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Russia possibly behind ISIS hacker attacks

“Cyber Caliphate”: Russia can be behind alleged IS hackers (Getty Images photo)

German investigation reveals the so-called “Cyber Caliphate” can be a Russian invention

The Islamic State is not yet capable of launching complex computer attacks, and the so-called “Cyber Caliphate” could be a project of the Kremlin hackers. This is the opinion by German security experts.

According to the information obtained by Der Spiegel, German security authorities concluded that the Iraqi-Syrian terrorist group not yet in a position to perform complex espionage or sabotage attacks on the network. The suspicions that Russian cyber attackers may be behind arose back in spring 2015, when the alleged IS hackers French blocked TV5 Monde channel and used its website to issue threats.

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In the light of new findings, experts say that the “Cyber Caliphate” attacks on the Central Command of the U.S. Armed Forces in early 2015, and on the Saudi security agencies in the beginning of 2016 could also have taken place on Moscow’s order.

According to Der Spiegel, German security agencies believe that Russia’s FSB, GRU and SVR secret services currently employ over 4,000 cyber agents.

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U.S. have approximately the same number of cybersecurity staff, and plans to raise their number up to 6,000 specialists by 2018.



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