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Rachel Mardsen, Russian Troll

Logo from Rachel Marsden’s Website

So, there I was, cozy as a bug in a rug, and up pops Rachel Mardsen with her article “Brexiting a spy nest” which she posted in LinkedIn.  I knew nothing about her, but a friend and colleague had commented, so I looked at the article.

I read it and gave a fairly honest, if rather frank, review in my blog piece: “Pardon me, your bias is showing“, a rehash of what I had earlier stated online.  According to others viewing and commenting on her article who sent me PMs, I said what they wanted to say. Then she went plumb loco on me.

  • Within a few minutes, a friend wrote me and told me that Rachel deleted my posts reviewing her article.
  • She also deleted the link I posted to my blog, “Pardon me your bias is showing”.
  • Then she blocked me on LinkedIn.
  • Then she blocked at least one of my friends!
  • Three different friends wrote and told me what was going on.   I don’t normally have a lot of friends write me, but the support was overwhelming. It could also be hatred or dislike of Rachel, the jury is still out.  Okay, it’s her.

Perhaps she was thinking she can prevent me from doing any other nefarious spy-stuff she thinks EU diplomats do (read her column to decipher, Brexiting a spy nest).

All because of my review of her article.  Is she thin skinned?  Yes. Overly sensitive?  Yes. Open to discussion, criticism, or an objective and educated honest review of her material?  Absolutely not, no way, not in the slightest.

She claims she is an expert in intelligence but the naïveté of her remarks on intelligence indicate either a lack of knowledge or too much resourcing from Alex Jones at  

Seeing as she works for Sputnik out of the Paris office and used to be a useful idiot for RT (she got canned), I can honestly call her a Russian troll for her troll-like behavior.  She got an article into the inaugural issue of Sputnik and is proud as crap of that: article

Born and raised in Canada (she returns each summer), she works at for the Tribune Publishing Corporation, lives in Paris and appears to have a deeply dysfunctional history.

Background Exposè

Criminal charges.  For your edification only, here is her personal history from Wikipedia, we will have a two more detailed descriptions later.

Personal life

In 1997 Marsden came to public attention for her role in the Simon Fraser University 1997 harassment controversy.[11] In 2004, Marsden pleaded guilty to harassment of her boyfriend, a Vancouver radio show host, following a breakup; she was given a conditional discharge with one year of probation. In Canada, a conditional discharge is a sentence passed in criminal court in which an individual is found guilty of an offence but is deemed not to have been convicted.[18][38]

In September 2007, a relationship between Marsden and an Ontario Provincial Police officer ended. She posted his photo and identified him on her blog as an anti-terrorism officer and claimed he had leaked secret anti-terrorism documents to her.[39] The officer filed a complaint of harassment against Marsden, but this was later dropped. The OPP launched a separate internal investigation into the alleged conduct of the officer, whose lawyer described this as having cleared him of any wrongdoing.[11][29][40]

Marsden contacted Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales in 2006, claiming that her Wikipedia biography was libelous. Wales stated his involvement with her article was handled through the normal channels, and was “routine”. He also says he “recused [himself] from any further official action”, after their relationship became personal.[41][42] On February 29, 2008, the technology gossip blog Valleywag claimed Wales and Marsden had entered into a relationship, and published instant messaging chats they allegedly exchanged.[43] On the following day Wales announced on his Wikipedia user page that he was no longer involved with her. In return, Marsden, who claimed to have learned about the breakup by reading about it on Wikipedia, turned to eBay and put up for auction a T-shirt and sweater with white stains that she claimed belonged to Wales.[16][42][44][45][46][47][48].

I’ve never seen anyone charged with harassment, and she was charged twice. The second charge was dropped. Then she parleys a complaint about her Wikipedia biography into a relationship with the co-founder, which results in charges and counter-charges.  Below is a timeline and case study of her stalking. If that doesn’t put the heebie-jeebies into you, I don’t know what will.

