results on the Internet. The unit received a counterfeit tools to spread information, to artificially increase the number of visitors to certain sites, as well as efforts to censor the video content labeled extremist movement.

Paganini recalls that revealed GCHQ document “JTRIG Tools and Techniques” is top secret, but it was found that many parts of it are “fully operational, tested and reliable,” although edellen part, the tools were “under development”. [9]

Paganini makes an interesting observation that leaked secret document was July 2012, when it was accessed almost 20 000 times a better understanding of the scope of peiteagenteille. [9]
JTRIG tools and techniques driven by the struggle in such a way that the person is identified by means of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. When the needs of the person’s physiological safety and livelihoods threatened is set, this property has a person does not devote the fight for the ideological efforts of the self-fulfilling higher. Picture of the published top-secret training materials.

“The myth builders” and “valhemarttyyrit” are per se well-known phenomenon of all time. These are known activities of the authorities and the criminal world [5], as well as church policy [6]. As a result, JTRIG methods should not be considered as a new and unique phenomenon in power and propaganda.

Rigorous arguments have even shown, the remote early Christians were also invented stories about the time the spirit of martyrdom needs. Candida Moss presented in his book “The Myth of Persecution”, the martyrs of the time is far fiction of how the three leaks Romans would not persecute Christians. The stories are pious excesses; highly stylized re-writing of how the Jewish, Greek and Roman tradition, described the noble death, and even outright forgeries, which are designed to displace the heretics, and to inspire the faithful to fund churches. [7]

Traditional stories of persecution still taught in schools as sacred, preferred sermons and church leaders in speeches, both in politics and in the media. Numerous speeches including tableaux, how Christians have been and are persecuted in the future. [7]

In addition to the needs of the ideological deception also has borderline personality disorders [8] found in the descriptions of anger rages on, with a certain type of personality to form a huge amount of lies and build nothing short stories theater about how he could claim to be a victim. He has become a “shit magnet”, defender of the victim of the eternal truth and the weak. [8]

In many cases, it is apparent overlap between rajatilapersoonanan and narcissist, but there are also differences: borderline codependent person is a narcissist but is only dependent. Limit State A person clinging desperately to one only, but destroys the narcissistic romantic relationships. Limit State A person is more susceptible to depression and guilt clinical periods, unstable and hostile and impulsive. [8]

The narcissist is more attractive, but also ruthless and feel less guilty. However, the State Border People are less sociopaths to narcissists. Limit State A person suffering from a lack of self-esteem. Projective identification, he tries to provoide others huoiot angry, but this does not satisfy the emotional needs of the borderline person then either. He may ask for “respect me” pretending as fake feelings were real. [8]

Borderline and narcissistic person are over-represented in complaints by. Borderline persons can be found in plenty of drug and alcohol users who actually mistakenly self-Medicating any other problems, such as bipolar disorder. [8]

The narcissist is exaggerated continuous attention to the need, the need for persuasion and praise. He has a belief in their own specificity and uniqueness, fantasies of success and power, for what they take advantage of other personal gain. He has a sense of entitlement and expectation of special treatment. [8]

Is it different in Finland?

Finland is Snowden trollitekniikkojen unveiling ignored in mainstream media discussions. Yet there is no thankless assess to what extent it would be possible to identify from Finland similar techniques.

The question may need to add it, that several dozen Finnish officers have, however, been outside the Finnish borders of the US information warfare training.

Jessika Aron cooperation parties include at least the information war in Finland defended his doctoral thesis Sarah Jantunen and the scandal known as a writer Sofi Oksanen, both closely linked explicitly to defend the American information warfare objectives, as well as Torsti Sirén, whose reputation is not very clean in respect of information warfare. Thus, the domestic personal relations with neighboring network is committed to the American way of exception for military construction and delivery of a report about the war.

National Defence University also theses, which to some extent sivuutaan subject matter, in particular the identification of online social networks targeted persons and finding weaknesses have been made. To some extent, on the subject of experience may have been, even before Snowden revelation jacket.

What kind of a person and who could take trollihenkilöksi, which tells uhrikertomuksiaan hostile attacks of wills, which is enough to power relations and narcissistic nature?
Figure taken from the MV Magazine screenshot, which is based on a paper presented Aron expressed in the phrase.

During the year 2016 has become public Jessika Aron close links Martens Centre (Willfried Marten Center), where he spoke to the panel in Brussels, the NATO summit preparatory turvallisuskonferenssissa Globsec, both NATO and the Warsaw huippukouksen expert conference. These relationships have come to the attention of the general public, mainly thanks to the MV magazine.

MV magazine brought against the legal process for the shadowy and powerful is hardly a requirement separate from this entity. Finnish media have been told that the police demands the immediate suspension of the distribution of MV-magazine, the procedure requires a secret and direct without Ilja Janitskin should not even heard in the matter, as well as concealment of a possible future trial. Suspension of the distribution is required, without any evidence of guilt and judgment, therefore, as if Finland were not respected syyttömyysolettamusta in which a man is guilty only after a final judgment. Such a procedure is known more politicians project and to the law enforcement activities as part of oikeusprosesessia. Jessika Arolla this project a key role in the secret light of the desired documents, which the MV-Journal has published in spite of everything.

In addition Jessika Aron has revealed close cooperation between the United States of America for example. the so-called. with specialized Influence-operations Joel Harding, who is also strongly indicated to attack the MV magazine received.
Screenshot of Joel Harding’s Facebook page.

