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US Politics Have Paid Political Trolls

Screen Shot 2016-05-28 at 10.18.40 PMPaid political trolls are skewing the comment sections of our news articles.

Up to $1 million was paid to hire pro-Clinton trolls to combat Bernie Sanders supporters.

I have first-hand knowledge of Republican paid trolls, now this is fairly firm knowledge of Democratic paid trolls.

If anyone has information on these trolls, or if you have direct knowledge, please contact me?  Research only.

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I Am Not a Paid Hillary Troll

Clementine Amidon Freelance Writer, Kicker

The internet is a bizarre, highly-curated universe. Deception abounds — from false OKCupid profiles, to the Instagram accounts of fake-buttocked, dead-eyed “models” who desperately shill detox teas. Trolling is a sport. Misinformation and lies are a universal truth. Anyone trying to participate online should accept this.

When writer and activist Shaun King announced that his Facebook page had been infiltrated by “1,000 paid Hillary Clinton staffers,” I was skeptical.

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