I just wonder if she’s going to abuse her position as a journalist and go after me?  I wonder if these disastrous breakups and a severe aversion for criticism indicate a personality disorder?  A little bird told me that she often threatens to sue people.  Upon advice from my attorney, I say bring it.  She doesn’t stand a Tinkerbell’s chance in hell.

Twitter and Sock Account

This is Rachel Marsden’s twitter account, (UID 2201472438).  It has the same Twitter ID number from the @rachelmarsden original account.   It is racist as heck, anti-Semitic, pro-Putin, pro-Russia, anti-Western.  Here’s a screenshot of tweets she forgot to delete which show her transition. 

Now her sock twitter account updated as PutinZooPark, with the same UID (which can’t change).

Journalism career

I found out Rachel is blackballed in both Canada and the US as a journalist.

Here is her claim to having a Masters on LinkedIn. Also, she never attended University of Maryland College Park – she took one of the free online courses (no credit) and now lists it as her education.
eGWmz5M - Imgur
A copy of an old resume showing her real qualifications from BCIT, a “Diploma of Technology”

She is not qualified and lied on both her LinkedIn profile and her CV/resume. She claims to have a Masters degree in Journalism from BCIT.  BCIT does not offer a Masters in Journalism (see the email below). She has a Diploma of Technology in Broadcast Journalism.  See her old CV to the right.

Verified by the Univerity, they do not offer degrees or Masters in Journalism.

As for intelligence experience, does sleeping with the enemy count?  Rachel had a relationship with an Ontario Provincial Police who worked in Counterterrorism, this appears to be her only hands-on (pardon my pun) experience in intelligence.

If you want to know what a nutjob Rachel Marsden is, read this article by the Jester: “Rachel Marsden – Come on down“. He names names, gives more detail, and basically lays open her disturbed life.  Yes, that Jester (JΞSTΞR ΔCTUAL³³º¹ (@th3j35t3r) | Twitter).

I only met Rachel Marsden this morning, by commenting on her article she posted on LinkedIn. After she deleted my comments and blog link, blocked me and others, I have had six, count ’em, six people approach me to give me details about her.  It seems everybody who meets her, works with her, or deals with her basically hates her.


Rachel Marsden has had multiple charges of stalking filed against her. Here is the timeline and documentation.  Marsden always claims that the men she stalks are stalking HER.  For decades Marsden has the same problem – she tries to get into a relationship, and when the guy rejects her, she smears him in public.

RM Stalking Timeline – goes to Sept 2014

Stalking/Harassment Timeline

1990-1999 Swim Coach Liam Donnelly

1990 Swimming at Hyack, meets Coach Donnelly

1991 Parents lawyer up against Coach, family quits club

1992 Begins stalking Donnelly

1993 Simon Fraser University.  Quits swim team after a few weeks..

1993 Has racy photos taken of herself, uses them to stalk Donnelly.

1994-5 Donnelly case events at SFU

1995 Marsden and Donnelly both file complaints  Charges against Marsden here: Rachel Marsden Criminal Case 

1996 – SFU investigation, stalks Patricia O’Hagan (SFU Harassment coordinator)

1997 Graduates SFU Bsc Science

1997 Donnelly fired,  Marsden’s credibility challenged, Donnelly reinstated, loads of newspaper coverage


Massive archive on news stories about Marsden SFU scandal are here


1997-2000 Professor Neil Boyd, Donnelly, Patricia O’Hagan et al

1997/98 Enrolls in graduate courses criminology.  Begins stalking professor Neil Boyd

1999 Continues to stalk Donnelly, O’Hagan, Boyd. SFU threatens to evict her, orders her to stay away from them.


1999-2001 Marsden’s Father Claude Marsden Scandal   

1999: Rachel Marsden’s father, then 56 years old, is suspended for inappropriate conduct toward his female students, reportedly having taken a student on dates, and showing up at the student’s workplace to give her gifts.

2000: Rachel Marsden’s father, Claude Arthur Marsden, is found guilty of professional misconduct. “Mr. Marsden engaged in a sexual relationship with a sixteen year old female student.”