Joel Harding, not only promises that Jessika Aro would fit inside the US special forces pyhyyksiin “good person”, but rather a comment on Linkedin discussion reveals near real-time exchange of experiences.
Joel Harding, and another well-known CIA agent, there is discussion Jessika Aron trollitoiminnasta.

Harding industry have been part of just the tasks that are JTRIG material presents.
Figure Joel Harding, an American Influence officer.

Jessika Aron drug judgment of long-term intravenous amphetamine user may raise more questions, even if the allegedly Aron drug use is already a decade. Aro will not only have used, but he also gave a seriously ill lady of the drug. Ilta Sanomat 31.5.2016 Aron says, basing drug judgment of the New York Times report, which deals with the matter extensively.

Aro is very much willing to fade the drugs problem in the discussion as inappropriate, defamatory private information. However, the use of substances not falling is a serious personality traces, and the use of substances in itself expresses the personality of something. Would it be pronounced fiksautuminen victim reports trollimetsästyksessä also those of personal historical reasons stemming from?

Eric Tallant an article published LinkedIn website, he, together with Joel Harding presents Jessika Aron story, but also reveals a large number of yhdysvaltailaisia with the theme working “officers”.
Celebrities by Jessika Aron serious Orchestrating about a violent drug-related background has given rise to a discussion on the extent to which he would be just the person what the most appropriate and most useful “narcissistic-rajatilahäiriömäisesti” to describe himself as a victim of hostile forces, the report Aro has exclusively told a couple of years. Who could it be better than the one to take their share of the victim reports the story of the theater as their own?

JTRIG-task model would affect realized almost in its entirety in Finland, where one might expect more of the media in one way or another editor of the American war of information and guidance available and at least some of the same vasemmistopolitiikon sent by the host. Such an overview of the situation arises in which these are a set of power been publicly and non-publicly causing damage to the MV-magazine activity relationships and customer relationships, as well as to defend the heroic Jessika Aron research.

the suitability of JTRIG-task described above, seriously interferes with that in the conspiracy believing is usually not considered desirable, and Finland has emphasized time and again the world’s freest and least corrupt media and political activity studies. Finland live in the world of honest journalists and politicians.

Jessika Aro been told by doing investigative journalism in St. Petersburg trollitehtaasta and its impact in Finland, but so far he has not released in that case, any documents or research. This seem odd, as the only content has been his own life.

Magazine articles have not been studies, but mainly in opinion articles. The material has been minimized.

Aron story theater analysis and reflections are completely ignoring the action, which JTRIG technology is used to produce just among those whose working Jessika Aro is elsewhere in close interaction.

Instead, even more have been repeated outpourings Aron victimization, pahatahtoiset what people have done against him, “the Kremlin’s control”. Could it be really true that the Kremlin and in the worst case, Putin himself gives the order to tease trolleille Jessika Aroa and may thus Russia’s reputation publicly profaned, when Aro publish those revile real or imaginary stories in the media and at conferences?

This is more difficult to build a mandate from the Kremlin’s hand Jessika Aron recounted violations more by the fact that his story theater opposition has labored to explain the Russian-led government information warfare as a function of the Arolla is just the usual news value and entertainment value of the point of view of Russian interests. His weight, its story theater increases when the estimated US interests in shaping the perceptions and opinions of Finns.

It is not at all controversial, that Jessika Aro has attracted criticism. His action does not seem plausible for many Finns believes that, the criticisms have been able to be häijyäkin. At the same time Aro has garnered sympathy and awards uhrikertomustensa help, become downright addicted you create from that portrayed in the battle, and repeating the story.

in accordance with the JTRIG techniques can not be excluded, but should be up mainly according to the instruction manual that Aro could have received unfair staged attacks or threats against the “own to” false flag operations’ even if Aro does not actually know the purpose of these senders pollute “the Kremlin trolleja” Jessika Aron victim reports.

Summary and reflections

First of all, Jessika Aron person would be such a victim reports a producer of the most useful frame of reference in secret by Snowden revealed the beginning of 2014.
Jessika Aron gestures, language was suspicious TV1 interview 28/01/2015, when he closed his eyes tightly closed, when said telling the truth. This would give the reference that Aron action would still be paid more than genuine, natural, or the result of his character traits specialties.
Secondly, whether it would be Arolla any contact with the surface over there against the persons who have dedicated themselves to questionable Influence technologies? What is not in this context can not ignore the sight of that Aron nearest international links to the 2016 conferences and supporters, incl. Joel Harding, are the very people who are more than anyone else at the heart of JTRIG technologies.

And it is in those contexts Jessika Aro has talked about the fact that he has had to Trolls attacked.

Third, the purpose of JTRIG technologies is to support the government and to strip the power of the governments of quarters threatening environment, for example, ultimately pouring legally websites. MV-launched the magazine against abnormal operation, in which the legal treatment was wanted to keep up a secret, can link with well-JTRIG functions.

Information Environmental Management is JTRIG-Agenda aims punches counterparty vihasivustoksi against which democracy must be defended and closed firmly that kind of activity. Uhrikertomuksilla is true, of course, such a struggle: monopolisoimisessa power and knowledge vaihtoehtoismediaa and social media by damaging.

[1] ‘Dirty tricks’ fake victim blog posts (pretending to be a victim of the individual Whose reputation they want to destroy) 11/07/2014

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The picture shows the wedding party signed in the summer of 2014 in Moscow

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