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Brexit – a huge win for Russia

Anonymous expert analysis.

Russians gloating, and doing what they can to sow further divisions inside the EU, as if there were not enough of them already. The UK exit is a direct consequence of the Brussels bureaucracy going too far. If the EU does not effect a trajectory change, we can expect repeat plays across Western Europe – only the former Warpac nations appear truly committed to the idea.

Europe needs to get its act together, but whether this happens remains to be seen.

Tearful Cameron resigns after Brexit vote British Prime Minister David Cameron has resigned after the UK voted to leave the European Union.

Britain to leave EU: Brexit: 51.9 percent of Britons vote to leave the EU. INFOGRAPHICS – UK, referendum, European Union, Britain to leave EU, Brexit results (24.06.16 11:13) « Photo news | 24.06.16 11:13 – Brexit: 51.9 percent of Britons vote to leave the EU. INFOGRAPHICS The UK has voted to leave the EU by 52% to 48%. Leave won the majority of votes in England and Wales, while every council in Scotland saw Remain majorities. View photo news.

EU Parliament to convene on June 28 to adopt resolution on UK referendum – read on – EU parliament to convene for a special session on June 28

The Daily Vertical: Brexit Makes Putin Smile (Transcript) The Daily Vertical is a video primer for Russia-watchers that appears Mondaythrough Friday.

Russian lawmakers praise Brexit – read on – Other countries to follow UK – Russian lawmakers

Kremlin celebrates Brexit bonanza as sterling joins ruble in hell – Russia In Your Face!!!  MOSCOW – Upon results of the British referendum on leaving the EU, Russian President Vladimir Putin has sent an official letter congratulating Britain “for getting up off its knees and crawling into a dark pit of paranoid despair”. The Central Bank of Russia has also issued a press release thanking British voters for tanking the…

Russia Deliberately Fans Brexit Flames In Gibraltar – To Inform is to Influence Note the difference between the BBC headline regarding Gibraltar: “Brexit: Spain calls for joint control of Gibraltar” and the Russian Defence Ministry website, “Spain decided to take Gibraltar after a referendum in Britain”. Let me rephrase this.  Russia’s official military website purposefully changed their headline to reflect something entirely different from the truth. The…

Putin’s War On Europe The Kremlin’s problem isn’t with what Europe is doing — but with what Europe is. And as long as Europe remains Europe, Vladimir Putin’s war on Europe will continue.

Brexit: 27 EU leaders determined to keep unity after Brexit, – Tusk – UK, referendum, Tusk, European Union, Brexit (24.06.16 13:19) « News | 24.06.16 13:19 – 27 EU leaders determined to keep unity after Brexit, – Tusk The remaining 27 member countries of the European Union intend to keep their unity within the EU after 28th member, the UK, leaves the bloc. View news.

Tusk on Brexit: “What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger” European Council President Donald Tusk says the 27 leaders are determined to keep unity, according to an UNIAN correspondent in Brussels. Latest UNIAN news from 24 June.

Steinmeier on Brexit: Sad day for Europe and UK | UNIAN German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier has commented the results of the British referendum, where the majority of voters supported the country’s exit from the EU. News 24 June from UNIAN.

Iryna Gerashchenko speaks about negative prospects for Ukraine after UK referendum First Deputy Chairperson of the Verkhovna Rada Iryna Gerashchenko says that consequences of the British referendum on the exit from the European Union will have a negative outlook for Ukraine. News 24 June from UNIAN.

Poroshenko on Brexit: “It’s sad but we should do our thing” Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko expects that the sanctions against Russia will be extended, despite the result of the referendum in the UK. Latest UNIAN news from 24 June.

Poroshenko Brexit: Sanctions against Russian – UK, Poroshenko, referendum, sanctions, European Union, Sanctions against Russia, Poroshenko Brexit (24.06.16 12:27) « News | 24.06.16 12:27 – I hope sanctions against Russia as aggressor country are extended, – Poroshenko comments on Brexit results President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko hopes that despite the outcomes of the Brexit referendum in the UK, the United Kingdom will remain part of the united Europe and will continue supporting European values. View news.

Poroshenko expects sanctions against Russia will continue despite Brexit – read on – Ukraine Today

Brexit: Australia will be hit as world will become more fragmented, less safe, say experts Defence and foreign affairs experts have reacted with dismay to the shock Brexit vote, warning it will lead to a more fragmented West and make the world a less …