See attached document. Criminal Case Claude Marsden


2001-2004 Radio host Michael Morgan (criminal case)

2001 “dates” then stalks/harasses radio host Michael Morgan

2002 Nov Marsden – criminal charges filed for her stalking of Morgan.

2003 goes to work for BC MP Grewal under alias “Elle Henderson”

2004 Media outs Marsden working for Grewal & pending criminal case, Grewal terminates  her.

2004 Marsden pleads guilty to stalking Morgan, gets 1 yr probation.

Charged with stalking:

Read the article copied here – damn scary, frankly

Marsden is also alleged to have sent email to Morgan’s associates.

Morgan’s former girlfriend Rosemary Keevil has said she received three e-mails from Marsden, who also sent e-mail to Keevil’s 16-year-old daughter. Morgan’s sister Carole Couchman says she received two e-mails and Mathew Morgan, Michael’s son, says he was contacted by Marsden while he was on MSN chat.

Some excerpts from Marsden’s communication with Morgan:

Oct. 9, 2002

“And whether or not the papers/documents I took from your home office (for collateral of course, as this is not the first time you have done this to me and I never DID trust you) and the naked pictures I took of you while you were passed out drunk in bed after sex one night (after fireworks back in August) ever see the light of day is up to you. And trust me I won’t hesitate to use them.”

Oct. 11, 2002

“As badly as I felt about it at the time. I’m now glad that I took the “collateral” (documents, photos, papers, bills, emails, handwritten letters, etc.) that I did in order to protect myself.”

NOTE: Marsden insists she was never “convicted” of a crime.  The truth is, she was charged with a crime, the police had a search warrant, collected evidence, she was arrested, booked and went to jail overnight.  She later  pled guilty and got probation.  In the Canadian court system, this would not appear as a conviction per se.  It is, however, a guilty plea to a crime.  It works like a first DUI here – not on your record if you get Diversion.  See attached document from court case.  Some excerpts :

After 7 October Marsden sent numerous e-mails and left telephone messages for Morgan and other people in his life. The e-mails and calls varied in content. Some were attempts to rekindle the relationship, and others somewhat caustic

On 10 October at 11:45 PC 2137 attended at Morgan’s apartment to investigate a harassment allegation. PC 2137 listened to several recent voice mail messages identified by Morgan to be Marsden and described as vindictive and threatening.

[3] Ms. Marsden harassed the victim mainly by repeated telephone calls and e-mail messages. There are aggravating circumstances. By a trick, Ms. Marsden obtained copies of e-mails that the complainant was sending to other people and therefore had knowledge of how he was responding to her harassment. She used this information to involve some of these other people. She continued with her harassment even after she was aware that police were involved.


2005-2007 Ontario Counter Terrorism Police Officer Tony Blackhurst

2005 Marsden meets Tony Blackhurst

2005 Hired by Toronto Sun as a columnist

2006 Blackhurst stops hookups w/ Marsden. She begins stalking, harassing Tony Blackhurst online

2007 Sept Publishes Blackhurst retaliation smear campaign on her website accuses him of giving her classified info.

2007 Sends letter to Ontario Police accusing Blackhurst of giving her classified information (tries to get him fired)

2007 Internal investigation clears Tony Blackhurst

2007 Dec Tony Blackhurst files criminal complaint against Marsden

See Macleans article: (page 3, paragraph 4)

Web archive of her posted emails supposedly from Blackhurst to her on her website is here:

NOTE: the emails expressing his love for her are reportedly doctored. I don’t know.


2007 Fired from Fox News, rumored to be stalking Greg Gutfeld

2007 Moved to New York, being groomed by Fox News.

2007 Feb hired as Panelist on Fox’s “Red Eye”

2007 May Fired from Red Eye, escorted out by security, rumored she was stalking Greg Gutfeld and was fired for “erratic behavior”.


