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And Now For Something Completely Different

Please excuse the Monty Python reference.  I got, perhaps, one sentence deep into this article before I realized just how whacky it is.

But, in all fairness, here is what Russia is saying about Western, especially US, propaganda. You already know I categorically deny that the US does propaganda, so much so that I’ve withheld, on at least one occasion, working on a review of a trusted colleague’s book (which was excellent, by the way. The book, not the review).  With that in mind, you know I think the assertions by this Russian author, are truly whacked. And not in a good way, either.

Actually, if you read this whole report, it is surprisingly neutral.  It gives facts, descriptions, purposes, and after you pass the title, this article is fairly objective.

Bottom line, this is a Russian report on what we are doing to counter their propaganda and disinformation.

Whacky, zany, ignant, foolish, alternative reality, Russian, but I repeat myself.

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The White House plans to create a department of ultimate truthCurrently, the White House is [in an] unprecedented information war with its main adversaries – Russia and China. In the mass consciousness of the planet’s inhabitants pumped a thick stream of lies about a wide range of respectable and endlessly peaceful America, supposedly creative ideal society in which all earthlings will be in paradise. At the same time Moscow and Beijing American ideologists accuse of distorting the truth and in the spread of misinformation about all the good undertakings Washington. To once and for all put an end to this injustice, two members of the US Congress, probably inspired by British writer ideas Orwell, who in his famous novel “1984” told how in some kind of Oceania functioning Ministry of Truth, invented a new bill entitled “Law on Counteracting information war “of 2016 (Countering Information warfare Act of 2016).

The initiator of the draft of the new law became a Republican Adam Kinzinger, who along with his colleague Ted Liu, within the Democratic Party, was the text of the act. The bill, which has already given the number HR 5181, was introduced May 10 at the House of Representatives and is in addition to the draft law S. 2692 of the Senate, which is also called “on combating information warfare Law.” This law aims to help US allies in countering propaganda on the part of Russia, China and other countries.

According Kinzingera, “at a time when Russia and China conducted military campaigns hybrid, the United States has a unique opportunity to respond to these manipulations powerful flow of truthful information.” He believes that the new approach to counter-propaganda “will help avoid conflicts and to ensure stability in the future.” “As long as Russia continues to spread their misinformation and false reports, it prevents the United States and harm their interests in regions such as Ukraine, as well as fueling further instability in these countries,” – said the author of the bill.

Congressman Lew said that “from the Ukraine to the South China Sea during the disinformation campaigns, is more than just the spread of anti-Western sentiment.” He said that these actions are aimed at the manipulation of public opinion, on the manipulation of facts to undermine democracy and US interests. Liu added that all this “makes the world less safe.”

NEW CENTER counter-propaganda

A key aspect of this bill is the proposal to create in the structure of the Department of State Information Center for Analysis and counter (Center for Information Analysis and Response). As announced Kinzinger, the creation of such a center “will give the United States a unique opportunity to send a powerful stream of truth, ensuring world stability and preventing conflicts.”

Information Analysis Center and the counter (TSAIP) to be organized by the head of the US foreign ministry in collaboration with the Minister of Defence (MoD), the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) and the Chairman of the Board of Governors on broadcasting (Broadcasting Board of Governors – BBG). TSAIP members will direct and coordinate the collection of information about military preparations foreign governments, including the data that the relevant authorities have access to the various funds and organizations operating within the framework of grants, as well as from other sources.

In addition, TSAIP management must establish structures to ensure the integration of the information received, and conducting analysis of foreign propaganda and misinformation with a view to making the necessary additions and corrections in the US national strategy. TSAIP experts in collaboration with the Minister of Defense, the Director of National Intelligence and the Chairman of the Board of Governors on broadcasting (PSUVV), as well as with other federal departments and offices should develop a joint action plan in the field of counter-propaganda, and to coordinate the actions of all involved in the process departments. The Centre must inform the public about the US government’s initiatives in the field of counter-propaganda, and received responses to combat the misinformation and propaganda measures hostile nations against America, as well as to ensure the necessary protection of allies and friendly nations from such information attacks.

