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Russia Can’t Avoid Lying

Russian Tabloid “News”

I read the following article at MK.ru (Moskovsky Komsomolets), posted by a senior Russian Foreign Ministry official (when does he ever work?), and was stunned.

Moskovsky Komsomolets is a Moscow based tabloid, “publishing sensational or provocative items on Russian politics and society.”  So pushing tabloid material by a Russian senior official is acceptable in Russia?

How does he sleep at night, knowing he is misleading Russians with his lies?  How can he look people in the eyes?  Is lying without regrets a learned  ability?

Notice the wording appears to make it seem like these protests are out of control?  Yes, there was violence and at least 5 police were killed in Dallas, but nothing happened at the Capitol Building.

The protest began at 8 pm, the Capitol Building closes at 5.  The entrance for visitors is the only way in and out. Jeez, Louise.

For shame, Russia. For shame.  We know you’re trying to make things seem worse in the US than it really is.  Keep trying, Boris.

For a much more truthful version, click here.

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(Translated from Russian by my Chrome browser)

Protesters blacks stormed the US Congress building

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The protests against the killings of blacks by police officers held in many major US cities, riots erupted, there are victims.

For example, in Washington protest brought together about a thousand people.According to local media, the wave of protesters broke through the US Congress building the fence.

Hundreds of demonstrators have come to the territory of the Capitol, approached the main entrance of the Congress and chanted slogans such as “black life have value” and “Hands up, do not shoot!”. Most of the protesters standing with hands raised.

Police blocked all entrances to the Congress and not let in people.

Some legislators advocating for the rights of blacks, also joined the demonstrators, according to SBS television.

Source: http://www.mk.ru/incident/2016/07/08/protestuyushhie-afroamerikancy-shturmuyut-zdanie-kongressa.html