2006-2008 Jimmy Wales of Wikipedia

2006 emails Jimmy Wales about her Wikipedia page.  Sexually pursues him

2007 Edit/revision frenzy begins on RM’s wikipedia page as she endeavors to remove any negative news items.

2008  Feb 9th Wales goes to Marsden’s apartment in NYC for a one night stand

2008 Immediately goes nuts stalking Jimmy Wales.  He breaks it off with her.

2008 Feb last week of, Marsden leaks Wales’s emails to her to Valleywag/Gawker

2008 Wales publishes on Wikipedia front page he is not involved w/ Marsden

2008 Marsden puts Wales’s one night stand clothes for auction on eBay.

2008 Marsden engages in revision wars on Wikipedia over her bio page.

2008 Marsden launches “Grand Central Political” online. It fails.

2008 May Marsden threatens to sue Wikipedia.

2008 July starts penning Jimmy Wales’s “biography” on self-publish site Knol. It gets pulled.

2009 Moved to France

2009-2012 are The France Years.  I’m still investigating this timeframe. See Career Timeline.

** There are indications something crazy went on with French celebrity journalist Patrick Poivre d’Arvor, nicknamed “PPDA” in the french press.  She would have met him when she worked at LCP (paris cable news political show, like a CSPAN thing).  She was there nearly a year 2009-2010 and she has not been back since.  However, she put on her French wikipedia page (but not her US one) that she had a relationship with PPDA from 2010-2012.  She put this on HIS wikipedia page as well, but he has it removed every time she does.  There is one photograph of them at a tennis match (French Open, 2011) but otherwise nothing.  He’s a big deal in France. If they dated for two years he would have taken her to major events *red carpet events.  He is a huge celebrity and he dates supermodels, etc. so this is as silly as her claiming she dated Brad Pitt for 2 years but no one ever saw them together.

Make of that what you will. See the Career Timeline for context.

Marsden is not any sort of celebrity in France, so there aren’t blogs commenting on her there the way there were in Canada or on English speaking internet forums/social media where she is notorious for scandals and getting fired.  Aside from very random blogs mentioning an article of hers, she isn’t newsworthy there.

Her claims she dated PPDA are here on her french wikipedia page:

Discussed here – scroll to last post


2013 Mossad agent Michael Ross

2013 contacts Ross via Twitter

2013 June Richard Silverstein publishes hit piece on Michael Ross. Marsden is his source. Silverstein posts this from his Wikipedia account (confirmed) on the Talk section of Michael Ross’s Wikipedia page.  See

2013 Nov tries to fundraise/kickstarter 50K to write a trash novel about a male spy who “loses his nickers  (sic)”.  This is apparently aimed at Michael Ross. No one contributes a dime. Pulls listing.

NOTE:  While on Twitter Marsden apparently made a habit of ensnaring men online.  Her Twitter handle/profile used to say:

Dark Widow™ (@rachelmarsden). Dark Widow™: Sun Tzu’s Mona Lisa * I’d date you, but then I’d have to kill you *

2013 Ross removed himself from Twitter and all social media or internet presence following this incident.

2014 Feb Ross returns with this post at Blogs of War covering what happened


2013 Hacktivist The Jester

2013 June Begins sexually pursuing Hacktivist “The Jester” via Twitter. He rejects her advances.

2013 July the Jester cuts off contact with Marsden.  For 96 hours RM rages at Jester in DMs (he does not respond) threatening him.

2013 Aug Marsden publishes a smear articles and an attempt to out Jester’s identity via her column in the Chicago Tribune

2013 Same day Jester publishes blogpost exposing Marsden’s stalking behavior, including publishing her DMs threatening him.


Hacker Kevin Mitnick

August 2014 Marsden uses her Tribune Press credentials for admission to BlackHat 2014.

At the conference she meets Kevin Mitnick, who is signing copies of his book.  Internet correspondence begins.

October 2014 Mitnick contacts XXXXXXX asking for help with harassment from Marsden.  He is under deluge of literally hundreds of emails, voicemails both sexually graphic and threatening.

(Ongoing investigation)


IT Professional XXXXX XXXXXXXXX  Nickname “Pilgrim”

(redacted, ongoing investigation)


Rachel Marsden Resume Puffery:



Marsden has a well-known history of embellishing her resume and has been busted for it many times.  For example, she may have a handful (literally 2 or 4) of articles published in a newspaper or magazine over the course of a few years.  She lists that as having been employed there, implying full time employment, from the first published article date to the last.  She also counts places she volunteered to work, unpaid, as employment and embellishes/extends the time spent there.