The draft of the new law prescribes TSAIP lead the united action of all involved in the counter-propaganda institutions. He must constantly monitor and evaluate the advocacy acts of foreign countries that threaten US national security interests and their allies. His employees are required to collect and analyze all relevant information, including intelligence reports and dashboards, analytics and evaluation experts from the government, from the corresponding structures of the allied countries, from think tanks, from academic institutions, from community groups and other non-governmental organizations (NGOs ). In addition, TSAIP professionals should identify and track trends in the development of forms and methods of foreign promotion and distribution methods related materials. In this kind of activity is to control the printed sources of information, television and radio programs, social media, public associations, political parties, think tanks and NGOs. They will be responsible for carrying out activities for the monitoring of closed operations of the security services and their agents aimed at specific segments of the population and government agencies.

All this should be done in order to develop the forms and methods of countering enemy propaganda, and timely and accurate information to the American public about this kind of activity hostile countries. In addition, in the course of counter-propaganda should be conducted effective exchange of the most cutting-edge technologies to counter propaganda shares between all participants in this process. It is necessary to continuously identify the populations most exposed to foreign propaganda in the United States and in allied countries.


As noted above, the proposed law is an addition to the draft law S. 2692, introduced by Republican Senator Rob Portman and Democratic Senator Chris Murphy this year March 16. According to Portman, the law will extend US capabilities to counter foreign propaganda and misinformation and help organizations and communities in various allied and friendly countries to protect themselves from hostile propaganda influences of foreign countries.

In a recent speech at a research center of the “Atlantic Council” in Washington Portman announced the audience that the US does not fully take the necessary measures to counter foreign propaganda and misinformation that now dominate the information space and destabilize the situation in the world. Convinced the MP, Russia, China and other countries are trying to manipulate the facts and monitor information “to achieve their national goals, often at the expense of the interests and values of America’s allies.”

This bill, covering a wide range of issues of counter-propaganda, provides for the establishment of the Center for analysis and response to the efforts of foreign governments in the information war. Portman has expressed his surprise at the fact that currently in the US government structure there is a separate organization, which at the national level would be engaged in the development, integration and synchronization of an integrated government strategy to counter foreign propaganda and misinformation.

The draft law states that such a center should be established. Its specialists will process and distribute the “fact-based survey and analysis on the fight against propaganda and misinformation directed against the US, its allies and partners.”He also noted that the financing of only the Washington bureau of the clock channel RT Russia spends about $ 400 million., Whereas in the functioning of national structures for broadcast around the world, the White House for the next fiscal year requested only 768 million dollars.

The bill provides for the establishment of a special fund to assist in the training of journalists, to issue grants and NGO contracts, public organizations, research centers, private sector companies, the media, as well as independent experts with experience in the identification and analysis of the latest trends in the methods of disinformation used foreign services. The bill also calls to pay special attention to students and community leaders, to apply for participation in the Department of State exchange programs and living in countries that are subject to heavy influence of misinformation and propaganda campaigns abroad.

Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on International Affairs Konstantin Kosachev said that “American colleagues decided to seriously take up the” truth flows “that America should bring down the rest of the world, that he took the American point of view as the only possible truth.” According to him, it is “very similar to the practice of the former Soviet Union, with its sophisticated system of counter-propaganda.” “Then the system in the United States called directly contrary to the principles of freedom of expression and pluralism of opinions”, – stated the senator.

It is difficult to imagine what flows deliberate lies and fraudulent facts to supply the White House, building a totalitarian planet, fall upon the world community adept in the book of fables American propagandists, if zealous overseas parliamentarians still be able to push through the law.

Source: http://nvo.ng.ru/concepts/2016-05-20/1_propaganda.html