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LinkedIn, Scarlett: Your Behavior Is Opprobrious. Pro-Russian?

I labeled LinkedIn’s behavior as reprehensible, or deserving of condemnation, at first.  Reprehensible was not severe enough, so I used the word opprobrious, which means outrageously shameful or disgraceful. Outrageously being the key word.  I apologize if you had to look it up but words mean things and I wanted to properly label LinkedIn’s and particularly Scarlett’s behavior as unprofessional.

I blame Scarlett, who appears to be the person at LinkedIn with the power to decide which profiles stay and who goes.  Scarlett sent the note which appears in this article.  She sent every note expunging a profile from LinkedIn.  Her name is mud as far as I’m concerned. She is acting on behalf of Russia, Russian trolls, and Russian Information Warfare, I cannot avoid that conclusion.

Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 3.37.16 PMCharles received this notification today.  Today, about 90 minutes ago. Now his profile is gone, unavailable. *poof* Gone. 90 minutes.

Notice the notes say Charles’ account is permanently restricted”. 

Charles and about 25 of us have complained for months, filing multiple, multiple, multiple reports about Yana Dianova, about Fred Eidlin, and many others (more on Fred later).  We have shown clear evidence of outrageous lies, ad hominem attacks, professional claims way out of line, about Russian troll behavior, about troll attacks, about copy and pasting vast amounts of data and wasting our time (and LinkedIn server space), about absolutely reprehensible behavior, but Scarlett always is the person who sends a closing report without a reason why.

Scarlett.  We don’t know if this is one person, a rotating supervisor, an anonymous person, or a profile used just to send bad news.  “LinkedIn Trust and Safety”.  My trust in LinkedIn and the safety of our profiles and against actions against us is gone.

We tried to elevate the issues, contact a supervisor, contact management, get in touch with somebody in charge, but apparently, if you’re not a Russian connected with the FSB or a Russian troll, your word means nothing.

I’ve written about this in the past, the problem we have had with LinkedIn and their obvious bias against the West. LinkedIn’s pro-Russian bias.

Notice, from the note, there are three and only three rules posted which Charles might have violated:

  • Act dishonestly or unprofessionally, including by posting inappropriate, inaccurate, or objectionable content
  • Harass, abuse, or harm another person
  • Send spam or other unwelcome communications to others

I hereby swear, after months of observation, Charles has not acted dishonestly or unprofessionally in any way.  Charles has been consummate professional in every way, the complete opposite of the Russian trolls we expose. Any harassing or unwelcome communications would be a misperception of his truthful statements.  He is guilty of none of the behavior in those three bullets.

LinkedIn, however, is egregiously guilty of pro-Russian bias and behavior on Russia’s behalf.

Scarlett, what is your Russian affiliation?  What do they have on you?  Are you naturally pro-Russian?  You do understand you a professional embarrassment to LinkedIn?  Do you know you are damaging the reputation of LinkedIn and their perception?  Are you aware how long this blog stays visible and forever connects your behavior to LinkedIn’s reputation?  You do know that Microsoft is particularly sensitive to LinkedIn employee behavior?

Quick update 20 July 2016: Yana Dianova’s profile has been taken down. Yay.

7 thoughts on “LinkedIn, Scarlett: Your Behavior Is Opprobrious. Pro-Russian?

  1. Outstanding, Joel, thank you. Please let me know when you’ve posted it and what happens. Chuck

    Date: Tue, 19 Jul 2016 20:13:12 +0000 To:

  2. Chuck “meat” Leven gots restricted at LinkedIn? Wow, that’s huge – hundreds will celebrate this date as “LinkedIn Purity Day” ))

  3. Hey sleazy stench, your IQ is equal not even to the one of a cane tode but the one of an amoeba. Greetings to Dmitry Alexandrovich :))

    1. Hola Ariel, buen día, cuanta plata te pagaron por decir las cosas que decís. Es obvio que no tenés ninguna clase de formación, cultura o enseñanza. Jamás recibiste educaron, y se ve por las palabras y expresiones que usas. Yo te recomiendo que empieces a estudiar, que empieces a recibir un poco más de cultura, y de esa manera vas a poder ver las cosas de una mejor manera.
      Hello Ariel. God morning. How much money did you get paid for telling these things ? It is obvious that you did not receive any education or formation; i mean you are an analphabet. For the words and the expressiones that you used, I can see that you never finished your high school, did have problems at your home when you was a child ?. Better you must start studying and receive some formation, because you will never have any future in your life.

      Kind regards.


      1. Hello Frederico,
        Nice to see poor Joel the cheap troll has such supporters as yourself – was your “input” crowdfunded as well via Ukrainian emigres sites? :))
        Would recommend you to find a better occupation but with your intelligence and the level of education it is highly unlikely.
        You take good care of yourself :))

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