This Career Timeline is broken down into ACTUAL employment and then a separate section of work experience she has embellished.

Her education and claims of being a former model and international competitive swimmer are also bogus.  Each of these are broken down in their own section.

The first time she was openly challenged on her resume was in 2003.  She continues to embellish it anyway.  So before we get to her resume, here is National Post journalist Brian Hutchinson, who investigated her resume in 2003:

2003 Brian Hutchinson busts Marsden’s resume lies

Canada’s ‘Republican Babe of the Week’: Rachel Marsden is a sharpshooting political pundit with a sex-kitten image who made headlines in the past over a controversial sexual harassment complaint

Brian Hutchinson. National Post

National Post, 9 August 2003, A21


“Fine. About her work, then: Biographical information posted on various Web sites notes her “writing has appeared in Macleans magazine and the National Post.

That’s a stretch. Marsden once had a letter to the editor published in the National Post. She once had a letter to the editor published in Macleans. And that’s it.

Marsden’s various biographies note she “has worked at BCTV News (Global TV’s national flagship station) in Vancouver.” Technically, yes. Years ago, while pursuing a college degree in broadcast journalism, Marsden spent a month at BCTV as a volunteer student researcher.

Then there is the widely distributed claim that Marsden once worked with ABC Television News in New York City as an assistant to former anchor Connie Chung.

“Nobody by the name Rachel Marsden has ever been employed here,” says an ABC News spokeswoman. “She might have been an intern, but she was not on our payroll. She is not in our data base.”

Marsden ignored queries about her contributions to Macleans and the National Post. Regarding ABC News, Marsden wrote that her “official title was ‘Production Assistant,’ which included assisting then-anchor Connie Chung at one time.”

After a bit of prodding, she was a little more forthcoming about her “strategy meetings with members of the Bush administration.” These did not entail Marsden sitting in the White House, discussing world affairs with Colin Powell, the U.S. Secretary of State.

“I’ve participated in meetings in Washington, D.C.,” she eventually explained, “whereby members of the Bush administration (ie. chief advisor Karl Rove, Secretary of Commerce Don Evans, etc.) have elaborated on their strategies with some of their key grassroots supporters, and have asked for honest, no-holds-barred feedback.”

Marsden also “attended the January Council for National Policy Meetings in Naples, Fla.,” where such speakers as Judge Kenneth Starr (“who worked out beside me on the bike at the resort gym”) addressed a group of Republican members.

So much for casting a shadow in Washington’s inner sanctum. But Marsden’s mission is not all about rubbing shoulders with politicians. Her real goal, she says, is “to give conservatism a more widespread, mainstream appeal.” Conservatism, she adds, “isn’t just for old, angry white men in stuffy suits.”

Apparently, it is also for babes with liberal imaginations.”




2010 Sciences Po – Adjunct Lecturer, part time

Verified.  Teaches radio writing workshops. She is one of approximately 3000 “business types” who do lectures part time at Sciences Po.  Not faculty.

2011 Chicago Tribune, Columnist – weekly, syndicated



2011 – 2013 Russia Today,  Crosstalk Appearances (Total of 8 appearances, last one April 2013)

2009-2010 LCP (French political cable news talking heads show) Weekly panelist

2008-2010 Eagle Publishing Columnist “Human Events”

Verified her columns ran there, but they’ve removed all of it

2007 Fox News “Red Eye” Panelist   (5 months, not 5 years)

Hired Feb 2007 FIRED May 2007

She continued to occasionally pop up on Dennis Miller, Bill O’Reilly and CNBC – and counts the five months at Red Eye and these random guest appearances before & after as 5 years as a Fox Employee.  Even as a paid panelist for “Red Eye” she was not considered a Fox Employee.

