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Yana Dianova, Attorney, Troll, or Both?

On the advice of counsel, I am restoring my blog on Yana Dianova, below.

Yana was very cooperative, giving almost immediate feedback on the original blogpiece, which not only verifies my questions, but enables you, dear reader, to gain insight into how she operates.

“Now you have proved all this having committed: 1. The crime of libel envisaged by Art. 128.1 p. 2 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation – dissemination of scienter false information disgracing the honor and good name of a person and discrediting her reputation via public presentation, punishable by a fine in the amount of up to 1 million rubles or mandatory works for a term of up to 240 hours. 2. A breach of the LinkedIn Community Guidelines and the LinkedIn User Agreement, p.8.2. That I will do in this connection – is the same that I have done with respect to your «comrades in arms», including «retired CIA operations officer» and «Multi-Security Disciplined Management & Program Analyst». Wait and see. “

Thank you, Yana. Now I have a fairly strong categorization of your professional personality.

This proves Yana is unable to deal with criticism and debate.

The Russian law she cites has specifically been condemned by the US Congress and the European Court of Human Rights…. Even China won’t enforce it. Seriously.

Seriously, you’re threatening my friends – publicly?  You’re a class act, B.

Yes, “wait and see” is a credible threat, given that you may now abuse your position of authority.

As if this wasn’t bad enough, she also posted:

I’ve known that you are an imbecile layabout malicious troll apparently suffering from obsessive-compulsive disorder «Kremlin trolls mania» and therefore projecting it unmercifully on the others. As well as that you are a very weak, unworthy opponent when it comes to disputes based on facts – as several encounters at Russian International Affaires Council (RIAC) and once even under one of your hatred instigating «article» have proved. And that you are a blatant liar and slanderer, which anyone with an average IQ and research skills may grasp at once – i.e. it is sufficient to read your libelous post and review the activities ofYana Dianova at RIAC.

Thank you, Yana. Now I have a fairly strong categorization of your emotional state, personal characteristics, and proof that I can share.  You brought this upon yourself. See, everything is fact based.

Yana, please allow me to clarify, for your edification. I expose Russian trolls for the fun of it, only for the freakazoid factor.  The purpose of trolls is usually to distract from the matter at hand, avoid an actual exchange of credible information, to undermine opposing opinions and to promote Russian national interests. Giving a troll a throbbing blue veiner in their forehead is only an extra added incentive.  Yes, that expression is borrowed from elsewhere.  This has everything to do with my job, you’re just the fun part. You ought to see what paid Russian trolls do and say routinely, you don’t compare with them.

Everything in the blog is factual, even she knows that. As a writer I am entitled to my interpretation, I have the freedom to raise newsworthy issues, opinions, and questions as a blogger, writer, reporter and American citizen (let alone as a public figure subject to the additionally heightened protections provided by NY Times v. Sullivan).  Yana just contributed to the cause and helps make the case against her.

I have it on good authority that her troubles are just beginning.

Yana Dianova is an exceptional attorney in Russia.

From the GRATA Law Firm website:

Ms.Dianova has over 11 years of post-qualification experience as a legal professional, including over 6 years in international legal consulting business. Prior to joining GRATA Law Firm, she worked as in-house counsel in Nissan Motor Rus, as an Associate in Tax and Legal Department of Mazars and the Moscow office of Squire Sanders.

Ms.Dianova received her specialist in Law degree having graduated from the International Law faculty of the Moscow State Institute of the International Relations (University), her MBA degree in Management and Business Law from the Moscow International Higher School of Business (MIRBIS) and her LL.M Corporate Finance Law degree from the University of Westminster. She [was] admitted to practice in Russia [in] 2002.

Her LinkedIn profile is also exceptional.

Corporate Law:
• providing for establishment and reorganization of legal entities, opening of branches and representative offices;
• legal due diligence of Russian legal entities;
• structuring and full legal support of M&A transactions, including transaction structuring, development of sale and purchase and shareholders’ agreements and other transaction documents.
Commercial and Antitrust Law:
• development and review of distribution, sale and purchase, agency, works, services and other agreements;
• development/reviewing of commercial policies with a view of antitrust law and tax authorities requirements;
• legal due diligence of candidates for distributorship/dealership and other counterparties;
• advising on requirements and restrictions in connection with import and circulation in Russia of various goods;
• advising on compliance of advertising and marketing materials and events;
• advising on intellectual property protection issues;
• providing for inclusion of trademarks and other intellectual property in the customs register of intellectual property objects;
• pre-judicial settlement of disputes with counterparties.

Representative experience:
• Advised an international group of companies in connection with reorganization of the business in Russia and structuring a joint venture;
• Advised a subsidiary of a manufacturer of equipment in connection with changing of the business form from a CJSC into an LLC;
• On-going legal support of a Russian subsidiary of a major international medical devices manufacturer, i.e. internal regulations, reviewing and development various contracts, advising on state procurement, advertising, employment issues, intellectual property protection;
• Developed a model distribution agreement and commercial policy for a Swiss manufacturer of industrial equipment;
• Represented a construction management company in connection with its contract with a major developer in Moscow.

So could somebody please explain how she spends so much time commenting on LinkedIn?

Every day, since late 2014, Ms. Dianova has read the articles posted in the Russian International Affairs Council, RIAC, which mostly dealt with Ukraine, for some odd reason.

Her input was usually reasoned, but solidly pro-Russian, and written with authority about things outside her expertise in law.  When faced with an opposing opinion she used phrases based on the Russian troll handbook, but with more eloquence, grace, and zeal.  That’s the good stuff.

Now the bad stuff.

A quote from a respected observer.

Yana is a vicious attack dog and a specialist in ad hominem attacks, defamation, and libel when her arguments fail, and she uses and cites bogus web sites.  She is insidious.

I echo everything said in the above quote.  Yana is typically Russian when she makes references, they typically do not exist.  While she does not use vulgar language like most Russian trolls, one would hate to come up against her tongue in a dark alley.

She appears to professionally and deliberately assemble her arguments.  She spends quite a bit of time to use exactly the correct words that imply a certain inflection and are sometimes unassailable.  I was surprised, therefore, to detect two grammatical errors on her GRATA Law Firm bio.

Yana spent so much time commenting on Linkedin RIAC discussion group, in my opinion, she never seems to have time to sleep or work. Therefore, one might ask:

  • Was a person commenting just using her profile but was really someone else?
  • Was a person using Yana’s profile really her and she is on sabbatical from work for almost two years?
  • Was the person really Yana, who spent part of her day as an attorney and the rest of the day as a troll?
  • Was the person a paid Russian troll?  Whoever used it is fairly proficient in English.

‘Yana’ is not a typical Russian troll from St. Petersburg. Their language is crude, fraught with grammatical and spelling errors, and what they write drips with hatred.  Whoever represents the profile for Yana Dianova, however, is disciplined, much more intelligent, but appears at most hours of the day and night.  Yes, she is often full of enmity, vicious, mean, and rabid,

Just who is this Yana Dianova?