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Russian Forces In Syria Were Info-Bombed

Inform Napalm just released a doozy of a video, below.  Well done, guys, well done!

Russia cried “Foul” when the personal information of 58 airmen in Syria was published, all taken from open source information.

On 29 May 2016 Russian Federal TV Channel 5 devoted 4 minutes to scolding InformNapalm volunteers for releasing “classified data posing grave danger” and trying to discover who these volunteers really are and who they are connected to.

InformNapalm team extended special thanks and sent best regards to a Nika Strizhak – weekly news summary anchor on Russian Federal Channel 5 who managed to promote the IN team and their OSINT investigation, bypassing Kremlin censorship. After their 4-minute coverage in prime-time, any propaganda can backfire, and this was exactly what happened: IN volunteers recently reported their website received a peak increase in traffic after the news broadcast on Channel 5.

Oh yes, the folks at Inform Napalm thank you for the free advertising!

Gee, Russia is supposed to be so damned good at Information Security, but it seems all the information is just out there for anyone to beg, borrow, or steal.  No discipline, no enforcement, and no security, eh, Russia?

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Russian propaganda is desperately trying to create a smokescreen, twisting facts and calling outright terror against Syrian civilians – the “war on terror”. Russian war criminals are hailed as heroes in Russia, although the civilized world has repeatedly expressed concern and dismay at the disproportionate share of peaceful targets hit by the Russian air strikes in Syria. When a state becomes the main terrorist, citizens become its judge.