2005-2007 Toronto Sun Columnist

FIRED:  Nov 2007

2005 National Post  Columnist (2 months)

Hired May 2005 FIRED July 2005

2002-2003 Voluntary (unpaid) self posted articles in GOPUSA.



2011 The Spectator, Contributing Columnist

3 articles in 2011 and nothing since.

2009 The Wall Street Journal – Contributing Columnist

Once in 2009. Haven’t found anything of hers published there since.

2012 Gerson Lehrman Group, Legal, Economic, And Regulatory Affairs Council Member

July 2012 This is a purchased membership, not a job.  It does not denote recognition of her as an expert, just membership.

Rachel Marsden is not listed among the 234 Leading Experts in Legal, Economic and Regulatory Council.  She may be a member of a study group or something.

2012 Wikistrat, Senior Contributing Analyst

Wikistrat scrubbed Marsden from their website under less than amicable terms.  Her name and profile is deleted and no material from her is there.

2009 – 2011 Hudson Institute

Not finding any records of her work or presence on their website, either.  Zip.

2003 -2005 Parliament of Canada, Special Assistant

Grewal Campaign scandal (see Stalking Timeline for details)

FIRED in 2004. Was working under the alias “Elle Henderson”

2002 -2004 United Press International

REALITY: Occasional  articles printed

Canada Customs and Revenue Agency (CCRA), Due Diligence/Analyst

REALITY: Unpaid summer student intern.

2000 ABC News. Researcher and claims to have been assistant to Connie Chung

REALITY:  ABC Says nope:

“Nobody by the name Rachel Marsden has ever been employed here,” says an ABC News spokeswoman. “She might have been an intern, but she was not on our payroll. She is not in our data base.”

(She STILL lists the Connie Chung thing on her Linkedin)


1992 HIGH SCHOOL Port Coquitlam, British Columbia.

Receives Governor General’s academic Bronze medal for good grades in high school

1993 – 1997 COLLEGE Simon Fraser University,  B.S.  in Biology.

Listed page 23 here

No Honors. No Dean’s List.  She later claims these things.


Enrolls in courses in criminology classes at SFU.  Does not graduate or earn a degree in this program.  SFU threatened to evict her from campus in 1999 for stalking Donnelly, Boyd (the criminology professor) and O’Hagan (see Stalking Timeline) and she has no further classes from SFU after 1999.  She dropped out or was forced out.  Either way, incomplete.

2000 TECHNICAL DIPLOMA Broadcast Journalism  from BCIT Marsden claims this is a Masters Degree.  It’s actually  like an Associates Degree – the only prerequisite to get into this degree is a high school education and ability to speak English.  (Think DeVry. )

BCIT does not award Master’s Degrees in this field.  per BCIT:

BCIT offers a Diploma of Technology in  Broadcast and Media Communications- Broadcast and On-line Journalism (

We do not offer a Degree or a Masters in Journalism.



Chikako Fong
BCIT – Program Advising Department

British Columbia Institute of Technology | 3700 Willingdon Avenue
Burnaby | British Columbia | V5G 3H2
direct: 604-432-8467 | email:

The actual course listing at BCIT:

Her linkedin: Where she clearly claims it is a Masters Degree.

Her old resume where she lists it does not call it a Masters:




CLAIM:  international level competitive swimmer

See her own article here, 1st paragraph

“At the London 2012 Olympics, various media outlets probed the notion of the Olympic athletes’ village being a giant bed-hopping venue — a phenomenon that not only disgusted my mother every time she heard it mentioned (which was often) but also puzzled me as a former international-level swimmer who spent every night before a race hunkered down doing visualization exercises. ” (Italics added)

She makes the claim to international level swimming in numerous bios online, written or submitted by herself.  (she wrote this)


Swam in High School, later in college at SFU where she stalked the Swim Coach.  She also quit that swim team after three weeks.

The only records of her swimming are Provincial – local to British Columbia, Canada. Nothing international.


