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European Commission to give Ukraine 15 million euros in coming days

Financial aid to help the country fight against corruption

The European Commission plans to allocate EUR 15 million to Ukraine forfighting against corruption.

This was stated by Johannes Hahn, EU Commissioner for Enlargement and European Neighbourhood Policy, Yevropeiska Pravda news outlet reports.

Hahn noted the EU will keep supporting Ukraine, it the country demonstrates progress in key sectors, which are constantly on the mutual agenda. Reforms must be implemented in key sectors, including corruption fighting, judicial system, prosecutor’s office, law enforcement, civil service as well as energy sector.

“In that context, the EU will continue to support Ukraine. The situation should be stabilized in the country, and in the coming days the European Commission will adopt the programme to help eradicate corruption in Ukraine. The programme will relate to all bodies fighting corruption in Ukraine”, Hahn stated.

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“I think the aid will total EUR 50 million”, the European official said, however, the EU mission to Ukraine later specified it will be EUR 15 million worth of assistance.

The first tranche may be granted even this year. The EU will provide EUR 100 million for the civil service reform.

Source: http://uatoday.tv/politics/european-commission-to-give-ukraine-15-million-euros-in-coming-days-693157.html