MODELING CAREER:  (There isn’t one)


CLAIM: Former print and runway model


1993 Has racy photos taken of herself, uses them to stalk swim coach Liam Donnelly.

“Last week, Donnelly released e-mail he says Marsden sent offering him sexual favors, as well as photos of her in modelling poses.Photographer David Anthony said this week he took the pictures about three years ago. He said Marsden told him she was interested in someone who didn’t seem to reciprocate the romantic feelings. “She made a comment that maybe these photos would help her get the person,” said Anthony, who added that Marsden appeared to be joking.”

Vancouver Sun: June 6, 1997 Kitchener Record: June 6, 1997: University defends firing coach who skipped hearing

2002 -2004 Those photos were taken by some guy who is a photographer on

His name: Ken Villeneuve

His Model Mayhem listing

His bio: ” over the hill, overweight, pervy shutter monkey at your service. Will work for peanuts, (the salted in the shell kind), and beer.
Satisfaction guaranteed. I shoot implied nudes with my implied camera. Burp…”

See  (she wrote this)

She may have done some local catalog modeling, but that’s about it.  No magazine or runway credits to be found.  Not exactly high fashion.

Random Amusement:

Marsden photoshopped her head onto Julia Robert’s body for her website

Julia Roberts actual photo:

Marsden shop’d photo:

Original pic of Marsden that she used for the Julia Roberts photoshop:



2009 Summer Marsden moved to France

Sept 2009 She began appearing on LCP weekly as a regular panelist.

Note: French Employers are not allowed to conduct thorough background checks.

Several appearances on other French news shows in 2010, based on her LCP position.  These end around 2011.

By the summer of 2010, while still appearing on LCP, she got the position as an adjunct lecturer (part time, non faculty teacher) at Sciences Po.

Sept 2010 Begins teaching classes at Sciences Po.

November 2010 is she’s gone from LCP. Fired? Don’t know, but she’s never been asked back.

Jan 2011 hired by Chicago Tribune as a weekly columnist.

Nov 2011 appears on Russia Today’s Crosstalk

2012 – six appearances (sporadic) on Russia Today’s Crosstalk

2013 April single and last appearance on Russia Today’s Crosstalk (so 8 total appearances in 2 years, you see how that works?)

Marsden has not appeared on television anywhere since then.

She still teaches at Sciences Po and has her weekly column with Chicago Tribune.


Rachel Marsden Associates LLC

Her actual business registration in France is filed as “Rachel Rachel” and/or “Rachel Rachel Marsden”

Rachel Rachel

1 rue Camille Desmoulins Levallois-Perret 92300

France: Ile-de-France (Hauts-de-Seine)

( her home address)

The business has not filed any annual accounting.

Date of Incorporation: 01/08/2010

Siret:  521244921

NAF code 8559B – education, teaching.

Legal Form: (Other) Individual (there are no employees) (no distinction between personal/business assets)

APE: 8542Z

VAT:  FR6521244921

Activity:  Higher Education – she is an adjunct professor at Sciences Po in Paris.

She had a previous filing under the following address:

Rachel Rachel

40 B Rue Cardinet

75017 paris

The APE was 7311Z – activities of publicity

This entity closed August 19, 2010.



RMA website was created October 2013

Virtual office in DC was rented April 2014.  This rented address does not require submitting corporate business license paperwork.


Bottom line

The things I cannot write could fill a book.  I was sent so much information I should split this into four blogs, but I chose to just leave some out.  If you are doing a background, security, or qualification investigation on Rachel, I will gladly share.

Rachel Marsden appears to be a sick individual with more problems than I can probably fathom, as documented here.  Worse, still, is inadequate background and qualification checks of her before she is hired.

When people heard I was writing this exposè on her, many people responded ecstatically.

Nothing excuses her flawed and superficial knowledge of intelligence and intelligence operations being misapplied to EU diplomats in this morning’s article.  It does not excuse her Russian troll-like behavior on LinkedIn. It certainly does not reflect positively on her supposed profession as a journalist.  She is not objective, makes poor choices in the application of her trade, and cannot withstand mild criticism.

Rachel, if you’re reading this, you need professional help.  A psychologist or a psychiatrist.  Find a new field.  Be truthful or the truth will track you down.